Year (_NA_: 3872 games)

6269'43 One Year AfterAmerican Action AB_NA_
1120'43: One Year AfterAmerican Action AB_NA_
6391*Go*Stack Computer Services Ltd._NA_
400210th FrameU.S. Gold_NA_
226710th FrameU.S. Gold_NA_
555010th FrameU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
623810th FrameU.S. Gold_NA_
478910th FrameGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
69611-A-Side SoccerCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
369180Mastertronic Ltd._NA_
523319 Boot CampMCM Software_NA_
147919 Boot CampAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
39941942Elite Systems Ltd._NA_
60421943U.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
11341943U.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
67361943: The Battle of MidwayErbe Software_NA_
60831943: The Battle of MidwayErbe Software_NA_
58421985: The Day AfterMastertronic Ltd. (199 Range)_NA_
9481994 (Ten Years After)Visions (Software Factory) Ltd._NA_
53692-D TennisWicked Software Ltd._NA_
52263 Deep SpacePostern_NA_
54063-D Tic-Tac-ToeWicked Software Ltd._NA_
63483D - ManNufekop_NA_
58173D Construction KitIncentive_NA_
44443D HypermathsLongman Software_NA_
47023D HypermathsLongman Software_NA_
22613D LunattackBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
54683D LunattackHewson Consultants Ltd._NA_
57113D PoolFirebird_NA_
48473D Silicon FishThor Software_NA_
48023D TanxDk'Tronics Ltd._NA_
45773D Time TrekAnirog Software_NA_
23303D Time TrekAnirog Software_NA_
66863D TunnelQuicksilva Ltd._NA_
41573D-PinballMastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Plus)_NA_
37964 x 4 Off Road RacingU.S. Gold_NA_
50074x4 Off-Road RacingU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
44135th GearPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
58415th GearPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
573064 Assembly Language CourseHoneyfold Software Ltd._NA_
588864 Basic Programming CourseHoneyfold Software Ltd._NA_
652464 CricketSophisticated Games_NA_
656864 DoctorComputer Software Associates_NA_
652364 SoccerSophisticated Games_NA_
3810720°U.S. Gold_NA_
1213720°U.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
6060720°Erbe Software_NA_
4045747: Advanced Airline Flight SimulatorDoctor Soft_NA_
5329A Question of Scruples: The Computer EditionLeisure Genius_NA_
3418A Question of Scruples: The Computer EditionVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
1385A View to a Kill: The Computer GamePrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
3894A View to a Kill: The Computer GameGrandslam Entertainments Ltd. (Bug Byte)_NA_
5442A-TeamWicked Software Ltd._NA_
325A-TeamPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
6109A.M.C.Dinamic Software_NA_
1185A.P.B.Domark Ltd._NA_
5673Aaargh! CondorGames Machine Ltd._NA_
3124AceElite Systems Ltd. (Encore)_NA_
296AceCascade Games Ltd._NA_
4237Ace 2Gamebusters_NA_
3125Ace 2Elite Systems Ltd. (Encore)_NA_
1480Ace 2088Alternative Software Ltd._NA_
4747Ace 2088Alternative Software (Summit)_NA_
3753Ace 2088Cascade Games Ltd._NA_
4322Ace of AcesU.S. Gold_NA_
3835Ace of AcesU.S. Gold_NA_
5501ACOS+Melbourne House Ltd._NA_
4623Acro JetMicroprose Software Ltd._NA_
4788Acro JetMicroprose Software Ltd._NA_
5670AcrojetU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
5811Action FighterFirebird_NA_
1662Action ServicePlayers (Players Premier)_NA_
4594Action ServiceInfogrames_NA_
2754Ad InfinitumMr. Chip Software_NA_
5589Add/Subtract IMcGraw-Hill_NA_
6014Addams Family, TheOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
3458Adidas Championship Tie BreakOcean Software Ltd._NA_
3509Admiral Graf SpeeTemptation Software Ltd._NA_
5454AdonisWicked Software Ltd._NA_
6842Adres 64SoftWorld_NA_
766Advance of the Mega CamelsLlamasoft Software_NA_
4584Advanced OCP Art Studio, TheRainbird_NA_
4974Advanced Pinball SimulatorCodeMasters Ltd._NA_
5822Advanced Pinball SimulatorCodeMasters Ltd._NA_
6343Adventure Pack IIVictory Software_NA_
3420Adventure QuestRainbird_NA_
4190Adventure QuestLevel 9 Computing_NA_
506AdventurelandAdventure International_NA_
301Adventures of Bond... Basildon Bond, TheProbe Software_NA_
5946AdvertiserBubble Bus Software_NA_
5823Aegean YoyageSpinnaker_NA_
6783Affen JagdEuropa Computer-Club_NA_
5025Africa GardensGilsoft_NA_
6432African SafariInterdisc_NA_
2811After BurnerOcean Software Ltd._NA_
6108After the WarDinamic Software_NA_
1704AftermathPowerhouse Publishing Ltd._NA_
4528AftermathAlpha-Omega Software_NA_
806AftermathThe Power House_NA_
3897Agent X IIMastertronic Ltd._NA_
2275Agent X2Beau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
5522Ah DiddumsImagine Software Ltd._NA_
326Air RaidPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
5386Air RaidWicked Software Ltd._NA_
6655Air Traffic ControllerSouth Pacific Software_NA_
5176Airborne RangerU.S. Gold_NA_
5567Airborne RangerMicroprose Software Ltd._NA_
3718Airborne RangerU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
6657AirlineAdventure International_NA_
5560AirlinerProtek Computing Ltd._NA_
3740AirwolfVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
3996AirwolfElite Systems Ltd._NA_
3709AirwolfElite Systems Ltd. (Encore)_NA_
5519AlcatrazProbe Software_NA_
5592Algebraic RelationsMcGraw-Hill_NA_
3104Aliard's TomeRomik Software Ltd._NA_
6759Alice in VideolandBug-Byte_NA_
575Alice in VideolandMaynard International Ltd. (Top Ten)_NA_
320Alien AttackPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
6279Alien InvasionSoftsmith Software_NA_
4878Alien Panic 64Bubble Bus Software_NA_
4732Alien SyndromeSoftek International Ltd. (RAD)_NA_
1488AliensAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
3449AliensBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
662AliensBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
1035Aliens: The Computer Game (US Version)Alternative Software (299 Range)_NA_
1939Aliens: The Computer Game (US Version)Electric Dreams Software_NA_
6540All RisksRadarsoft_NA_
4896Alley CatSolar Software Ltd._NA_
4798Alley KatGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
4951Alley-OopsAllrian Ltd._NA_
889AlleykatBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
5302AlleykatHewson Consultants Ltd._NA_
5002AlmazzThe Edge_NA_
5710Altered BeastActivision UK Ltd._NA_
5879Alternative World GamesGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
4717Alternative World GamesGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
4074Alternative World GamesPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
576Alternative World GamesPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
6505Amazing OllieStorm Software_NA_
5903Amazon WarriorNew Generation Software_NA_
4473AmbushVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
4170American FootballBug-Byte_NA_
5515American Ice HockeyMindscape_NA_
2013American Road RaceFirebird (Silverbird)_NA_
4499An Introduction to Basic - Part 1Commodore_NA_
5825An Introduction to Basic - Part 1Commodore_NA_
4500An Introduction to Basic - Part 2Commodore_NA_
915AnarchyBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
5678Andromeda ConquestEclipse Software_NA_
3539Andy CappAlternative Software (299 Range)_NA_
6484Animal MagicRomik Software Ltd._NA_
4060Animated Strip PokerKnightsoft_NA_
6202Annals of RomePersonal Software Services_NA_
6181AnnihilatorVictory Software_NA_
5570AnnihilatorMogul Communications Ltd._NA_
4147Annihilator 2Mogul Communications Ltd._NA_
6809Annihilator IIBoom Software_NA_
655Anter-PlanterRomik Software Ltd._NA_
4591AntiriadFirebird (Silverbird)_NA_
1656Apache RaidOmega_NA_
4156APBOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
5846Ape CrazeComm*Data_NA_
2464Apex Select System 2Zzap!_NA_
70Aqua RacerBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
4663AquanautInterceptor Software_NA_
4815Arabian NightsInterceptor Software_NA_
602Arabian NightsVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
4118AracPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
5359Arcade BaseballWicked Software Ltd._NA_
1152Arcade ClassicsFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
4930Arcade Flight SimulatorCodeMasters Ltd._NA_
647Arcade Flight SimulatorCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
6616ArcadiaCorgi Software_NA_
5508ArcanaVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
4511Archon II: AdeptAriolasoft Ltd._NA_
5672Arena 3000Microdeal Software_NA_
5847ArkanoidErbe Software_NA_
464ArkanoidOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
6476Arkanoid Revenge of DOHErbe Software_NA_
2744ArmageddonVisions (Software Factory) Ltd._NA_
4005Armageddon ManU.S. Gold_NA_
3846Armageddon Man, TheMartech_NA_
6224Armageddon Man, TheMartech_NA_
3805Army MovesOcean Software Ltd._NA_
6142Army MovesAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
1478Army MovesAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
5295Around the World in 80 DaysPandora_NA_
4086Arrow of Death Part 1Adventure International_NA_
5663Arrow of Death Part 1Channel 8 Software Ltd._NA_
6452Arrow of Death Part 2Channel 8 Software Ltd._NA_
4397ArturaPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
4513ArturaGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
4882Ask the FamilyCommodore_NA_
5981Assault MachineU.S. Gold_NA_
5490Assault MachineNexus Productions Ltd._NA_
4522Assembler 64Anger Productions_NA_
4226Astral AttackOmega_NA_
6690Astral ZoneChannel 8 Software Ltd._NA_
324Astronaut BattlePrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
5448AstronautsWicked Software Ltd._NA_
3842AsylumU.S. Gold_NA_
4914AsylumU.S. Gold (All American Adventures)_NA_
5426AtlantisWicked Software Ltd._NA_
2265Attack of the Mutant CamelsBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
6394Attack of the Mutant CamelsLlamasoft Software_NA_
6421Attack of the Mutant CamelsLlamasoft Software_NA_
255Attack of the Mutant CamelsLlamasoft Software_NA_
4772Attack on WindscalePhoenix Software Ltd._NA_
3597AttackerCascade Games Ltd._NA_
693ATV SimulatorCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
4973ATV SimulatorCodeMasters Ltd._NA_
1203ATV SimulatorCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
6342Auf Wiedersehen MontyU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
1254Auf Wiedersehen MontyU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
298Auf Wiedersehen PetTynesoft_NA_
1620Australian RulesAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
6145Australian Rules FootballAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
1423Australian Rules FootballAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
6079Autocalc 64Richard Shepherd Software_NA_
6128AutomaniaBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
1156Automania (Manic Mechanic)Mikro-Gen_NA_
5325AvengerU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
502Avenger (The Way of the Tiger II)Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
6316AxiensAlternative Software Ltd. (Again Again)_NA_
1630AxiensAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
2500Axis AssassinAriolasoft Ltd._NA_
6844Azimate 3000MBD Ltd._NA_
6542Azimuth Alignment SystemChallenge Research_NA_
6111Azimuth Head Alignment KitInterceptor Software_NA_
6399Azimuth Head Alignment TapeInterceptor Software_NA_
6403Aztec ChallengeAudiogenic Software Ltd._NA_
5322Aztec ChallengeCosmi Inc._NA_
488Aztec ChallengeU.S. Gold_NA_
35Aztec ChallengeU.S. Gold_NA_
3814Aztec ChallengeMaynard International Ltd. (Top Ten)_NA_
4507Aztec Tomb AdventureAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
4446Aztec Tomb AdventureAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
9Aztec Tomb RevisitedAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
6592Aztec Tomb Revisited (Part II)Alligata Software Ltd._NA_
4581B-24U.S. Gold_NA_
3754B.C. BillImagine Software Ltd._NA_
3882Back to the FutureVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
1075Back to the FutureFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
5848Back to the FutureMCM Software_NA_
4646Back to the Future part IIElite Systems Ltd._NA_
5708Back to the Future part IIImageworks Ltd._NA_
4863Back to the Future Part IIIImageworks Ltd._NA_
5398BackgammonWicked Software Ltd._NA_
5983Bad CatEurogold_NA_
1029Bad Dudes VS. DragonninjaOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
6283BadlandsOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
4545BadlandsDomark Ltd._NA_
5421BagdadWicked Software Ltd._NA_
6782BallblazerMastertronic Ltd. (Ricochet)_NA_
5429Balloon CatchWicked Software Ltd._NA_
254Balloon RescueAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
6193BallooningHill MacGibbon_NA_
5373BallyWicked Software Ltd._NA_
2745Banana DramaVisions (Software Factory) Ltd._NA_
1410Bangkok KnightsAlternative Software (Summit)_NA_
6660Bangkok KnightsAlternative Software Ltd. (Again Again)_NA_
5094Bank AccountNo Man's Land_NA_
5965Bar BilliardsCDS Software_NA_
3865Barbarian IIBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
5768Barbarian IIErbe Software_NA_
894Barbarian IIBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
5689Barbarian IIDomark Ltd._NA_
1377Barbarian: The Ultimate WarriorOcean Software Ltd._NA_
3613Barrel JumpCascade Games Ltd._NA_
731Barry McGuigan World Championship BoxingActivision, Inc._NA_
201Barry McGuigan World Championship BoxingGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
4041Barry McGuigan's World Championship BoxingOcean Software Ltd._NA_
4278Barry McGuigan's World Championship BoxingOcean Software Ltd._NA_
6426Barsak the DwarfGilsoft_NA_
4475BaseballAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
4806Basic Adventure Part 1Honeyfold Software Ltd._NA_
4586Basic Adventures in Space Part 1: The Alien PlanetHoneyfold Software Ltd._NA_
2266Basildon BondBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
4009Basket MasterOcean Software Ltd._NA_
5738Basket MasterImagine Software Ltd._NA_
4279Basket MasterOcean Software Ltd._NA_
4476BasketballAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
4042BasketballOcean Software Ltd._NA_
6509Bat AttackAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
3812Bat AttackAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
6016Bat AttackAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
168BatalyxBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
689BatalyxAriolasoft Ltd._NA_
4462Bath TimePersonal Software Services_NA_
6043BatmanErbe Software_NA_
6232BatmanOcean Software Ltd._NA_
828BatmanOcean Software Ltd._NA_
6384BatmanErbe Software_NA_
4738Batman the MovieOcean Software Ltd._NA_
994Batman: The Caped CrusaderOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
3540Batman: The Caped CrusaderOcean Software Ltd._NA_
6203Battalion CommanderU.S. Gold (Transatlantic Simulations)_NA_
73Battle for MidwayPersonal Software Services_NA_
4025Battle for MidwayPersonal Software Services_NA_
3844Battle for NormandyU.S. Gold_NA_
4641Battle IslandNovagen Software Ltd._NA_
4210Battle of BritainPersonal Software Services_NA_
1401Battle of BritainPersonal Software Services_NA_
4630Battle of BritainPersonal Software Services_NA_
4218Battle of the PlanetsMikro-Gen_NA_
4346Battle ShipsElite Systems Ltd. (Encore)_NA_
3992Battle ShipsElite Systems Ltd._NA_
5388Battle StarWicked Software Ltd._NA_
19Battle Through TimeBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
3956Battle Through TimeAnirog Software_NA_
5190Battle Through TimeAnirog Software_NA_
909Battle ValleyBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
1512Battle ValleyHewson Consultants Ltd. (Rack-it)_NA_
5382BattleshipsWicked Software Ltd._NA_
5124BattyElite Systems Ltd. (Encore)_NA_
3988BattyElite Systems Ltd._NA_
5751BBC MastermindCommodore_NA_
4474BC II: Grog's RevengePowerhouse Publishing Ltd._NA_
531BC's Quest for TiresSoftware Projects Ltd._NA_
6622BC's Quest for TiresSoftware Projects Ltd._NA_
4076Beach Buggy SimulatorPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
185Beach HeadU.S. Gold_NA_
1335Beach HeadU.S. Gold (Americana)_NA_
4254Beach HeadU.S. Gold_NA_
2272Beach Head IIU.S. Gold_NA_
199Beach Head IIGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
4245Beach Head IIU.S. Gold_NA_
1336Beach Head IIU.S. Gold (Americana)_NA_
6784Beach-HeadU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
205Beach-HeadOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
6785Beach-Head IIU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
5849Beach-Head IIErbe Software_NA_
294Beaky and the Egg SnatchersFantasy Software_NA_
1390Beaky and the EggsnatchersPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
6058BeamErbe Software_NA_
1616Beam RiderFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
252BeamriderActivision UK Ltd._NA_
6359Bear BovverArtic Computing Ltd._NA_
2735Bear BovverArtic Computing Ltd._NA_
6406Beatle QuestNumber 9 Software_NA_
6477BedlamErbe Software_NA_
1125Beer Belly Burt's Brew BizU.S. Gold (Americana)_NA_
5889Beginners Basic CourseHoneyfold Software Ltd._NA_
6438Beverly Hills CopTynesoft_NA_
2303Beyond the Forbidden ForestU.S. Gold_NA_
3788Beyond the Ice PalaceElite Systems Ltd._NA_
5011Beyond the Ice PalaceElite Systems Ltd. (Encore)_NA_
1110Beyond the Ice PalaceElite Systems Ltd. (Encore)_NA_
312BiathlonPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
6346Big BenInterceptor Software_NA_
4223Big KO!, TheTynesoft (Micro Value)_NA_
5720Big KO!, TheTynesoft_NA_
5028Big MouthOrbit Data_NA_
6513Big Sleaze, ThePiranha Software_NA_
1967Big Trouble in Little ChinaAlternative Software (299 Range)_NA_
6273Big Trouble in Little ChinaAriolasoft Ltd._NA_
4105Big Trouble in Little ChinaActivision UK Ltd._NA_
1198BigfootCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
5820BigfootCodeMasters Ltd._NA_
2012BigglesFirebird (Silverbird)_NA_
4458BigglesMirrorsoft Ltd._NA_
4816Bigtop BarneyInterceptor Software_NA_
4837Bigtop BarneyInterceptor Software_NA_
605Bigtop BarneyInterceptor Software_NA_
6354Bilder PuzzleEuropa Computer-Club_NA_
4945Biology 'O' LevelCalisto_NA_
5680Biology: O-Level Revision and CSELongman Software_NA_
4434Bionic CommandoU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
6040Bionic CommandoU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
4687Bionic CommandoU.S. Gold_NA_
6085Bionic CommandosErbe Software_NA_
6374Bionic CommandosErbe Software_NA_
3868Bionic GrannyMastertronic Ltd. (Plus One)_NA_
3748Bionic NinjaZeppelin Games Ltd. (Zeppelin 4x4)_NA_
5231Bird MotherCreative Sparks_NA_
5750BirdsPiper Software_NA_
4748BismarckPersonal Software Services_NA_
3585BismarckAlternative Software (Summit)_NA_
4326Bizy BeezzzzSolar Software Ltd._NA_
5486Black HawkCreative Sparks (Sparklers)_NA_
4319Black HawkCreative Sparks (Sparklers)_NA_
3782Black HawkMaynard International Ltd. (Top Ten)_NA_
3627Black HoleCascade Games Ltd._NA_
763Black KnightInterdisc_NA_
6563Black KnightRoflow Computer Software Pty. Ltd._NA_
5993Black OutEuropa Computer-Club_NA_
6853Black OutEuropa Computer-Club_NA_
410Black ThunderElectric Dreams Software_NA_
3569Black ThunderQuicksilva Ltd._NA_
6636Black TigerU.S. Gold_NA_
761BlackwycheU.S. Gold (Master Games)_NA_
4288Blade RunnerCRL_NA_
6368BlaggerAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
250BlaggerAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
2020BlaggerAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
302BlaggerAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
2259Blagger Goes to HollywoodBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
2074BlasterAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
6501BlasteroidsMCM Software_NA_
5605Blaze OutOcean Software Ltd._NA_
6440BlazerNexus Productions Ltd._NA_
6165Blitz 64Supersoft_NA_
364BlitzkriegAriolasoft Ltd._NA_
6251BlockadeEuropa Computer-Club_NA_
6854BlockadeEuropa Computer-Club_NA_
1005BlockbustersMacsen Software Ltd._NA_
2132BlockbustersDomark Ltd. (TV Games)_NA_
4712BlockbustersDomark Ltd. (TV Games)_NA_
3831BlockbustersDomark Ltd. (TV Games)_NA_
5473BlockbustersMacsen Software Ltd._NA_
3522Blockbusters: Gold RunMacsen Software Ltd._NA_
4699Blockbusters: Question MasterMacsen Software Ltd._NA_
704Blood 'N GutsAmerican Action AB_NA_
4300Blood BrothersGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
4948Blood BrothersGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
5792Blood MoneyPsygnosis_NA_
4305Blood ValleyGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
1121Blood'n GutsAmerican Action AB_NA_
6669Blue AngelTopshots_NA_
4891Blue AngelsAccolade_NA_
6308Blue BaronZeppelin Games Ltd._NA_
6696Blue MaxSynapse Software_NA_
34Blue MaxU.S. Gold_NA_
6036Blue Max 2001U.S. Gold (Master Games)_NA_
5494Blue MoonMerlin Software_NA_
249Blue MoonMerlin Software_NA_
3706Blue ThunderElite Systems Ltd. (Encore)_NA_
3568Blue ThunderRichard Wilcox Software_NA_
691BMX 2 SimulatorCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
694BMX FreestyleCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
6482BMX Hyper Biker SimulatorMaynard International Ltd. (Top Ten)_NA_
5669BMX Jungle BikeReelax Games_NA_
6071BMX KidzPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
4204BMX KidzFirebird (Silverbird)_NA_
6135BMX NinjaAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
1496BMX NinjaAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
4290BMX Number JumpLongman Software_NA_
6832BMX Number JumpLongman Software_NA_
4813BMX RacersMastertronic Ltd. (199 Range)_NA_
5978BMX RacersMastertronic Ltd. (199 Range)_NA_
4975BMX SimulatorCodeMasters Ltd._NA_
1207BMX SimulatorCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
5668BMX StuntsJetsoft_NA_
6310Bob WinnerLoriciels_NA_
4869Bob's Full HouseDomark Ltd._NA_
3465Bobby BearingThe Micro Selection_NA_
338Bobby BearingSoftek International Ltd. (The Edge)_NA_
4711Bobs Full HouseDomark Ltd. (TV Games)_NA_
2504Bobs Full HouseDomark Ltd. (TV Games)_NA_
3081BobsleighByte Back_NA_
4001BobsleighU.S. Gold_NA_
3602BogglesCascade Games Ltd._NA_
5155BoingBubble Bus Software_NA_
1459BoingAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
5419Bomb HuntWicked Software Ltd._NA_
3990Bomb JackElite Systems Ltd._NA_
4211Bomb JackHit-Pak_NA_
57Bomb JackElite Systems Ltd._NA_
6095Bomb Jack IIZafiro Software Division (Zafi Chip)_NA_
379Bomb Jack IIHit-Pak_NA_
6218Bomber AttackAvalon Hill Game Company_NA_
4495Bombjack IIHit-Pak_NA_
3063BomboRino Software_NA_
174BomboTynesoft (Micro Value)_NA_
5443BombrunWicked Software Ltd._NA_
4263Bonanza Bros.U.S. Gold_NA_
1051BongoAnirog Software_NA_
248BonkaJ. Morrison Micros Ltd._NA_
1593BonzoAudiogenic Software Ltd._NA_
3493Book of the DeadCRL_NA_
4696Bootleg BanditsScorpio Gamesworld_NA_
1091BootyFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
305Bored of the RingsCRL_NA_
6776BorzakChannel 8 Software Ltd._NA_
4093Boss, ThePeaksoft_NA_
309Boulder DashPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
4453Boulder DashPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
5840Boulder DashPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
4399Boulder DashPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
3583Boulder Dash Construction KitWorld Wide Software_NA_
4762Boulder Dash II: Rockford's RevengePrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
5030Boulder Dash IV: The GameHi TEC Software Ltd._NA_
6687BounderGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
6774BounderGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
160BounderGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
4388Bounty BobU.S. Gold (Master Games)_NA_
6433Bounty Bob Strikes Back!U.S. Gold (Americana)_NA_
5246BrandsAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
1337Break DanceU.S. Gold (Americana)_NA_
5160Break FeverInterceptor Software_NA_
4817Break FeverInterceptor Software_NA_
6214Break FeverEurogold_NA_
6725Break FeverInterceptor Software_NA_
5706BreakdanceEPYX Inc._NA_
234BreakdanceU.S. Gold_NA_
5315Breaker Breaker_NA__NA_
1639BreakthruErbe Software_NA_
5950BreakthruU.S. Gold_NA_
604Brian BloodaxeVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
339Brian BloodaxeSoftek International Ltd. (The Edge)_NA_
4057Brian Clough's Football FortunesCDS Software_NA_
5959Brian Cloughs Football FortunesCDS Software_NA_
2290Brian Jack's Superstar ChallengeBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
3902BridgeCDS Software_NA_
6848BridgeAllrian Ltd._NA_
5062Bridge Player IISagittarian Software_NA_
206Bruce LeeOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
4387Bruce LeeU.S. Gold (Master Games)_NA_
2271Bruce LeeU.S. Gold_NA_
4250Bruce LeeU.S. Gold_NA_
4101Bubble GhostInfogrames_NA_
729Buckaroo BanzaiU.S. Gold (Master Games)_NA_
5904Buddy BubbleEurogold_NA_
4943Buffalo Bill's Rodeo GamesTynesoft_NA_
2051Buffalo Round UpCommodore_NA_
4019Buffalo RoundupCommodore_NA_
1640Bug BlitzAriolasoft Ltd._NA_
2759Bug DiverGalactic Software_NA_
2527Bug SquadSoftek International Ltd._NA_
6130BugabooBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
2022BugblasterAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
4185BugblasterAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
6321BugblasterAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
5722Buggy BoyElite Systems Ltd._NA_
6219Buggy BoyMCM Software_NA_
1906Builder BenScorpio Gamesworld_NA_
4072Bulge, The: Battle for AntwerpArgus Press Software_NA_
1043BulldogGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
4713BullseyeDomark Ltd. (TV Games)_NA_
42BullseyeDomark Ltd. (TV Games)_NA_
5413Bump-n-RunWicked Software Ltd._NA_
5237Bumping BuggiesAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
832Bunny ZapKrypton Force_NA_
1750Burger ChaseSupersoft_NA_
1455Burger RiotAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
6803Burger TimeInterceptor Software_NA_
6163Burnin' RubberAudiogenic Software Ltd._NA_
6645Busicalc 3Supersoft_NA_
5456Busy BeeWicked Software Ltd._NA_
4437Butcher HillGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
5504By Fair Means or FoulSuperior Software Ltd._NA_
4675C.O.D.E HunterFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
6217C.V. CopyTrigsoft_NA_
6171C5 CliveScorpio Gamesworld_NA_
3800CabalOcean Software Ltd._NA_
776CabalOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
18Cadcam WarriorBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
4383Caesar the CatMirrorsoft Ltd._NA_
5358Caesar's TravelsMirrorsoft Ltd._NA_
3901Cage MatchMastertronic Ltd._NA_
3809California GamesU.S. Gold_NA_
5794California GamesErbe Software_NA_
4718California GamesGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
3794California GamesU.S. Gold_NA_
1884California Gold RushAnik Micro Systems_NA_
6413California Gold RushSoftware Supersavers Ltd._NA_
44Camelot WarriorsAriolasoft Ltd._NA_
3614Cannonball BattleCascade Games Ltd._NA_
5363CanyonWicked Software Ltd._NA_
4787Captain BloodExxos_NA_
4333Captain BloodExxos_NA_
3511Captain BloodOcean Software Ltd._NA_
1755Captain BloodPlayers_NA_
6575Captain Fizz Meets the Blaster-TronsPsyclapse_NA_
5247Captain Fizz Meets the Blaster-TronsPsyclapse_NA_
4785Captain Fizz Meets the Blaster-TronsPsygnosis (Sizzlers)_NA_
6606Captain KellyQuicksilva Ltd._NA_
1712Captain KellyBug-Byte_NA_
6270CapturedAmerican Action AB_NA_
1119CapturedAmerican Action AB_NA_
5539Car JourneyHill MacGibbon_NA_
6182Car JourneyHill MacGibbon_NA_
5157Carry on LaughingLivewire Software Ltd._NA_
6105Cash ControllerRichard Shepherd Software_NA_
6001Casino KingSpotlight Software_NA_
5376Casino RoyaleWicked Software Ltd._NA_
5967Castle BlackstarCDS Software_NA_
4961Castle BlackstarCDS Software_NA_
3983Castle MasterOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
5739Castle of DreamsCommodore_NA_
3503Castle of Skull LordSamurai Software_NA_
6488Castle of Skull LordSamurai Software_NA_
4517Castle of TerrorMelbourne House Ltd._NA_
5553Castles of Doctor Creep, TheAriolasoft Ltd._NA_
3409CataclysmAudiogenic Software Ltd._NA_
6061CatacombsAnirog Software_NA_
246CatastrophesMirrorsoft Ltd._NA_
5407CaterpillarWicked Software Ltd._NA_
1637CauldronHi TEC Software Ltd._NA_
3743CauldronVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
2260CauldronBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
992CauldronFirebird (Silverbird)_NA_
719Cauldron IIBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
1638Cauldron IIHi TEC Software Ltd._NA_
739Cauldron IIPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
3864Cauldron IIBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
4426Cauldron II: The Pumpkin Strikes BackPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
902Cauldron II: The Pumpkin Strikes BackBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
4430Cauldron II: The Pumpkin Strikes BackFirebird (Silverbird)_NA_
663Cauldron II: The Pumpkin Strikes BackBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
3492Causes of Chaos, TheCRL_NA_
4564Cave FighterBubble Bus Software_NA_
5151Cave FighterBlue Ribbon Software Ltd._NA_
23Cave FighterBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
5571Cave KooksMogul Communications Ltd._NA_
6867Cavelon IIJetsoft_NA_
4879Cavern Run 64Bubble Bus Software_NA_
5520Caverns of DoomMicrodeal Software_NA_
1080Caverns of EribanFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
6557Caverns of KhafkaCosmi Inc._NA_
5013Caverns of KhafkaU.S. Gold_NA_
6874Caverns of SillahcInterceptor Software_NA_
4818Caverns of SillahcInterceptor Software_NA_
6685Caverns of SillahcInterceptor Software_NA_
6841Caverns of SillahcEurogold_NA_
6605Caves of 64Eurogold_NA_
6731Cazafantasmas IIMCM Software_NA_
5409CentipedeWicked Software Ltd._NA_
6358CentropodsRabbit Software_NA_
6245Century Typing Tutor, TheCentury Software_NA_
1641Chain ReactionElite Systems Ltd. (Encore)_NA_
5700Challenge GolfPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
2066Chambers of ShaolinGrandslam Entertainments Ltd._NA_
321Championship BackgammonPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
5551Championship BaseballAlternative Software (299 Range)_NA_
3945Championship Basketball Two on TwoWinner_NA_
237Championship Basketball Two-on-TwoGamestar (Activision, Inc.)_NA_
709Championship Basketball: Two-on-TwoGamestar (Activision, Inc.)_NA_
2507Championship GolfCult_NA_
692Championship Jet SkiCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
1642Championship SprintProein Soft Line_NA_
1411Championship SprintAlternative Software (299 Range)_NA_
4014Championship SprintOcean Software Ltd._NA_
3943Championship SprintElectric Dreams Software_NA_
3798Chase H.Q.Ocean Software Ltd._NA_
5389CheckersWicked Software Ltd._NA_
5671Chemistry 'O' LevelPaxman Promotions_NA_
5319Chemistry 'O' LevelCalisto_NA_
6537Chemistry 1School Software_NA_
3903ChessCDS Software_NA_
3508Chess Game, TheMicro Classic_NA_
5439Chicken RunWicked Software Ltd._NA_
1257Chickin ChaseFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
3760Chickin ChaseFirebird (Super Silver)_NA_
1069Chickin ChaseFirebird_NA_
6840ChillerMastertronic Ltd. (199 Range)_NA_
6747ChimeraFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
4350China MinerInterceptor Software_NA_
6549China MinerInterceptor Software_NA_
5682China MinerInterceptor Software_NA_
6617Chinese JugglerCorgi Software_NA_
4886Choc a Bloc CharlieMC Lothlorien_NA_
4004CholoU.S. Gold_NA_
4369CholoFirebird (Gold Edition)_NA_
3687Chomper ManMogul Communications Ltd._NA_
2748ChoplifterU.S. Gold_NA_
5024Choplifter!Ariolasoft Ltd._NA_
4138ChopperCreative Sparks (Sparklers)_NA_
5788ChopperZeppelin Games Ltd._NA_
5410Chopper 1Wicked Software Ltd._NA_
6831Chr$Micro Mart Software_NA_
3480Chubby GristleGrandslam Entertainments Ltd. (Bug Byte Premier)_NA_
4178Chuckie EggPick & Choose_NA_
3741Chuckie Egg IIVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
4179Chuckie Egg IIPick & Choose_NA_
4731CircusWildest Dreams_NA_
72CircusBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
6572Circus AttactionsSoftgold_NA_
5813Circus AttractionsGolden Goblins_NA_
1833Circus CircusFirebird_NA_
5718Circus GamesTynesoft_NA_
5183Citadel of Chaos, ThePenguin_NA_
3085CityattakK-Tel International Ltd._NA_
1196CJ's Elephant AnticsCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
4067Classic SnookerAnco Software Ltd._NA_
4963Classic TrainerGTI Software_NA_
6152Clever & SmartMagic Bytes_NA_
4381Clever Clogs: Party Time for Age 3+Argus Press Software_NA_
3765Cliff HangerNew Generation Software_NA_
4189Cloud KingdomsMillenium_NA_
5290Cloud KingdomsGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
6293CluedoLeisure Genius_NA_
4456CluedoLeisure Genius_NA_
4079CluedoLeisure Genius_NA_
4739Cluedo: The Great Detective GameVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
1015CobraOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
1768Cobra ForcePlayers (Players Premier)_NA_
6668Cobra ForceTopshots_NA_
5221Codename Mat IIVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
5699Codename Mat IIDomark Ltd._NA_
2339Codename Mat IIGrandslam Entertainments Ltd. (Bug Byte)_NA_
1387Codename Matt IIPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
6324CollapseFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
371ColonyMastertronic Ltd._NA_
6535Colorado BillMicropool_NA_
3419Colossal AdventureRainbird_NA_
6291Colossal AdventureLevel 9 Computing_NA_
4364Colossal AdventureLevel 9 Computing_NA_
6119Colossus Bridge 4CDS Software_NA_
5667Colossus Bridge 4CDS Software_NA_
654Colossus Chess 4CDS Software_NA_
6093Colossus Chess 4Zafiro Software Division (Z Cobra)_NA_
4262Colossus Chess 4CDS Software_NA_
4239Colossus Chess 4CDS Software_NA_
3415Colossus Mah JongCDS Software_NA_
5500Colour of Magic, ThePiranha Software_NA_
1154Colour of Magic, TheAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
352Combat LynxDurell Software_NA_
3129Combat LynxElite Systems Ltd. (Encore)_NA_
4492Combat LynxHit-Pak_NA_
3707Combat LynxElite Systems Ltd. (Encore)_NA_
4572Combat LynxDurell Software_NA_
4392Combat LynxPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
1380Combat SchoolOcean Software Ltd._NA_
1346Combat ZoneAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
6144Combat ZoneAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
4115CommandoElite Systems Ltd._NA_
1104CommandoElite Systems Ltd. (Encore)_NA_
4561CommandoElite Systems Ltd._NA_
3989CommandoElite Systems Ltd._NA_
5029Commodore 64 Mastercode AssemblerSunshine_NA_
6156Commodore Computer Club Nº 3Editorial G.T.S._NA_
6157Commodore Computer Club Nº13Editorial G.T.S._NA_
5038Commodore Format Power Pack 3Future Publishing_NA_
5055Commodore Format Power Pack 6Future Publishing_NA_
3947Computer AdventureRabbit Software_NA_
5099Computer Christmas CardVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
4092Computer Cluedo: The Great Detective GameLeisure Genius_NA_
6577Computer CoachK-Tel Software Inc._NA_
5674Computer Cricket_NA__NA_
4465Computer DiplomacyLeisure Genius_NA_
4270Computer KensingtonLeisure Genius_NA_
4727Computer Knowhow: Commodore 64 Beginners CourseExpress Marketing Ltd._NA_
6857Computer KranEuropa Computer-Club_NA_
4466Computer MastermindLeisure Genius_NA_
4741Computer ScrabbleVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
4091Computer ScrabbleLeisure Genius_NA_
4111Computer StudiesCommodore_NA_
5679Computer Studies: O-Level Revision and CSELongman Software_NA_
6357Computer-OrgelEuropa Computer-Club_NA_
582ConanU.S. Gold (Americana)_NA_
4330Conflict in VietnamMicroprose Software Ltd._NA_
6089Confused?Compulogical S.A._NA_
1550ConfusionAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
1475ConfuzionAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
354Congo BongoU.S. Gold_NA_
5368Connect'emWicked Software Ltd._NA_
5548Continental CircusVirgin Games Ltd. (Tronix)_NA_
5027Continue Programming with Gortek and the KryptobytesCommodore_NA_
244Contract BridgeAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
5289Cool Croc Twins, TheArcade Masters_NA_
681Cops 'n' RobbersAtlantis Software Ltd. (Gold)_NA_
6378Copycat Wizard Software_NA_
4544CoreA&F Software Ltd._NA_
5241CorporationAlternative Software (Summit)_NA_
5417Cosmic CarnageWicked Software Ltd._NA_
4302Cosmic CausewayGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
3780Cosmic CommandoComputer Records_NA_
530Cosmic CommandoAnirog Software_NA_
6618Cosmic ConvoyCorgi Software_NA_
1643Cosmic CruiserImagine Software Ltd._NA_
2498Cosmic KangaMicromania_NA_
6161Count and AddLander Software_NA_
4655Count Duckula in No Sax Please We're EgyptianAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
6376Count with OliverMirrorsoft Ltd._NA_
5666CountdownMacsen Software Ltd._NA_
710CountdownDomark Ltd. (TV Games)_NA_
243Countdown to MeltdownCreative Sparks_NA_
3517Counter AttackOIC Ltd._NA_
6436Country QuestWye Valley Software_NA_
1061County CricketD & H Games_NA_
5664County CricketCult_NA_
6553CoursewinnerSelec Software_NA_
5186Cover Girl PokerEmotional Pictures_NA_
4987Crack DownU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
6646Crack DownU.S. Gold_NA_
6674Cracks of FireSupersoft_NA_
6003CrashBart Smit Software_NA_
1028Crazy CarsOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
5201Crazy Cars IITitus Ltd._NA_
5174Crazy Cars IIU.S. Gold_NA_
4698Crazy CavemanMerlin Software_NA_
6512Crazy CavemanMerlin Software_NA_
2262Crazy CometsBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
6319Crazy Er*BertAlternative Software Ltd. (Again Again)_NA_
1515Crazy Er*BertAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
5366Crazy GolfWicked Software Ltd._NA_
4356Crazy KongInterceptor Software_NA_
4186Crazy KongInterceptor Software_NA_
323Crazy MenPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
5569Crazy PainterPocket Money Software_NA_
938CreationsCodeMasters Ltd._NA_
5189Creators RevengeMogul Communications Ltd._NA_
5234Cred Breaks OutTSB Bank_NA_
5525CribbageAbacus Software_NA_
565Cricket CaptainD & H Games_NA_
4236Cricket CaptainHi TEC Software Ltd._NA_
1990Cricket CaptainCult_NA_
857Cricket CrazyAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
3738Cricket MasterChallenge Software_NA_
6828Crisis CountdownSpectresoft Ltd._NA_
4573Critical MassDurell Software_NA_
5549Critical MassElite Systems Ltd. (Encore)_NA_
4489Critical MassHit-Pak_NA_
6065Critical MassErbe Software_NA_
5434Cross RacerWicked Software Ltd._NA_
6388Crossword TwisterStack Computer Services Ltd._NA_
6689Crusade in EuropeMicroprose Software Ltd._NA_
6703Crush, Crumble and Chomp!EPYX Inc._NA_
4970Crush, Crumble and Chomp!Eurogold_NA_
5952Crystal CastlesU.S. Gold_NA_
6172Crystal Frog, TheKerian Ltd._NA_
4942Crystals of CarusInterceptor Software_NA_
6847CS Educational Tapes: Biology Age 12-14Computeristic Software_NA_
4749CS Educational Tapes: French Age 9-11Computeristic Software_NA_
6846CS Educational Tapes: Geography Age 6-8Computeristic Software_NA_
4750CS Educational Tapes: Sport Age 12-14Computeristic Software_NA_
6444Cuddly CuburtInterceptor Software_NA_
2090Cuddly CuburtInterceptor Software_NA_
6428Curse, TheGilsoft_NA_
4786Cuthbert Enters the Tombs of DoomMicrodeal Software_NA_
4831Cuthbert Goes WalkaboutMicrodeal Software_NA_
4349Cuthbert in SpaceMicrodeal Software_NA_
3959Cuthbert in the JungleMicrodeal Software_NA_
4167Cyber 1Maynard International Ltd. (Top Ten)_NA_
6597Cyber WorldMagic Bytes_NA_
4733CybermenJ. Morrison Micros Ltd._NA_
4297CybernoidGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
3471Cybernoid II: The RevengeHewson Consultants Ltd._NA_
4730Cybernoid: The Fighting MachineU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
6230Cybertron MissionTynesoft_NA_
6822CybotronAnirog Software_NA_
5435Cyclon ZappWicked Software Ltd._NA_
5880CyclonsRabbit Software_NA_
1098CyluFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
5654Daily Double Horse RacingCDS Software_NA_
5286Dalek AttackAdmiral Software_NA_
4273Daley Thompson's DecathlonOcean Software Ltd._NA_
202Daley Thompson's DecathlonOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
6277Daley Thompson's DecathlonOcean Software Ltd._NA_
686Daley Thompson's Olympic ChallengeOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
3514Daley Thompson's Olympic ChallengeOcean Software Ltd._NA_
4861Daley Thompson's Super-TestOcean Software Ltd._NA_
935Daley Thompson's Super-TestOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
4043Daley Thompson's SupertestOcean Software Ltd._NA_
4281Daley Thompson's SupertestOcean Software Ltd._NA_
6189Dam Busters, TheErbe Software_NA_
2270DambustersU.S. Gold_NA_
690DambustersPowerhouse Publishing Ltd._NA_
4188Dambusters, TheU.S. Gold_NA_
6335DampfmaschineEuropa Computer-Club_NA_
5497Damsel in DistressAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
3862Dan DareBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
2287Dan DareBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
5252Dan Dare III: The EscapeVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
890Dan Dare: Pilot of the FutureBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
3884Dan Dare: Pilot of the FutureVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
6651Dancing FeatsArtic Computing Ltd._NA_
4023Dancing MonsterCommodore_NA_
716DandyBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
1464DandyAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
3759Danger Mouse in Double TroubleCreative Sparks_NA_
5324Danger Mouse in Double TroubleAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
5014Danger RangerMicrodeal Software_NA_
5484Dante's InfernoBeyond_NA_
5362Daredevil DaveWicked Software Ltd._NA_
2746Daredevil DennisVisions (Software Factory) Ltd._NA_
52Dark CastleMirrorsoft Ltd._NA_
3671Dark DungeonsAnirog Software_NA_
6875Dark EmpireMC Lothlorien_NA_
4394Dark FusionPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
4835Dark FusionGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
4642Dark SideIncentive_NA_
3756Dark StarHitech (Hitech Games Plus)_NA_
1011DarkmanOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
5475DarksideThe Power House_NA_
4224DarksydeTynesoft (Micro Value)_NA_
6252Das SpukschlosQuelleSoft_NA_
5000DatabaseGemini Marketing Ltd._NA_
6608Datapro DatabaseCentreSoftWare_NA_
5740Datapro DatabaseU.S. Gold_NA_
6637Davy Jones LockerRiver Software_NA_
6469Davy King of the Wild FrontierCascade Games Ltd._NA_
6545Dawn PatrolAackosoft_NA_
6752Day the Universe Died, The21st Century Entertaiment_NA_
4648Days of ThunderElite Systems Ltd._NA_
4414Days of ThunderPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
5304De Grotten Van OberonRadarsoft_NA_
5307De KapriolenRadarsoft_NA_
5348De NachtwachtRadarsoft_NA_
5305De SekteRadarsoft_NA_
6137Dead or AliveAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
6417Dead ZonePowerhouse Publishing Ltd._NA_
554DeadendersMaynard International Ltd. (Top Ten)_NA_
6010Death or GloryCRL_NA_
5866Death or GloryCRL_NA_
4722Death or GloryCRL_NA_
408Death StarElectric Dreams Software_NA_
1008Death StarRabbit Software_NA_
3949Death Star InterceptorSystem 3 Software Ltd._NA_
5568Death WakeQuicksilva Ltd._NA_
2336Death WakeBug-Byte_NA_
5770Death Wish 3Erbe Software_NA_
735DecathlonActivision, Inc._NA_
583DecathlonFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
5588Decimal FractionsMcGraw-Hill_NA_
818Decision in the DesertMicroprose Software Ltd._NA_
5583Decision MakerCreative Software_NA_
4390Deep StrikePrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
3123Deep StrikeElite Systems Ltd. (Encore)_NA_
4757Deep StrikeDurell Software_NA_
6328Deep StrikeElite Systems Ltd. (Encore)_NA_
4491Deep StrikeHit-Pak_NA_
3966Deeper Dungeons, TheU.S. Gold_NA_
1249Deeper Dungeons, TheU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
774Defender 64Interceptor Software_NA_
910Defenders of the EarthBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
4172Defenders of the EarthHi TEC Software Ltd._NA_
6561DeflectorLaing Marketing Ltd._NA_
4298DeflektorGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
1583DeliverancePowerhouse Publishing Ltd._NA_
891DeltaBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
3866DeltaBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
4881Demon KnightASP Software_NA_
367Demon StalkersElectronic Arts Ltd._NA_
414Demons of TopazElectric Dreams Software_NA_
1732DenariusFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
3777Denis Through the Drinking GlassComputer Records_NA_
6504Denis Through the Drinking GlassApplications Software Specialities_NA_
2700Depth ChargeCommodore_NA_
6714Der Fall SydneyInfogrames_NA_
3630Derby DashCascade Games Ltd._NA_
6811Derby DayPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
3841Desert FoxU.S. Gold_NA_
5764Desert FoxU.S. Gold_NA_
5357Designer's Pencil, TheActivision UK Ltd._NA_
4742Designer's Pencil, TheActivision, Inc._NA_
5108Designer's Pencil, TheActivision, Inc._NA_
6371DesolatorErbe Software_NA_
3900DestructoMastertronic Ltd._NA_
4883DetectiveASP Software_NA_
456Detective, TheArgus Press Software_NA_
873Devastating BlowBeyond Belief Software_NA_
6155Devil's IslandGilsoft_NA_
5001DFM DatabaseDialog Software_NA_
5251DiabloRobotek Ltd._NA_
6445Diamond TrailGilsoft_NA_
4329Dickies DiamondsAtlantis Software Ltd. (Gold)_NA_
6508Dicky's DiamondsRomik Software Ltd._NA_
3106Dicky's DiamondsRomik Software Ltd._NA_
5598Dictionary UseMcGraw-Hill_NA_
6763Die Deutsch-Stunde 2Europa Computer-Club_NA_
6764Die Deutsch-Stunde 3Europa Computer-Club_NA_
6760Die Englische-Stunde 1Europa Computer-Club_NA_
6761Die Englische-Stunde 2Europa Computer-Club_NA_
6762Die Englische-Stunde 3Europa Computer-Club_NA_
5895Die Grotten von OberonRadarsoft_NA_
6744Die Mathe-Stunde 1Europa Computer-Club_NA_
6765Die Mathe-Stunde 2Europa Computer-Club_NA_
6766Die Mathe-Stunde 3Europa Computer-Club_NA_
4677Dig DugDatasoft Inc._NA_
2542Dig-DugU.S. Gold_NA_
6630Dino WarsMagic Bytes_NA_
6826DiscoSix - Four Supplies Co._NA_
5945DiscoWalltone Ltd._NA_
5594Division IMcGraw-Hill_NA_
5595Division IIMcGraw-Hill_NA_
5098Dixons Free Software Offer_NA__NA_
3584DizasterblasterU.S. Gold (Americana)_NA_
980DizzyCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
862DM - Double TroubleAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
3629Do Your SumsCascade Games Ltd._NA_
6554Doctor Who and the Mines of TerrorMicro Power Ltd._NA_
4510Dodgy GeezersMelbourne House Ltd._NA_
4780DominatorSystem 3 Software Ltd._NA_
5395DominoWicked Software Ltd._NA_
5472Domino 6 + Domino 9Challenger Computer Software_NA_
3904DominoesCDS Software_NA_
6756Donkey KongOcean Software Ltd._NA_
5227Donkey KongErbe Software_NA_
4535Doomdark's RevengeBeyond_NA_
3497Dots & BoxesA.R. Softwear_NA_
1425Double DareAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
5696Double DragonVirgin Games Ltd. (Tronix)_NA_
2810Double DragonOcean Software Ltd._NA_
6104Double DragonDro Soft_NA_
4293Double DragonOcean Software Ltd._NA_
3490Double Dragon II: The RevengeVirgin Games Ltd. (Tronix)_NA_
3130Double Dragon II: The RevengeVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
5658Double Dragon II: The RevengeVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
1003Double, TheAlternative Software (Summit)_NA_
6247Dr. Pimple's DogEuro-Byte_NA_
1186Dragon SpiritDomark Ltd._NA_
4149Dragon SpiritOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
1115Dragon's LairElite Systems Ltd. (Encore)_NA_
5724Dragon's LairElite Systems Ltd._NA_
4306Dragon's LairSoftware Projects Ltd._NA_
6222Dragon's LairMCM Software_NA_
4295DragonninjaOcean Software Ltd._NA_
6296Dragonriders of PernECP_NA_
5707Dragonriders of PernEPYX Inc._NA_
2002Dragons LairJackson Soft_NA_
4259DragonskulleUltimate Play the Game_NA_
4132DragonskulleMastertronic Ltd. (Ricochet)_NA_
3843DragonskulleU.S. Gold_NA_
6386DraughtsStack Computer Services Ltd._NA_
4366DreadnoughtAddison-Wesley Software_NA_
6370Dream WarriorErbe Software_NA_
386DrelbsU.S. Gold_NA_
241DrelbsU.S. Gold_NA_
3863DrillerBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
4150DrillerOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
899DrillerBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
3510DrillerOcean Software Ltd._NA_
521Drop ZoneGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
6035DropzoneU.S. Gold (Master Games)_NA_
6175DropzoneU.S. Gold (Americana)_NA_
182DropzoneU.S. Gold_NA_
4166Druids MoonMaynard International Ltd. (Top Ten)_NA_
4531Drum StudioPlayers (Players Premier)_NA_
547Duel, The: Test Drive IIOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
4202Dungeon AdventureLevel 9 Computing_NA_
3421Dungeon AdventureRainbird_NA_
6274Dungeon of the Algebra DragonsTimeworks Inc._NA_
6607Dungeons, TheAnirog Software_NA_
4774Dunjonquest: Temple of ApshaiEPYX Inc._NA_
5353Dunjonquest: Upper Reaches of ApshaiEPYX Inc._NA_
6471Dunkle KatakombenEway 10 Software_NA_
6836Dunkle Katakomben IEway 10 Software_NA_
6837Dunkle Katakomben IIEway 10 Software_NA_
3628DynamiteCascade Games Ltd._NA_
661Dynamite DanBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
2263Dynamite DanBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
6871Dynamite DanFirebird (Silverbird)_NA_
5649Dynamite DuxActivision UK Ltd._NA_
5661Dynamite DuxVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
3459Dynasty WarsU.S. Gold_NA_
6498E-MotionErbe Software_NA_
3460E-MotionU.S. Gold_NA_
2019Eagle EmpireAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
242Eagle EmpireAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
5835Eagle EmpireAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
6489Eagle EmpireAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
3969Eagle EmpireBudgie_NA_
6017Eagle EmpireAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
4795EaglesGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
892EaglesBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
5412Eagles & GatorsWicked Software Ltd._NA_
4429Eagles NestPlayers_NA_
6160Early ReadingSchool Software_NA_
4852EarthquakeMogul Communications Ltd._NA_
4335Edd the Duck!Impulze_NA_
476Edd the Duck!Zeppelin Games Ltd._NA_
5503Eddie Edwards Super SkiMicroids_NA_
21Eddie Kidds Jump ChallengeBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
4952EgbertGames Machine Ltd._NA_
4989Eidolon, TheMastertronic Ltd. (Ricochet)_NA_
6191Eine Handvoll DollarsQuelleSoft_NA_
1534Election Game, TheMastertronic Ltd. (299 Range)_NA_
6225Election Night SpecialSophisticated Games_NA_
4600Election TrailBraingames_NA_
5695Election TrailBraingames_NA_
2338Elevator ActionGrandslam Entertainments Ltd. (Bug Byte)_NA_
6375Elevator ActionQuicksilva Ltd._NA_
2258ElidonBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
5015ElidonOrpheus Ltd._NA_
897EliminatorBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
4629EliminatorHewson Consultants Ltd._NA_
6716Eliminator, TheAdventure International_NA_
6843Elite Cheat IICrazyhorse Software_NA_
5032Elvira the Arcade GameFlair Software_NA_
4104Emerald IsleLevel 9 Computing_NA_
5555Emerald MineKingsoft_NA_
700Emlyn Hughes International SoccerAudiogenic Software Ltd._NA_
4184Emlyn Hughes International SoccerTouchdown_NA_
5474EmpireShards Software_NA_
5218EmpireShards Software_NA_
388Empire of KarnInterceptor Software_NA_
6366Empire of KarnInterceptor Software_NA_
76Empire Strikes Back, TheDomark Ltd._NA_
5333EnclaveCreative Sparks (Sparklers)_NA_
6559EncounterSevern Software_NA_
4315Encounter!Novagen Software Ltd._NA_
6223Enduro RacerMCM Software_NA_
5725Enduro RacerElite Systems Ltd._NA_
1495Endzone: The American Football Management GameAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
3737Engineer HumptyArtic Computing Ltd._NA_
6582English Civil WarRed Shift_NA_
5753English LanguageCommodore_NA_
4352Enigma ForceBeyond_NA_
5265Enigma ForceAackosoft_NA_
61Enigma ForceBeyond_NA_
3985Enigma ForceBeyond_NA_
6090Enlightenment Druid IIDro Soft_NA_
759EntombedU.S. Gold (Master Games)_NA_
207EntombedOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
4996Entrepreneur: The Complete Business Start-up KitTriptych Publishing Ltd. (Brainpower)_NA_
5447Epsom StakesWicked Software Ltd._NA_
171EquinoxBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
4221EquinoxTynesoft (Micro Value)_NA_
4634EscapeQuicksilva Ltd._NA_
4842Escape From DoomworldIllusion Software Ltd._NA_
5712Escape from DoomworldRed Rat Software Ltd._NA_
996Escape From DoomworldByte Back_NA_
5125Escape From ParadiseAnco Software Ltd._NA_
6629Escape from Pulsar 7Channel 8 Software Ltd._NA_
5126Escape From Singe's CastleElite Systems Ltd. (Encore)_NA_
186Escape from TargNovagen Software Ltd._NA_
5323Escape From the Waste Disposal UnitKrypton Force_NA_
4776Escape-MCPRabbit Software_NA_
2424Espionage IslandArtic Computing Ltd._NA_
5392Et PuzzleWicked Software Ltd._NA_
6178Eureka!Domark Ltd._NA_
5375Europe QuizWicked Software Ltd._NA_
4424European 5-A-SidePrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
3498European ChampionsE&J Software_NA_
737European Five-A-SidePrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
3479European GamesTynesoft_NA_
6662European GamesTynesoft_NA_
172European GamesTynesoft (Micro Value)_NA_
1817European IIChallenge Software_NA_
1731European IIE&J Software_NA_
3755European II: The European CupE&J Software_NA_
2434Everest AscentRichard Shepherd Software_NA_
3830Every Second CountsDomark Ltd. (TV Games)_NA_
3649Every Second CountsDomark Ltd. (TV Games)_NA_
4715Every Second CountsDomark Ltd. (TV Games)_NA_
5222Everyone's a WallyVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
6143Everyone's a WallyAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
6623Everyone's a WallyCreative Sparks (Sparklers)_NA_
1502Everyones a WallyAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
5694Everyones a WallyAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
2698Evil Dead, ThePalace Software Ltd._NA_
3639ExchangeCascade Games Ltd._NA_
6243Executive LeaderboardU.S. Gold_NA_
195ExolonHewson Consultants Ltd._NA_
6500Exploding Fist +MCM Software_NA_
5953Express RaiderU.S. Gold_NA_
4241Express RaiderU.S. Gold_NA_
6289Express RaiderErbe Software_NA_
3832Express RaiderU.S. Gold_NA_
5733Extended BasicDuckworth_NA_
3372ExterminatorBubble Bus Software_NA_
3365ExterminatorBubble Bus Software_NA_
5514Eye of HorusLogotron Ltd._NA_
6197Eye of HorusPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
4287F-15 Strike EagleU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
819F-15 Strike EagleMicroprose Software Ltd._NA_
4689F-15 Strike EagleU.S. Gold (Transatlantic Simulations)_NA_
2274F.A. Cup FootballBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
3816F.S.S. LiberatorNebulae Software_NA_
2027Face AcheCommodore_NA_
5518Faces of HaarneSoftware Supersavers Ltd._NA_
6029Fairlight: The Light RevealedThe Micro Selection_NA_
5326Falcon Patrol 2Bug-Byte_NA_
603Falcon Patrol IIVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
1402Falklands '82Personal Software Services_NA_
3986Falklands 82Personal Software Services_NA_
413Fall GuyElectric Dreams Software_NA_
4443Fallen AngelAlternative Software (Summit)_NA_
1491Fallen AngelAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
3433Fantastic SoccerZeppelin Games Ltd. (Zeppelin 4x4)_NA_
6827FantasyRnH Microtec_NA_
5432FantratronWicked Software Ltd._NA_
4521FassemMerlin Software_NA_
6075FastbackWalltone Ltd._NA_
5523Faulty TowersHarboursoft_NA_
1625Fearless FredAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
1338Fearless Fred & the Factory of DoomU.S. Gold (Americana)_NA_
4759Feasibility ExperimentChannel 8 Software Ltd._NA_
6664Felix in the FactoryTynesoft_NA_
4310Field of FireU.S. Gold (Transatlantic Simulations)_NA_
6311Fifth Quadrant, TheBubble Bus Software_NA_
6550Fight NightOzi Soft_NA_
5781Fight NightU.S. Gold_NA_
6723Fight NightAackosoft_NA_
4792Fighter PilotGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
3083Fighter PilotByte Back_NA_
4227Fighter PilotFirebird (Silverbird)_NA_
154Fighter PilotOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
5709Fighting SoccerActivision UK Ltd._NA_
25Fighting WarriorHit-Pak_NA_
5826Final AccountsGemini Marketing Ltd._NA_
5033Final FightOcean Software Ltd._NA_
5491Final FightU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
5748Final Flight!MMG Micro Software_NA_
6487Fiona Rides OutViper Software Ltd._NA_
4428Fire OneEPYX Inc._NA_
6297Fire OneECP_NA_
5459Fire QuestThe Edge_NA_
6478FireflyErbe Software_NA_
966FirelordHewson Consultants Ltd._NA_
895FirelordBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
5299FirelordHewson Consultants Ltd._NA_
3447FirelordBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
4790FirelordGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
4676FirepowerCDS Software_NA_
342FirequestSoftek International Ltd. (The Edge)_NA_
4107FiretrapActivision UK Ltd._NA_
781First MovesLongman Software_NA_
3975First NumbersCollins Software_NA_
5179First Starfighter, ThePrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
5693First Starfighter, TheOrpheus Ltd._NA_
5543First Steps with the Mr. MenMirrorsoft Ltd._NA_
1113First StrikeElite Systems Ltd. (Encore)_NA_
4391First StrikePrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
6852Fische FischenEuropa Computer-Club_NA_
5958Fische FischenEuropa Computer-Club_NA_
6285FischmarktEuropa Computer-Club_NA_
5974Fist II: La Leyenda ContinuaErbe Software_NA_
3955Five a SideAnirog Software_NA_
3819Five-a-Side FootballAnirog Software_NA_
6441FizzK'soft Ltd._NA_
3763FlakU.S. Gold_NA_
5267Flight DeckAackosoft_NA_
3952Flight Path 737Anirog Software_NA_
6123Flight Path 737Beau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
6684Flight Path 737Anirog Software_NA_
6652Flight Path 737Anirog Software_NA_
4182Flight Path 737The Micro Selection_NA_
5385Flight SimulatorWicked Software Ltd._NA_
5713Flight SimulatorAnger Productions_NA_
4382Flight Simulator IISublogic_NA_
5975Flimbo's QuestU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
4781Flimbo's QuestSystem 3 Software Ltd._NA_
6174Flintstones, TheGrandslam Entertainments Ltd. (Bug Byte Premier)_NA_
5884Floyd the DroidRadarsoft_NA_
3888Flyer FoxTYMAC Ltd._NA_
6216Flying AceAvalon Hill Game Company_NA_
1458Flying FeathersAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
6039Flying FeathersBubble Bus Software_NA_
4558Fool's GoldRomik Software Ltd._NA_
4471Football ChampionsCult_NA_
3518Football DirectorD & H Games_NA_
5882Football DirectorD & H Games_NA_
240Football ManagerAddictive Games Ltd._NA_
6179Football ManagerPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
84Football ManagerAddictive Games Ltd._NA_
5851Football Manager 2Prism Leisure Corporation_NA_
4339Football Manager 2: Expansion KitAddictive Games Ltd._NA_
1218Footballer of the YearU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
3726Footballer of the Year 2GBH_NA_
2314Footballer, TheCult_NA_
4131Forbidden ForestMaynard International Ltd. (Top Ten)_NA_
888Forbidden ForestAudiogenic Software Ltd._NA_
5575Forbidden FruitKrypton Force_NA_
3610Force FieldCascade Games Ltd._NA_
1095Force OneFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
3638Force, TheCascade Games Ltd._NA_
4183Forest of Doom, The_NA__NA_
483Forgotten WorldsU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
6068Forgotten WorldsErbe Software_NA_
2288Formula 1 SimulatorBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
6037Fort ApocalypseU.S. Gold (Master Games)_NA_
822Fort ApocalypseU.S. Gold_NA_
6699Fort ApocalypseSynapse Software_NA_
5502Forth+Melbourne House Ltd._NA_
5023Foto FitterU.S. Gold (Americana)_NA_
5596Fractions IMcGraw-Hill_NA_
5597Fractions IIMcGraw-Hill_NA_
392Frak!State Soft Ltd._NA_
1114Frank Bruno's BoxingElite Systems Ltd. (Encore)_NA_
635Frank Bruno's BoxingOcean Software Ltd._NA_
4213Frank Bruno's BoxingHit-Pak_NA_
3987Frank Bruno's BoxingElite Systems Ltd._NA_
4529Frank Bruno's World Championship BoxingElite Systems Ltd. (Encore)_NA_
5009Frank Bruno's World Championship BoxingElite Systems Ltd. (Encore)_NA_
4927Frankenstein Jnr.CodeMasters Ltd._NA_
641Frankenstein Jnr.CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
4855Frankie Goes to HollywoodOcean Software Ltd._NA_
4894Frantic FreddieMaynard International Ltd. (Top Ten)_NA_
5564Frantic FreddieAudiogenic Software Ltd._NA_
1073Freak FactoryFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
5697FredQuicksilva Ltd._NA_
1465Freddy HardestAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
1412Freddy HardestAlternative Software (299 Range)_NA_
1374Frederick Forsyth - The Fourth Protocol: The GameGuild Publishing London_NA_
5123French Mistress, The: Level AKosmos Software_NA_
6849French Mistress, The: Level BKosmos Software_NA_
71FrenzyBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
2334FrenzyMicro Power Ltd._NA_
1386Friday the 13thPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
1490FrightmareAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
5969Frogger 64Interceptor Software_NA_
6711Frogger 64Computer Classics_NA_
5450FroggyWicked Software Ltd._NA_
2331Frogrun!Anirog Software_NA_
2091Front LineInterceptor Software_NA_
5976Front LineInterceptor Software_NA_
5749Front PageAddison-Wesley Software_NA_
4820FrontlineInterceptor Software_NA_
4470Frost ByteMicro Value_NA_
179FrostbyteTynesoft (Micro Value)_NA_
3436Fruit MachineZeppelin Games Ltd. (Zeppelin 4x4)_NA_
1192Fruit MachineCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
1191Fruit Machine SimulatorCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
4979Fruit Machine SimulatorCodeMasters Ltd._NA_
5890Fun Mathematics on Your MicrocomputerCommodore_NA_
4207Fun School 2 for 6-8 Year OldsDatabase Software_NA_
4063Fun School 2 for 6-8 Year OldsOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
1151Fun School 2 for the Over-8sOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
4208Fun School 2 for the Over-8sDatabase Software_NA_
4062Fun School 2 for the Under-6sOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
5980Fun School 3 for 5 to 7 Year OldsDatabase Educational Software_NA_
4368Fun School 3 for the Over 7sDatabase Educational Software_NA_
5676Fun School 4 for 5 to 7 Year OldsEuropress Software_NA_
5675Fun School 4 for 7 to 11 Year OldsEuropress Software_NA_
4334Fun School Specials: Spelling Fair 7 to 13 Year OldsEuropress Software_NA_
5312Fun School Spelling: Age 7 to AdultEuropress Software_NA_
6234FuryAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
4395Future KnightPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
6167Future KnightPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
6231Future ShockTynesoft_NA_
5790Galactic AssaultLaing Marketing Ltd._NA_
3591Galactic AttackCascade Games Ltd._NA_
3598Galactic Dog FightCascade Games Ltd._NA_
4719Galactic GamesGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
4108Galactic GamesActivision UK Ltd._NA_
2421Galactic GardenerSoftware Projects Ltd._NA_
6779GalaxyAnirog Software_NA_
3771GalaxyComputer Records_NA_
239GalaxyAnirog Software_NA_
5287GalaxyAnirog Software_NA_
944Galdregons DomainPlayers_NA_
4937GalleonsRabbit Software_NA_
4377Game MakerActivision, Inc._NA_
960Game OverAlternative Software (Summit)_NA_
6141Game OverAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
6801Game OverDinamic Software_NA_
6802Game Over IIDinamic Software_NA_
4890Game Over IIAlternative Software (Summit)_NA_
4018Games CreatorMirrorsoft Ltd._NA_
4142Games, The, Summer EditionU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
3918Games, The: Winter EditionU.S. Gold_NA_
3793Games, The: Winter EditionU.S. Gold_NA_
3980Games, The: Winter EditionU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
1521GangsterMindscape (Light Fantastic)_NA_
4743Garfield: Winter's TaleThe Edge_NA_
4650Gary Lineker's Hot-Shot!U.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
5546Gary Lineker's Hot-Shot!U.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
930Gary Lineker's Super Star SoccerU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
4649Gary Lineker's SuperskillsU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
90Gary Linekers SuperskillsGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
5736Gary Linekers SuperskillsU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
6532Gas-Kit 64Anirog Software_NA_
6574Gateway to ApshaiCBS Electronics Software_NA_
1247GauntletU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
3965GauntletU.S. Gold_NA_
4244GauntletU.S. Gold_NA_
5977GauntletErbe Software_NA_
2133GauntletU.S. Gold_NA_
4321GauntletU.S. Gold_NA_
4526GauntletU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
91GauntletU.S. Gold_NA_
1248Gauntlet IIU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
3909Gauntlet IIU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
6479Gauntlet IIErbe Software_NA_
3807Gauntlet IIU.S. Gold_NA_
4341Gauntlet: The Deeper DungeonsU.S. Gold_NA_
2515Gemini WingVirgin Games Ltd. (Tronix)_NA_
2257Geoff Capes StrongmanBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
6538German Master, The: Level AKosmos Software_NA_
6539German Master, The: Level BKosmos Software_NA_
92Germany 1985: When Superpowers CollideU.S. Gold (Transatlantic Simulations)_NA_
5156Get Off My Garden!!Interceptor Software_NA_
6580Get off my Garden!!Interceptor Software_NA_
235GFL Championship FootballGamestar (Activision, Inc.)_NA_
978Ghost HuntersCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
5379Ghost HuntersWicked Software Ltd._NA_
4923Ghost HuntersCodeMasters Ltd._NA_
3873Ghost ManorHesWare_NA_
6560Ghost Mansion IIILaing Marketing Ltd._NA_
157GhostbustersOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
2273GhostbustersBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
4576Ghostbusters IIActivision UK Ltd._NA_
3703Ghostbusters IIOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
4735Ghostbusters IIOcean Software Ltd._NA_
4389GhostchaserU.S. Gold (Master Games)_NA_
181GhostchaserU.S. Gold_NA_
3623GhostsCascade Games Ltd._NA_
377Ghosts 'n GoblinsHit-Pak_NA_
3995Ghosts 'n GoblinsElite Systems Ltd._NA_
58Ghosts 'N GoblinsElite Systems Ltd._NA_
6129GhoulsBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
3981Ghouls 'n' GhostsU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
5810Ghouls 'N' GhostsU.S. Gold_NA_
5293Ghouls'n'GhostsGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
1540Gilbert Escape from DrillAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
3973Give my Regards to Broad StreetMind Games_NA_
3811GladiatorGrandslam Entertainments Ltd. (Bug Byte)_NA_
4644Glider PilotCRL_NA_
3757Glider RiderGrandslam Entertainments Ltd. (Bug Byte)_NA_
5440GlovesWicked Software Ltd._NA_
5643Glug GlugCRL_NA_
6566Gnome RangerLevel 9 Computing_NA_
3704Go for GoldU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
934Go for the GoldU.S. Gold (Americana)_NA_
4812Go for the GoldU.S. Gold (Americana)_NA_
3438Go KartZeppelin Games Ltd. (Zeppelin 4x4)_NA_
5152Go MicroLongman Software_NA_
293Go Racing with Peter O'SullevanCommodore_NA_
5798Go SpriteMirrorsoft Ltd._NA_
6713Goblin TowersClassic Quests_NA_
805Gods & HeroesThe Power House_NA_
1530Gogo the GhostFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
931Gogo the GhostFirebird_NA_
5380Gold DiggersWicked Software Ltd._NA_
6052Gold GraberEuropa Computer-Club_NA_
1158Gold or GloryAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
5403Gold RushWicked Software Ltd._NA_
3762Golden AxeVirgin Games Ltd. (Tronix)_NA_
4342Golden AxeVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
4605Golden Baton, TheChannel 8 Software Ltd._NA_
3732GolfYes! Software_NA_
5681GolfAbrasco Ltd._NA_
5010GolfKerian Ltd._NA_
2703Goodness GraciousBeyond_NA_
4134Goodness GraciousBeyond_NA_
4251GooniesU.S. Gold_NA_
6860Goonies, TheAmerican Action AB_NA_
3543Grab ItKrypton Force_NA_
5574GrabberMicrodeal Software_NA_
1695Graham Gooch's Match CricketAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
6573Grand Monster SlamSoftgold_NA_
5827Grand Monster SlamTopshots_NA_
5405Grand NationalWicked Software Ltd._NA_
6805Grand PrixD & H Games_NA_
1190Grand Prix 2CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
5773Grand Prix 2 SimulatorCodeMasters Ltd._NA_
3579Grand Prix 500ccMicroids_NA_
1204Grand Prix SimulatorCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
4980Grand Prix SimulatorCodeMasters Ltd._NA_
5778Grand Slam Bridge PlayerSerin Software_NA_
3463GrandmasterAudiogenic Software Ltd._NA_
5737Grandmaster ChessAlternative Software (299 Range)_NA_
1157Grandmaster ChessAudiogenic Software Ltd._NA_
5637Grange Hill: The Computer GameGrandslam Entertainments Ltd. (Bug Byte)_NA_
4804Graphic Adventure Creator, TheIncentive_NA_
4094Graphic Adventure Creator, TheIncentive_NA_
871Graphic EditorFirebird (Silverbird)_NA_
3542Graphics EditorRabbit Software_NA_
5801Graphics EditorRomik Software Ltd._NA_
5593Graphs IIMcGraw-Hill_NA_
6021Great Adventure PackMogul Communications Ltd._NA_
733Great American Cross-Country Road Race, TheActivision, Inc._NA_
5839Great Burger Riot, TheCreative Sparks (Sparklers)_NA_
856Great Escape, TheOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
1371Great Escape, TheOcean Software Ltd._NA_
3801Great Escape, TheOcean Software Ltd._NA_
6051Great Escape, TheErbe Software_NA_
1105Great GurianosElite Systems Ltd. (Encore)_NA_
5898Great Nordic War, TheRomik Software Ltd._NA_
6320GrebitAlternative Software Ltd. (Again Again)_NA_
1513GrebitAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
3849Green BeretImagine Software Ltd._NA_
162Green BeretImagine Software Ltd._NA_
3803Green BeretOcean Software Ltd._NA_
3711Green BeretOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
6850GreenrunnerPsytronik Software_NA_
4647Gremlins 2: The New BatchElite Systems Ltd._NA_
900Gribbly's Day OutBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
6868Gribbly's Day OutHewson Consultants Ltd. (Rack-it)_NA_
6751Gribbly's Special Day Out21st Century Entertaiment_NA_
66Gribblys Day OutBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
4256Grid IronMaynard International Ltd. (Top Ten)_NA_
4477Grid Iron 2Alternative Software Ltd._NA_
6147Grid Iron 2Alternative Software Ltd._NA_
6337GridrunnerLlamasoft Software_NA_
6693GridtrapLivewire Software Ltd._NA_
6659Groovy GardenCentral Solutions Ltd._NA_
6634Growing Pains of Adrian Mole, TheVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
5446GrubsWicked Software Ltd._NA_
1376GryzorOcean Software Ltd._NA_
4533GryzorOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
4504GuardianAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
8GuardianAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
6187GuardianCentral Software_NA_
4407GuardianAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
1174Guardian AngelCodeMasters Ltd._NA_
4917Guardian AngelCodeMasters Ltd._NA_
652Guardian AngelCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
3861Guardian IIBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
896Guardian II: Revenge of the MutantsBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
3478Guardian II: Revenge of the MutantsHi TEC Software Ltd._NA_
5415GulperWicked Software Ltd._NA_
6136Gun BoatAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
3698Gun BoatAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
809Gun RunnerThe Power House_NA_
6020Gun RunnerThe Power House_NA_
1074GunstarFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
2747GusherVisions (Software Factory) Ltd._NA_
2092GuzzlerInterceptor Software_NA_
5355GuzzlerInterceptor Software_NA_
6735GyroscopeErbe Software_NA_
946GyroscopeMelbourne House Ltd._NA_
4396H.A.T.E.Prism Leisure Corporation_NA_
6188H.A.T.E. (Hostile All Terrain Encounter)Erbe Software_NA_
3883HackerVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
4442HackerMastertronic Ltd. (Ricochet)_NA_
5765HackerActivision, Inc._NA_
4766Hades NebulaGamebusters_NA_
6410Halls of DeathSupersoft_NA_
3454Halls of the ThingsDesign Design_NA_
5995Halls of the Things, TheFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
793HammerfistActivision UK Ltd._NA_
6813Handicap GolfPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
3605HangmanCascade Games Ltd._NA_
3507Hangman IIIMcGraw-Hill_NA_
5602Hangman IVMcGraw-Hill_NA_
5603Hangman VMcGraw-Hill_NA_
5604Hangman VIMcGraw-Hill_NA_
2052Harbour AttackCommodore_NA_
6571Hard 'n' HeavySoftgold_NA_
6793Hard Ball!U.S. Gold_NA_
1183Hard Drivin'Domark Ltd._NA_
4000HardballU.S. Gold_NA_
97HardBall!U.S. Gold_NA_
5646HareraiserHaresoft Ltd._NA_
4169Harrier Attack!Elite Systems Ltd. (Encore)_NA_
2297Harvey HeadbangerBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
5404Haunted CastleWicked Software Ltd._NA_
257Haunted HouseAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
6327Haunted HouseAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
10Haunted HouseAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
192Head over HeelsOcean Software Ltd._NA_
869Head Over HeelsOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
2053Heathrow Air Traffic ControlHewson Consultants Ltd._NA_
903HeatseekerBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
6185Heist, TheEaglesoft_NA_
6677HelidropMaynard International Ltd. (Top Ten)_NA_
1126Helion, ThePrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
5311HelistadAndromeda Software_NA_
4993Hellfire AttackWinner_NA_
4234Hellfire AttackMartech_NA_
1482Hellfire AttackAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
14Henry's HouseEnglish Software Company_NA_
65Henrys HouseBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
4810Herbert's Dummy RunCreative Sparks (Sparklers)_NA_
5506Herbert's Dummy RunMikro-Gen_NA_
2264Herberts Dummy RunBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
3784Herberts Dummy RunMaynard International Ltd. (Top Ten)_NA_
802HerculesThe Power House_NA_
3069HerculesThe Power House_NA_
3428HerculesAlpha-Omega Software_NA_
6372Hercules: Slayer of the DamnedErbe Software_NA_
4303Hercules: Slayer of the DamnedGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
6409HerobotixPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
5644Heroes of KarnInterceptor Software_NA_
20Heroes of KhanBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
5540HexapawnA.R. Softwear_NA_
6211HexenkuchePalace Software Ltd._NA_
6212Hexenkuche II: Der Kurbis Schlagt ZuruckPalace Software Ltd._NA_
5566HexpertAnirog Software_NA_
3774HexpertComputer Records_NA_
6772Hi Bouncer!Mirrorsoft Ltd._NA_
5961Hi-Q-QuizCDS Software_NA_
6176Hi-Q-QuizBlue Ribbon Software Ltd._NA_
4496Hide and SeekCommodore_NA_
6712Hideous Bill and the Gi-GantsComputer Classics_NA_
5171Hideous Bill and the Gi-GantsVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
5455High FlyerWicked Software Ltd._NA_
756High Frontier: An SDI WargameActivision, Inc._NA_
5420High RiseWicked Software Ltd._NA_
3637High RiseCascade Games Ltd._NA_
5780Highway CodeCRL_NA_
5701Highway EncounterPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
6595HimmelhundeAriolasoft Ltd._NA_
4498History: 20th CenturyCommodore_NA_
1535Hobbit, TheBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
4982Hobbit, TheMelbourne House Ltd._NA_
6449Hocus FocusBug-Byte_NA_
5756Hocus FokusQuicksilva Ltd._NA_
4125Hollywood PokerPlayers_NA_
5582Hollywood PokerRobtek Ltd._NA_
5800Home AccountGemini Marketing Ltd._NA_
6556Home ManagerAbrasco Ltd._NA_
6098HookOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
5852HopelessAriolasoft Ltd._NA_
1101Hopping MadElite Systems Ltd. (Encore)_NA_
3792Hopping MadElite Systems Ltd._NA_
680HostagesByte Back_NA_
6506HotelAriolasoft Ltd._NA_
6823House of UsherAnirog Software_NA_
3670House of UsherAnirog Software_NA_
6569Household FinanceCreative Software_NA_
4130Howard the DuckAlternative Software (299 Range)_NA_
864Howard the DuckAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
1466Humm-DingerAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
295Humpty Dumpty & Cock RobinCommodore_NA_
4803Humpty Dumpty in the GardenArtic Computing Ltd._NA_
2426Humpty Dumpty Meets the Fuzzy WuzziesArtic Computing Ltd._NA_
6612HunchbackCorgi Software_NA_
3770HunchbackComputer Records_NA_
670Hunchback at the OlympicsSoftware Projects Ltd._NA_
5154Hunchback: The AdventureOcean Software Ltd._NA_
4515Hunt for Red October, TheUnique_NA_
6486HunterTequila Sunrise Software_NA_
914Hunter's MoonBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
4638Hunter's MoonThalamus_NA_
4662HustlerBubble Bus Software_NA_
5162HustlerTop Ten Games_NA_
6656Hustler's RevengeLaing Marketing Ltd._NA_
5795Huxley PigAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
4135Hyper BikerCreative Sparks (Sparklers)_NA_
400Hyper BikerPersonal Software Services_NA_
5496Hyper BlastMicro Mart Software_NA_
1037Hyper SportsOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
164Hyper SportsImagine Software Ltd._NA_
4282Hyper SportsOcean Software Ltd._NA_
4039Hyper SportsOcean Software Ltd._NA_
193Hyper SportsOcean Software Ltd._NA_
6628HypercircuitAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
4409HypercircuitAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
3855HypersportsImagine Software Ltd._NA_
6746HysteriaAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
1487HysteriaAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
4403I, BallPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
5796I, BallFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
499I, BallFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
2293I-BallBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
4692I-XeraPowerhouse Publishing Ltd._NA_
5759I.C.U.P.S.Thor Software_NA_
3427Ian Botham's Test MatchTynesoft_NA_
4010Ian Botham's Test MatchOcean Software Ltd._NA_
173Ian Botham's Test MatchTynesoft (Micro Value)_NA_
503Ice BustersCascade Games Ltd._NA_
6611Ice HockeyPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
1807Ice HockeyBlue Ribbon Software Ltd._NA_
3954Ice HunterAnirog Software_NA_
5313Ice PalaceCreative Sparks_NA_
5962Ice TempleCDS Software_NA_
4872Ice Temple, TheBlue Ribbon Software Ltd._NA_
3733Ice Temple, ThePrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
6614IdentikitCorgi Software_NA_
3880IdentikitStell Software_NA_
6220Ikari WarriorsMCM Software_NA_
6732Ikari WarriorsMCM Software_NA_
5721Ikari WarriorsElite Systems Ltd._NA_
4056Illustrator, TheGilsoft_NA_
4580Image System, TheCRL_NA_
1083ImaginationFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
6072ImaginationPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
762ImhotepU.S. Gold (Master Games)_NA_
5735ImplosionAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
3426ImplosionCascade Games Ltd._NA_
1483ImplosionAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
5292ImpossamoleGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
6300Impossible MissionECP_NA_
5193Impossible MissionEPYX Inc._NA_
231Impossible MissionU.S. Gold_NA_
2268Impossible MissionU.S. Gold_NA_
4242Impossible MissionU.S. Gold_NA_
4986Impossible MissionMastertronic Ltd. (Ricochet)_NA_
3795Impossible Mission IIU.S. Gold_NA_
5905In 80 Days Around the WorldEurogold_NA_
5524In the BeginningMosaic Publishing_NA_
2523Inca CurseArtic Computing Ltd._NA_
1339Incredible Hulk, TheU.S. Gold (Americana)_NA_
6322Indian AttackAnirog Software_NA_
5685Indiana Jones & the Last CrusadeDomark Ltd._NA_
3963Indiana Jones & the Temple of DoomU.S. Gold_NA_
6022Indiana Jones and the Fate of AtlantisU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
4736Indiana Jones and the Last CrusadeOcean Software Ltd._NA_
5196Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Action GameU.S. Gold_NA_
4307Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Action GameLucasfilm Games_NA_
6480Indiana Jones and the Temple of DoomErbe Software_NA_
4308Indiana Jones and the Temple of DoomLucasfilm Games_NA_
4887Indiana Jones in the Lost KingdomMindscape_NA_
6541Indiana Jones y la Ultima CruzadaErbe Software_NA_
3622InfernoCascade Games Ltd._NA_
4325InfiltratorU.S. Gold_NA_
6070InfiltratorErbe Software_NA_
4246InfiltratorU.S. Gold_NA_
4192InfiltratorU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
5338Input 64 1/87Heise_NA_
5344Input 64 10/85Heise_NA_
5345Input 64 11/85Heise_NA_
5337Input 64 12/86Heise_NA_
5339Input 64 2/87Heise_NA_
5340Input 64 3/87Heise_NA_
5343Input 64 4/85Heise_NA_
5346Input 64 4/86Heise_NA_
5341Input 64 4/87Heise_NA_
5336Input 64 6/86Heise_NA_
5342Input 64 8/87Heise_NA_
5335Input 64 9/85Heise_NA_
912Insects in SpaceBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
6288Instant MusicElectronic Arts Ltd._NA_
5512Instant RecallSupersoft_NA_
5173International 3D TennisU.S. Gold_NA_
308International KaratePrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
4451International KaratePrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
4398International KaratePrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
4783International KarateSystem 3 Software Ltd._NA_
881International Karate +Ocean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
4625International Ninja RabbitsMicro Value_NA_
4977International Rugby SimulatorCodeMasters Ltd._NA_
5638International SoccerCRL_NA_
332InterviewFront Runner_NA_
664Into the Eagles NestBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
6638Into the MysticRiver Software_NA_
3621IntruderCascade Games Ltd._NA_
317IntrudersPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
1631InvadersAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
6603InvadersLivewire Software Ltd._NA_
2731InvadersLivewire Software Ltd._NA_
6315Invaders 2Alternative Software Ltd. (Again Again)_NA_
5381Invisible ClockWicked Software Ltd._NA_
4999InvostatDialog Software_NA_
6082Iridis AlphaErbe Software_NA_
893Iridis AlphaBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
4794Iridis AlphaGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
3854Iron HorseImagine Software Ltd._NA_
3087It's Only Rock'n'RollK-Tel International Ltd._NA_
5175Italy 1990U.S. Gold_NA_
3705Italy 1990U.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
4651Italy 1990U.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
3600Ivasive ActionCascade Games Ltd._NA_
74Iwo JimaPersonal Software Services_NA_
6625Jack the Nipper II in Coconut CapersU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
1255Jack the Nipper II: In Coconut CapersU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
4664Jack the RipperCRL_NA_
6400JackpotMr. Chip Software_NA_
4505Jahangir Khan World Championship SquashGBH_NA_
3848Jail BreakImagine Software Ltd._NA_
6009James Bond 007 Der Hauch Des Todes: Das ComputerspielDomark Ltd._NA_
3572James Bond 007: Licence To KillOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
5687James Bond: The Spy Who Loved MeDomark Ltd._NA_
6339Java Jim in Square Shaped TroubleCompulogical S.A._NA_
2536Java Jim in Square Shaped TroubleCreative Sparks (Sparklers)_NA_
5230Java Jim in Squared Shaped TroubleCreative Sparks_NA_
5288Java Jim in Squared Shaped TroubleAackosoft_NA_
1864JawsAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
1039Jeep CommandBug-Byte_NA_
5517Jeepers CreepersSoftek International Ltd._NA_
4537Jet Bike SimulatorCodeMasters Ltd. (Plus)_NA_
5361Jet FighterWicked Software Ltd._NA_
3619Jet FlightCascade Games Ltd._NA_
204Jet Set WillyOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
2329Jet Set WillySoftware Projects Ltd._NA_
29Jet Set Willy IIHit-Pak_NA_
6401Jet Set Willy: The Final FrontierMastertronic Ltd. (Ricochet)_NA_
6064Jet-Boot JackByte Back_NA_
1147Jet-Power JackMicro Power Ltd._NA_
6666Jet-Power JackTynesoft_NA_
3636JetmobileCascade Games Ltd._NA_
4260Jewels of BabylonInterceptor Software_NA_
2770JinksU.S. Gold (Go!)_NA_
5272JinksRainbow Arts_NA_
3440Jocky Wilson's Darts ChallengeZeppelin Games Ltd. (Zeppelin 4x4)_NA_
6024Joe BladePlayers_NA_
6027Joe GunnCronosoft_NA_
5384Joe the BallWicked Software Ltd._NA_
363Johnny Reb IIMC Lothlorien_NA_
5565Jolly Jack's Run AshoreHarboursoft_NA_
4036Jonah Barrington's SquashOcean Software Ltd._NA_
3886Jonah Barrington's SquashVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
2071Jonny and the Jimpys (Parts I & II)Ocean Software Ltd._NA_
3537JousteIJK Software Ltd._NA_
1904Judo Uchi MataAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
4478Judo Uchi MataAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
5458JumpWicked Software Ltd._NA_
5772Jump JetThe Micro Selection_NA_
4233Jump JetAnirog Software_NA_
6032JumperEuropa Computer-Club_NA_
4946Jumpin' JimmyMidas Marketing_NA_
5243JumpmanEPYX Inc._NA_
5853JumpmanEPYX Inc._NA_
4931JumpmanEPYX Inc._NA_
507Jungle QuestSolar Software Ltd._NA_
886Jungle QuestSolar Software Ltd._NA_
4168Jungle RaidMaynard International Ltd. (Top Ten)_NA_
3869Jungle StoryMastertronic Ltd. (Plus One)_NA_
3110Jungle TroubleDurell Software_NA_
4518Junior WordsplitsSulis Software_NA_
3499Junkyard JalopiesScorpio Gamesworld_NA_
319K.O. BoxingPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
4608K.R.I.S.The Micro Selection_NA_
5261KaiserAriolasoft Ltd._NA_
651KamikazeCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
287KamikazeTerminal Software_NA_
4918KamikazeCodeMasters Ltd._NA_
2276KaneBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
1947Karate ChampU.S. Gold (Americana)_NA_
6159Karate ChopMelbourne House Ltd._NA_
1375KarnovOcean Software Ltd._NA_
3461KarnovElectric Dreams Software_NA_
2340Kat Trap: Planet of the Cat-MenGrandslam Entertainments Ltd. (Bug Byte)_NA_
6544KatuvyPrism Micro Informatique S.A._NA_
4139KayakCreative Sparks (Sparklers)_NA_
5365Keep Fit FanaticWicked Software Ltd._NA_
106Kennedy ApproachU.S. Gold (Transatlantic Simulations)_NA_
1633Kenny Daglish Soccer ManagerZeppelin Games Ltd._NA_
1139Kenny Dalglish Soccer ManagerZeppelin Games Ltd._NA_
5650Kenny Dalglish Soccer MatchImpressions_NA_
5436KenoWicked Software Ltd._NA_
4862Kermit's Electronic Story MakerU.S. Gold_NA_
6397Ket Trilogy, TheIncentive_NA_
4361KettleBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
6581Keyboard CoachK-Tel Software Inc._NA_
1211KGB Super SpyCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
4922KGB Super SpyCodeMasters Ltd._NA_
3746Kick Box VigilanteZeppelin Games Ltd. (Zeppelin 4x4)_NA_
3524Kick OffTopshots_NA_
2840Kick OffAnco Software Ltd._NA_
5236Kick OffAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
2842Kick Off 2Anco Software Ltd._NA_
2841Kick Off: World CupAnco Software Ltd._NA_
2738Kick-OffBubble Bus Software_NA_
4661Kick-OffBubble Bus Software_NA_
6325KikstartMr. Chip Software_NA_
3967Killer WattBudgie_NA_
4506Killer WattAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
2021Killer WattAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
3663KlaxOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
6057Knight GamesErbe Software_NA_
5559Knight GamesMastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Plus)_NA_
3422Knight OrcRainbird_NA_
4857Knight RiderOcean Software Ltd._NA_
5578KnightmareRomik Software Ltd._NA_
3072Knock Out!Alligata Software Ltd._NA_
5837KnockoutAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
1896Knockout!U.S. Gold (Americana)_NA_
5876Know You Own PersonalityCommodore_NA_
4026Know Your Own IQCommodore_NA_
5843Know Your TablesCollins Software_NA_
3773KongComputer Records_NA_
1130KongAnirog Software_NA_
6861KongAnirog Software_NA_
403KongAnirog Software_NA_
411Kong Strikes BackElectric Dreams Software_NA_
4694Kongo KongMogul Communications Ltd._NA_
926Kosmic KangaMicromania_NA_
5310Kosmokobus: De EierdooierAndromeda Software_NA_
3719KrakoutU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
720KrakoutPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
4375Krazy KarIJK Software Ltd._NA_
3538Krazy KarIJK Software Ltd._NA_
4877Krazy Kong 64Bubble Bus Software_NA_
6323KryptonHitech (Hitech Games Plus)_NA_
2202Krypton Factor, TheDomark Ltd. (TV Games)_NA_
3829Krypton Factor, TheDomark Ltd. (TV Games)_NA_
4714Krypton Factor, TheDomark Ltd. (TV Games)_NA_
5273Krystals of ZongSoft & Easy_NA_
3588Krystals of ZongPersonal Software Services_NA_
3838Kung Fu MasterU.S. Gold_NA_
4247Kung Fu MastersU.S. Gold_NA_
110Kung-Fu MasterU.S. Gold_NA_
155Kung-Fu MasterOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
111Kwah!Melbourne House Ltd._NA_
2277LA. SwatBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
6834Labyrinth of the CreatorVictory Software_NA_
5516Labyrinth of the CreatorMogul Communications Ltd._NA_
4110Labyrinth: The Computer GameActivision UK Ltd._NA_
831Lancer LordsRabbit Software_NA_
6451LanderChannel 8 Software Ltd._NA_
5774LanderChannel 8 Software Ltd._NA_
5471Las VegasAnirog Software_NA_
3439Las Vegas CasinoZeppelin Games Ltd. (Zeppelin 4x4)_NA_
4998Laser BasicOcean Software Ltd._NA_
6077Laser CompilerOcean Software Ltd._NA_
322Laser GunPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
684Laser ZoneLlamasoft Software_NA_
3912Last DuelU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
4797Last MissionGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
2812Last Ninja 2Ocean Software Ltd._NA_
4331Last Ninja 2System 3 Software Ltd._NA_
5684Last Ninja 2Domark Ltd._NA_
4782Last Ninja 2, The: Back with a VengeanceSystem 3 Software Ltd._NA_
4332Last Ninja 3System 3 Software Ltd._NA_
6481Last Ninja 3U.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
6754Last Ninja demo, The21st Century Entertaiment_NA_
845Last Ninja, TheAlternative Software (Summit)_NA_
1378Last Ninja, TheOcean Software Ltd._NA_
4109Last Ninja, TheActivision UK Ltd._NA_
4779Last Ninja, TheSystem 3 Software Ltd._NA_
6661Last Ninja, TheAlternative Software Ltd. (Again Again)_NA_
4854Laurel & HardyAdvance Software Promotions Ltd._NA_
113Law of the WestU.S. Gold_NA_
314Lawn TennisPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
4926Lazer ForceCodeMasters Ltd._NA_
852Lazer ForceCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
6719Lazy JonesTerminal Software_NA_
6414Leader BoardErbe Software_NA_
6722Leader BoardAackosoft_NA_
4240Leader BoardU.S. Gold_NA_
1252Leader Board TournamentU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
4309Leader Board Tournament Cassette #1U.S. Gold_NA_
1250Leader-BoardU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
4793LeaderboardGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
6242LeaderboardU.S. Gold_NA_
4323LeaderboardU.S. Gold_NA_
3751Leaderboard Executive EditionU.S. Gold_NA_
6244Leaderboard TournamentU.S. Gold_NA_
3722League FootballCult_NA_
5425Leaky RoofWicked Software Ltd._NA_
5022Leaping LarryKrypton Force_NA_
4337LED StormU.S. Gold_NA_
6381Lee Enfield in The Tournament of DeathInfogrames_NA_
5460Leer Bridge_NA__NA_
6565Legend of Apache Gold, TheIncentive_NA_
797Legend of KageImagine Software Ltd._NA_
17Legend of the Knucker-HoleEnglish Software Company_NA_
5511Legend of the Knucker-HoleEnglish Software Company_NA_
4968Legend of the Knucker-HoleU.S. Gold (Americana)_NA_
6215LegionnaireAvalon Hill Game Company_NA_
6424LegionnaireEclipse Software_NA_
4706Let's CountCommodore_NA_
6415Lethal WeaponOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
3834LeviathanU.S. Gold_NA_
4003LeviathanU.S. Gold_NA_
5688Licence to KillDomark Ltd._NA_
5955Licence to KillDomark Ltd._NA_
4874Lickey RouteDee-Kay Systems_NA_
6390LifeStack Computer Services Ltd._NA_
6226Life-TermAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
5558Life-TermAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
4209Lift Off with Space ShuttleMicrodeal Software_NA_
6654LightforceHewson Consultants Ltd. (Rack-it)_NA_
5260Little Green ManBug-Byte_NA_
642Little PuffCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
1199Little PuffCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
5956Live and Let DieDomark Ltd._NA_
3789Live and Let Die: The Computer GameElite Systems Ltd._NA_
1111Live and Let Die: The Computer GameElite Systems Ltd. (Encore)_NA_
6521Load 'n' Run Extra 2Mecsa / Inforpress_NA_
6180Load 'n' Run N. 1 Febrero Marzo 1985Mecsa / Inforpress_NA_
3553LocoAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
6LocoAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
607Lode RunnerAriolasoft Ltd._NA_
4985Logger ManiaBoom Software_NA_
6531London BlitzAvalon Hill Game Company_NA_
782London BlitzEclipse Software_NA_
4778Lone Wolf: The Mirror of DeathAudiogenic Software Ltd._NA_
4258Look Sharp!Mirrorsoft Ltd._NA_
2765Looney BalloonK'soft Ltd._NA_
1536Lord of the RingsBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
4050Lord of the Rings: Game OneMelbourne House Ltd._NA_
6329Lords of ConquestElectronic Arts Ltd._NA_
3859Lords of MidnightBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
918Lords of MidnightBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
599Lords of MidnightVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
4773Lords of TimeLevel 9 Computing_NA_
4567Lords of TimeMandarin Software_NA_
4449Lords of TimeLevel 9 Computing_NA_
4052Lost City, TheStep One Software_NA_
6393Lost in the LabyrinthStack Computer Services Ltd._NA_
5294Lotus Esprit Turbo ChallengeGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
578Lotus Esprit Turbo ChallengeGBH_NA_
6430Love Bytes!Harboursoft_NA_
3593Lunar LandingCascade Games Ltd._NA_
2430Lunar OutpostEurogold_NA_
5829M.U.L.E.Ariolasoft Ltd._NA_
3534Macadam BumperPersonal Software Services_NA_
3783Mad DoctorMaynard International Ltd. (Top Ten)_NA_
1724Mad DoctorCreative Sparks (Sparklers)_NA_
1523Mad FlunkyAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
1486Mad FlunkyAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
1085Mad NurseFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
5865MadballsOcean Software Ltd._NA_
6750Made in France II21st Century Entertaiment_NA_
5831MagicMacmillan Ltd._NA_
5892Magic CarpetHitech (Hitech Games Plus)_NA_
4833Magic CarpetAdvanced Computer Entertainment_NA_
6446Magic CastleGilsoft_NA_
3414Magic MadnessAnco Software Ltd._NA_
6302Magic MadnessTopshots_NA_
4624Magic StoneAudiogenic Software Ltd._NA_
6281Magician's Ball, TheGlobal Software_NA_
5893Magischer SteinRadarsoft_NA_
3905Mah JongCDS Software_NA_
4752Mail Order MonsterAriolasoft Ltd._NA_
6282Mailman's MaceK-Tel Software Inc._NA_
4502Make Music with MistertronicMastertronic Ltd. (199 Range)_NA_
1397Mama LlamaLlamasoft Software_NA_
68Mama LlamaBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
6028Manchester United EuropeKrisalis Software Ltd. (Buzz)_NA_
4728Manchester United: EuropeKrisalis Software Ltd._NA_
6745MarathonEnglish Software Company_NA_
6050Mario BrosErbe Software_NA_
6567Market ForcesAvalon Hill Game Company_NA_
4695MASKByte Back_NA_
4301Mask TwoGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
6475Mask TwoErbe Software_NA_
6365Master BlasterPirate Software_NA_
6184MasterkeyLongman Software_NA_
5391MastermindWicked Software Ltd._NA_
5097Mastermind Data: Films & TVCommodore_NA_
5187Mastermind Data: General Knowledge 1Commodore_NA_
6332Mastermind Data: General Knowledge 2Commodore_NA_
5703Mastermind Data: General Knowledge 3Commodore_NA_
6333Mastermind Data: General Knowledge 4Commodore_NA_
5704Mastermind Data: MusicCommodore_NA_
5096Mastermind Data: Sport & GamesCommodore_NA_
5095Mastermind Data: Wine & FoodCommodore_NA_
3910Masters of the UniverseU.S. Gold (Americana)_NA_
3836Masters of the Universe: Arcade VersionU.S. Gold_NA_
4516Masters of the Universe: The MovieU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
4304Masters of the Universe: The MovieGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
209Match DayOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
1012Match Day IIOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
4276Match Day IIOcean Software Ltd._NA_
4012Match Day IIOcean Software Ltd._NA_
3823Match of the DayZeppelin Premier_NA_
208Match PointOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
4035Match PointOcean Software Ltd._NA_
4275Match PointOcean Software Ltd._NA_
1013Match PointOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
5371MatchboxWicked Software Ltd._NA_
6609Mathematics 'O' LevelCalisto_NA_
6000Mathematics 'O' LevelPaxman Promotions_NA_
4703Mathematics 1Commodore_NA_
5833Mathematics 2Commodore_NA_
6312Maths InvadersStell Software_NA_
6613Maths InvadersCorgi Software_NA_
4380Maths TutorChannel 8 Software Ltd._NA_
4481Max TorqueBubble Bus Software_NA_
3723Mayday Squad HeroesMicro Value_NA_
5979Mayhem in Monsterland: 15th Anniversary EditionPsytronik Software_NA_
3590Maze EaterCascade Games Ltd._NA_
913Maze ManiaBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
6491Maze ManiaErbe Software_NA_
4824Maze MasterHesWare_NA_
6309Mean CityQuicksilva Ltd._NA_
5019MediatorU.S. Gold (Americana)_NA_
3858Mega ApocalypseBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
6236Mega-ApocalypseAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
917Mega-ApocalypseBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
5093MegabasicInterface Publications Ltd._NA_
3504MegahawkBig G_NA_
1481MeganovaAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
6859Meine AdressenEuropa Computer-Club_NA_
5779Memo PadBubble Bus Software_NA_
5599Memory TrainerMcGraw-Hill_NA_
4864MenacePsygnosis (Sizzlers)_NA_
3999MercenaryU.S. Gold_NA_
4800Mercenary: Escape from TargNovagen Software Ltd._NA_
4348Mercenary: Escape from TargNovagen Software Ltd._NA_
6023MercsU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
1627MerlinAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
4140MerlinCreative Sparks (Sparklers)_NA_
5477MerlinCreative Sparks (Sparklers)_NA_
1529Mermaid MadnessFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
6688MetabolisGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
4913MetabolisGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
1399Metagalactic Llamas Battle at the Edge of TimeLlamasoft Software_NA_
4480MetamorphosisMogul Communications Ltd._NA_
6199MetaplexPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
1626MetranautAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
6418MetranautBubble Bus Software_NA_
281Metro BlitzPersonal Software Services_NA_
5951Metro CrossU.S. Gold_NA_
6239MetrocrossU.S. Gold_NA_
3964MetrocrossU.S. Gold_NA_
6701MetropolisErbe Software_NA_
5418Miami IceWicked Software Ltd._NA_
866Miami ViceOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
1369Miami ViceOcean Software Ltd._NA_
1516Micro BallAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
1140Micro BallAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
3870Micro OlympicsDatabase Publications_NA_
4127Micro RhythmFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
1153Micro Rhythm +Firebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
4628MicrocosmFirebird (Super Silver)_NA_
5806Microgo 1Edge Computers Ltd._NA_
5584microMultiplicationHayden Software_NA_
4148Midnight ResistanceOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
650MIG 29CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
4919Mig 29CodeMasters Ltd._NA_
4978MIG-29 Soviet FighterCodeMasters Ltd._NA_
851MiG-29 Soviet FighterCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
6578Mike GunnerDinamic Software_NA_
2728Mike Read's Computer Pop QuizElite Systems Ltd._NA_
4708Mike Read's Computer Pop QuizElite Systems Ltd. (Encore)_NA_
2692MikieOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
3853MikieImagine Software Ltd._NA_
188MikieOcean Software Ltd._NA_
163MikieImagine Software Ltd._NA_
4367Military CoupAddison-Wesley Software_NA_
2058Mind ControlAdvanced Computer Entertainment_NA_
5776Mind WarpEuro-Byte_NA_
3824MindfighterActivision, Inc._NA_
505MindshadowActivision, Inc._NA_
5396Miner 64Wicked Software Ltd._NA_
6639Mines of Lithiad, TheRiver Software_NA_
3573Mini OfficeAlternative Software (Summit)_NA_
4724Mini Office IIDatabase Software_NA_
4726Mini Office IIDatabase Software_NA_
4834Mini-GolfMagic Bytes_NA_
5877MinipedesAnirog Software_NA_
5542MinzSpotlight Software_NA_
1514MissileAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
6318MissileAlternative Software Ltd. (Again Again)_NA_
5647Missile CommandInterceptor Software_NA_
6671Mission ElevatorTopshots_NA_
4958Mission OmSpectresoft Ltd._NA_
3574Mission OmegaGrandslam Entertainments Ltd. (Bug Byte)_NA_
6635Mission OmegaMind Games_NA_
3885Mission OmegaVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
6755Mix-e-Load21st Century Entertaiment_NA_
5274Moby DickSoft & Easy_NA_
5824Money ManagerCommodore_NA_
4848Monkey MagicCreative Sparks (Sparklers)_NA_
4435Monkey MagicSolar Software Ltd._NA_
5482Monkey MagicSolar Software Ltd._NA_
4441Monkey MagicAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
5476MonopoleRabbit Software_NA_
3121MonopoleRabbit Software_NA_
4077MonopolyLeisure Genius_NA_
4454MonopolyLeisure Genius_NA_
6294MonopolyLeisure Genius_NA_
4740MonopolyVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
5545MonopolyLeisure Genius_NA_
6520MonopolyLeisure Genius_NA_
4839Monopoly DeluxeLeisure Genius_NA_
2753Monster Munch!Atlantis Software Ltd._NA_
5758Monster TriviaU.S. Gold_NA_
1194Monte Carlo CasinoCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
3589Montezuma's RevengeDatabyte_NA_
6204Monty On The RunU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
1253Monty on the RunU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
874Monty Python's Flying CircusVirgin Games Ltd. (Tronix)_NA_
5807Monty Python's Flying CircusVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
3946Moon Base AlphaRabbit Software_NA_
4679Moon BuggyAnirog Software_NA_
3669Moon BuggyAnirog Software_NA_
1056Moon BuggyAnirog Software_NA_
3778Moon BuggyComputer Records_NA_
1517Moon CrestaAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
1522Moon CrestaAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
1857Moon ShuttleU.S. Gold (Americana)_NA_
6278Moon ShuttleDatasoft Inc._NA_
5457MoonbaseWicked Software Ltd._NA_
5816Moonfall21st Century Entertaiment_NA_
313MoonsweeperPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
4284MoonwalkerU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
5128MoonwalkerU.S. Gold_NA_
3491Mordon's QuestMelbourne House Ltd._NA_
4338More Adventures of Big Mac the Mad Maintenance ManMastertronic Ltd. (199 Range)_NA_
3067MorphicleThe Power House_NA_
4697MothershipArtic Computing Ltd._NA_
1200Moto XCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
5957Motocross!System 3 Software Ltd._NA_
4562Motorcycle CrazyKerian Ltd._NA_
3609MotorwayCascade Games Ltd._NA_
1499Mountain BikeAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
4415Mountain Bike RacerPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
1635Mountain Bike RacerZeppelin Games Ltd. (Zeppelin 4x4)_NA_
4222Mouse TrapTynesoft (Micro Value)_NA_
2069Movie Monster, TheU.S. Gold_NA_
3450Mr DigMicrodeal Software_NA_
4143Mr MephistoBug-Byte_NA_
3469Mr SpeedyOmega_NA_
4710Mr T's Alphabet GamesEbury Software_NA_
4947Mr Weems and the She VampiresPiranha Software_NA_
2543Mr. Do!U.S. Gold_NA_
3688Mr. Frosty and the Killer PenguinsScorpio Gamesworld_NA_
6821Mr. GoWizardSoft_NA_
3871Mr. Robot and his Robot FactoryBeyond_NA_
3772Mr. WimpyComputer Records_NA_
3647Mr. WimpyOcean Software Ltd._NA_
4850Mr. WizSuperior Software Ltd._NA_
5585Multiplication IMcGraw-Hill_NA_
4990Multiplication IIMcGraw-Hill_NA_
3457Munch Man 64Solar Software Ltd._NA_
6775Munch ManiaMastertronic Ltd. (199 Range)_NA_
1632MuncherAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
6317MuncherAlternative Software Ltd. (Again Again)_NA_
6005MunchyBart Smit Software_NA_
1395Munsters, TheAlternative Software Ltd. (Again Again)_NA_
5821Munsters, TheAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
1413Munsters, TheAlternative Software (299 Range)_NA_
6839MurderRabbit Software_NA_
830MurderRabbit Software_NA_
5256Murder off MiamiCRL_NA_
6330Murder on the AtlanticInfogrames_NA_
5184Murder on the WaterfrontStep One Software_NA_
6547Murder on the ZinderneufAriolasoft Ltd._NA_
5170MurphyMogul Communications Ltd._NA_
5510Mushroom AlleyMogul Communications Ltd._NA_
4347Music 64Supersoft_NA_
6546Music Construction SetAriolasoft Ltd._NA_
6377Music MachineLongman Software_NA_
5727Music Maker Playalong Album: BeatlesCommodore_NA_
5728Music Maker Playalong Album: Popular ClassicsCommodore_NA_
5799Music MasterSupersoft_NA_
5899Music Studio, TheActivision, Inc._NA_
64Mutant MontyBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
1127Mutant MontyArtic Computing Ltd._NA_
2427Mutant MontyArtic Computing Ltd._NA_
4068Mychess IIBeyond_NA_
3502Mystery of Munroe ManorSevern Software_NA_
5767Mystery of the Indus ValleyAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
4784Myth: History in the MakingSystem 3 Software Ltd._NA_
4512N.O.M.A.DOcean Software Ltd._NA_
4858N.O.M.A.DOcean Software Ltd._NA_
5397Nail BoardWicked Software Ltd._NA_
6305NARCOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
4688Narco PoliceGBH_NA_
6106Narco PoliceDinamic Software_NA_
2768National, TheD & H Games_NA_
5636National, TheCult_NA_
279NATO CommanderU.S. Gold_NA_
5769NATO CommanderU.S. Gold_NA_
4936NavaroneRabbit Software_NA_
6110Navy MovesDinamic Software_NA_
4151Navy MovesOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
6702NebulusErbe Software_NA_
5297NebulusHewson Consultants Ltd._NA_
3664Necris DomeCodeMasters Ltd._NA_
1763NeighboursZeppelin Games Ltd._NA_
1468Neil AndroidAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
3857NemesisImagine Software Ltd._NA_
1539NemesisOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
5122Nemesis: Escape from EuboeaBritish Software_NA_
278NeoclypsPersonal Software Services_NA_
533Neptune's DaughtersEnglish Software Company_NA_
5301NetherworldHewson Consultants Ltd._NA_
1602Neutral ZoneU.S. Gold (Americana)_NA_
5121NeutralizorE&J Software_NA_
1787New York CityU.S. Gold (Americana)_NA_
3799Newzealand Story, TheOcean Software Ltd._NA_
4450NEXUSPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
6201NexusNexus Productions Ltd._NA_
311NexusPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
4401NexusPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
6511NexusPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
5219Nick Faldo Plays the OpenVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
557Nick Faldo Plays The OpenBug-Byte_NA_
4013Nick Faldo Plays the OpenOcean Software Ltd._NA_
5641Night BreedOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
5207Night Mission PinballSublogic_NA_
1228Night RaiderU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
6492NightdawnErbe Software_NA_
3611NimCascade Games Ltd._NA_
1384Nineteen Boot CampAlternative Software (Summit)_NA_
3747Ninja CommandoZeppelin Games Ltd. (Zeppelin 4x4)_NA_
646Ninja MassacreCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
4929Ninja MassacreCodeMasters Ltd._NA_
4205Ninja MasterFirebird (Silverbird)_NA_
2278Ninja MasterBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
5808Ninja RemixSystem 3 Software Ltd._NA_
736Ninja Scooter SimulatorPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
4423Ninja Scooter SimulatorPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
2512Ninja WarriorsVirgin Games Ltd. (Tronix)_NA_
5660Ninja WarriorsVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
4593Ninja Warriors, TheVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
2060NiteriderAdvanced Computer Entertainment_NA_
6726NiteriderHitech (Hitech Games Plus)_NA_
4840Nodes of YesodOdin Computer Graphics Ltd._NA_
5982Nomad of TimeAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
6816NonterraqueousMastertronic Ltd._NA_
4296NorthstarGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
1471Nosferatu the VampyreAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
4868Not a Penny More, Not a Penny LessDomark Ltd._NA_
4539Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less: The Computer GameDomark Ltd._NA_
3601Noughts and CrossesCascade Games Ltd._NA_
5374Noughts and CrossesWicked Software Ltd._NA_
5438Nuclear AttackWicked Software Ltd._NA_
3958Number BuilderCommodore_NA_
5755Number ChaserCommodore_NA_
3960Number PuzzlerCommodore_NA_
5242NumberfunGriffin Software_NA_
6353Nursery NightmareCable Software_NA_
6626NutcrakaSoftware Projects Ltd._NA_
4144O'Riley's MineU.S. Gold Ltd. (Datasoft Inc.)_NA_
906Ocean ConquerorBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
5036Office MateGemini Marketing Ltd._NA_
5642Official FA Cup 87 Football, TheVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
5059Oh No!Zzap!_NA_
5262Oil's WellAackosoft_NA_
1473OinkAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
4560Oink!Alternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
75OkinawaPersonal Software Services_NA_
4464OkinawaPersonal Software Services_NA_
3606Old BonesCascade Games Ltd._NA_
640Olli & Lissa 3CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
2280Ollie and LissaBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
1340Ollie's FolliesU.S. Gold (Americana)_NA_
2733Ollo (Missions I & II)Bug-Byte_NA_
1341Olympic SkierU.S. Gold (Americana)_NA_
2075Olympic SkierAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
1525Olympic SpectacularAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
5832Olympics 84Storm Software_NA_
1088On Court TennisFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
548On Field FootballFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
277On-Court TennisActivision, Inc._NA_
3815On-Field FootballActivision, Inc._NA_
732On-Field FootballActivision, Inc._NA_
5757One Bite Too DeepReelax Games_NA_
6115One Day CricketMelbourne House Ltd._NA_
4328One-on-OneAriolasoft Ltd._NA_
5797Open SesameSulis Software_NA_
5805Operation HormuzAlternative Software Ltd. (Again Again)_NA_
1394Operation HormuzAlternative Software Ltd. (Again Again)_NA_
1431Operation HormuzAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
5653Operation SwordfishBritish Software_NA_
3417Operation WhirlwindAriolasoft Ltd._NA_
3761Oracle's Cave, TheDorcas Software_NA_
6527Orange SquashMerlin Software_NA_
6788OrbitronMastertronic Ltd. (199 Range)_NA_
3608OrbitterCascade Games Ltd._NA_
5775Orc AttackMaynard International Ltd. (Top Ten)_NA_
6091Orc AttackCompulogical S.A._NA_
5483Orc AttackCreative Sparks_NA_
4318Orc AttackCreative Sparks (Sparklers)_NA_
908OrionBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
5875Orion QuestArgus Press Software_NA_
6361Orm and Cheep: Narrow SqueaksMacmillan Ltd._NA_
4932Orm and Cheep: The Birthday PartyMacmillan Ltd._NA_
6416Orpheus in the UnderworldPowerhouse Publishing Ltd._NA_
3523Orpheus in the UnderworldAlpha-Omega Software_NA_
4095Osprey!Bourne Educational Software Ltd._NA_
5399OthelloWicked Software Ltd._NA_
327OthelloPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
6392OthelloStack Computer Services Ltd._NA_
6610Out on a LimbAnirog Software_NA_
4683Out RunU.S. Gold_NA_
3808Out RunU.S. Gold_NA_
5244OutlawsMastertronic Ltd. (Ricochet)_NA_
382OutlawsUltimate Play the Game_NA_
6385Outrun EuropaU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
6499OverlanderMCM Software_NA_
3791OverlanderElite Systems Ltd._NA_
1103OverlanderElite Systems Ltd. (Encore)_NA_
3615OvertakeCascade Games Ltd._NA_
418P.C. FuzzAnirog Software_NA_
3953P.C. FuzzAnirog Software_NA_
2073Pac ManicAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
2545Pac-ManU.S. Gold_NA_
5444PaccieWicked Software Ltd._NA_
5462Pace Program, The_NA__NA_
2755PacmaniaMr. Chip Software_NA_
1730Pacos PeteU.S. Gold (Americana)_NA_
5763Paddington and the Disappearing InkCollins Software_NA_
3971Paddington and the Disappearing InkCollins Software_NA_
3972Paddington's Early VisitCollins Software_NA_
5762Paddington's Early VisitCollins Software_NA_
4312Paddington's Garden GameCollins Software_NA_
5761Paddington's Problem PictureCollins Software_NA_
5760Paddington's Shopping Mix-UpCollins Software_NA_
5191Paint BoxGolden Games Software_NA_
6808Paint PicKuma Computers Ltd._NA_
5499PaintboxAudiogenic Software Ltd._NA_
5423PainterWicked Software Ltd._NA_
5188Pandoras BoxMr. Micro_NA_
6588Panic 64Interceptor Software_NA_
6676Panic 64Interceptor Software_NA_
3690Panic 64Interceptor Software_NA_
5481Panic ExpressRed Rat Software Ltd._NA_
6341Panic ExpressByte Back_NA_
2023Panic PlanetAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
1688Panic PlanetAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
6584Panzer-JagdAvalon Hill Game Company_NA_
6579Panzers East!Avalon Hill Game Company_NA_
6096PaperboyZafiro Software Division (Zafi Chip)_NA_
3434Para AcademyZeppelin Games Ltd. (Zeppelin 4x4)_NA_
1636Para Assault CourseZeppelin Games Ltd._NA_
3635ParachuteCascade Games Ltd._NA_
374ParadroidHewson Consultants Ltd._NA_
715ParadroidBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
191ParallaxOcean Software Ltd._NA_
4859ParallaxOcean Software Ltd._NA_
3470ParasMC Lothlorien_NA_
5944ParatroopersRabbit Software_NA_
2294Park PatrolBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
1873Park PatrolFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
4777Parky and the Yellow SubmarineCheetahSoft_NA_
3976Pass Your Driving TestAudiogenic Software Ltd._NA_
6101Passengers of the WindInfogrames_NA_
6102Passengers of the Wind 2Infogrames_NA_
5318Pasta BlastaArcadia Software_NA_
5726Patrick Moore Astronomy Program, TheCommodore_NA_
6863Pay Off, TheBug-Byte_NA_
5205PCW Games CollectionCentury Software_NA_
5248PCW Games CollectionCentury Software_NA_
3845Pegasus BridgePersonal Software Services_NA_
5194Pegasus BridgeAlternative Software (Summit)_NA_
4873Penalty SoccerGamebusters_NA_
5428PengoWicked Software Ltd._NA_
5552PengonMicrodeal Software_NA_
2306Pepsi Challenge, TheU.S. Gold_NA_
2764PercyK'soft Ltd._NA_
984Percy the Potty PigeonGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
4912Percy the Potty PigeonGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
4606Perseus & AndromedaChannel 8 Software Ltd._NA_
5554Persian Gulf InfernoMagic Bytes_NA_
3957PetchAnirog Software_NA_
5639PetchAnirog Software_NA_
3813Peter Beardsley's International FootballGrandslam Entertainments Ltd. (Bug Byte Premier)_NA_
4941Peter Shilton's Handball MaradonaBug-Byte_NA_
6485Peter Shilton's Handball Maradona!Grandslam Entertainments Ltd._NA_
4571Pettigrew Chronicles, TheShards Software_NA_
177PhantomTynesoft (Micro Value)_NA_
6697Pharaoh's Curse, TheSynapse Software_NA_
6113Phase FourDigital Phantasia_NA_
3620PhaserCascade Games Ltd._NA_
4021Photon ReflectionCommodore_NA_
5830PhysicsLongman Software_NA_
4112Physics 'A' LevelCalisto_NA_
5999Physics 'O'/'A' LevelPaxman Promotions_NA_
6383Pi R SquaredGrandslam Entertainments Ltd. (Bug Byte)_NA_
6641Pictionary the Game of Quick Draw: The Computer EditionDomark Ltd._NA_
1021Pictionary: The Computer GameOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
6276Pigs in SpaceHitech (Hitech Games Plus)_NA_
6177Pigs in SpaceMastertronic Ltd. (199 Range)_NA_
4393Pilot 64Prism Leisure Corporation_NA_
6812Pilot 64Prism Leisure Corporation_NA_
3768Pilot 64Abbex Electronics_NA_
5964PinballCDS Software_NA_
3906PinballCDS Software_NA_
5364Pinball ArcadeWicked Software Ltd._NA_
1188Pinball SmulatorCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
4038Ping PongOcean Software Ltd._NA_
6062Ping PongErbe Software_NA_
3879Ping PongImagine Software Ltd._NA_
6795Ping PongErbe Software_NA_
166Ping PongImagine Software Ltd._NA_
5377Ping PongWicked Software Ltd._NA_
3851Ping PongImagine Software Ltd._NA_
3686Pink PantherMagic Bytes_NA_
6151Pink PantherMagic Bytes_NA_
6031Pipe Mania!!Touchdown_NA_
3896Pipeline IIMastertronic Ltd._NA_
273Pirate AdventureAdventure International_NA_
726Pirate AdventureU.S. Gold (Master Games)_NA_
6303Pirate BasePirate Software_NA_
5466Pirate IslandAndromeda Software_NA_
6706Pirates!U.S. Gold (Kixx XL)_NA_
6717Pit, TheHesWare_NA_
6012Pit-FighterOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
5034Pit-FighterOcean Software Ltd._NA_
4821Pit-FighterDomark Ltd._NA_
1090PitfallFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
415PitfallElectric Dreams Software_NA_
1092Pitfall IIFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
3977Pitman Typing Keyboard SkillsPitman Publishing Ltd._NA_
6351PitstopEPYX Inc._NA_
6528PitstopCBS Electronics Software_NA_
6088Pitstop IICompulogical S.A._NA_
6728Pitstop IId3m_NA_
6241Pitstop IIU.S. Gold_NA_
233Pitstop IIU.S. Gold_NA_
6301Pitstop IIECP_NA_
420Pixie PeteMerlin Software_NA_
5590Place ValueMcGraw-Hill_NA_
4771Planet AttackScorpio Gamesworld_NA_
2428Planet of DeathArtic Computing Ltd._NA_
3626PlanetsCascade Games Ltd._NA_
3594Plasma BoltCascade Games Ltd._NA_
1381PlatoonOcean Software Ltd._NA_
6411PlatoonErbe Software_NA_
1370PlatoonOcean Software Ltd._NA_
4286PlatoonOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
4501Play BBC MastermindCommodore_NA_
4024Play Your Cards RightBritannia Software Ltd._NA_
272Plumb Crazy!Terminal Software_NA_
4457Plumb Crazy!Terminal Software_NA_
6018Plumb Crazy!Terminal Software_NA_
1531Pneumatic HammersFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
6543PokieRoflow Computer Software Pty. Ltd._NA_
4907Polar PierreDatabyte_NA_
2544Pole PositionU.S. Gold_NA_
421Pole PositionU.S. Gold_NA_
3839Pole PositionU.S. Gold_NA_
6396Police CadetMidas Marketing_NA_
1189PoltergeistCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
850PoltergeistCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
4925PoltergeistCodeMasters Ltd._NA_
3603PontoonCascade Games Ltd._NA_
4519PoolswinnerSelec Software_NA_
3516PooyanDatasoft Inc._NA_
598PopeyeAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
4362PopeyeBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
4656Popeye 2Alternative Software Ltd._NA_
5793Popeye 2Alternative Software Ltd._NA_
1670Poseidon Planet ElevenHi TEC Software Ltd._NA_
6122Poster PasterBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
5777Poster PrinterBubble Bus Software_NA_
4653Postman PatAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
5850Postman Pat's Trail GameLongman Software_NA_
4436PottitRomik Software Ltd._NA_
5640PottitAlpine Computing Ltd._NA_
833Potty Painter in the JungleRabbit Software_NA_
5433Power PokerWicked Software Ltd._NA_
3697Power StrugglePersonal Software Services_NA_
4469Powerboat USA: Offshore Superboat RacingAccolade_NA_
4971Powerplay: The Game of the GodsArcana Software Design_NA_
6081PractiCalc 64Computer Software Associates_NA_
1379PredatorOcean Software Ltd._NA_
4995Prediction Birthday File, TheBlandford Press_NA_
1816Premier IIChallenge Software_NA_
458PresidentAddictive Games Ltd._NA_
4569Price of Magik, TheMandarin Software_NA_
6379Primary MathsChannel 8 Software Ltd._NA_
5414PrisonballWicked Software Ltd._NA_
6138Pro Mountain Bike SimulatorAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
1202Pro PowerboatCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
1205Pro Ski SimulatorCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
1206Pro Snooker SimulatorCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
4976Pro Tennis SimulatorCodeMasters Ltd._NA_
5655Pro Tennis TourOcean Software Ltd._NA_
4865Pro Tennis TourUbi Soft_NA_
5586Problem Solving IMcGraw-Hill_NA_
5331Problem Solving IIMcGraw-Hill_NA_
6074ProdigyPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
5771ProdigyFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
6363Professional BMX SimulatorCodeMasters Ltd. (Plus)_NA_
4604Project Stealth FighterU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
1624Project XAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
4935ProtectorRabbit Software_NA_
6724Psi 5 Trading Co.Aackosoft_NA_
4365Psi WarriorBeyond_NA_
59PSI WarriorBeyond_NA_
3599Psion AttackCascade Games Ltd._NA_
1352PsycastriaAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
4981PsychedeliaLlamasoft Software_NA_
6474Psycho SoldierErbe Software_NA_
417PsytronElectric Dreams Software_NA_
6124PsytronBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
1036Pub GamesPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
4579Pub QuestDream Software Ltd._NA_
1193Pub TriviaCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
6631Puffy's SagaUbi Soft_NA_
1827Puffy's SagaOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
6268Puk ManWizardSoft_NA_
5782PulseInterceptor Software_NA_
863Punch & JudyAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
6131Punch & JudyAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
4587Punctuation PeteHill MacGibbon_NA_
4271Punctuation PeteHill MacGibbon_NA_
5327Purple HeartCRL_NA_
3779Purple TurtlesComputer Records_NA_
5303PuzzlePanicEPYX Inc._NA_
4892PuzznicOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
601PyjamaramaVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
176PyjamaramaTynesoft (Micro Value)_NA_
6169PyramidMogul Communications Ltd._NA_
1388Pyramid, ThePrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
2061Pyramid, TheFantasy Software_NA_
941Pyramid, ThePaxman Promotions_NA_
5367QuadratoWicked Software Ltd._NA_
5803Quak AttakSoftek International Ltd._NA_
4956Quake Minus 1Monolith_NA_
4354Quake Minus OneBeyond_NA_
62Quake Minus OneBeyond_NA_
5783QuangoInterceptor Software_NA_
6510QuangoInterceptor Software_NA_
1128QuartetOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
5804QuasarKrypton Force_NA_
5802Quasar ZoneKrypton Force_NA_
422QuasimodoU.S. Gold_NA_
905QuedexBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
6650Quest for the Garden of EdenPhoenix Software Ltd._NA_
5254Quest for the Garden of EdenPhoenix Software Ltd._NA_
3702Quest for the Holy Grail, TheMastertronic Ltd. (199 Range)_NA_
3467Quest of Merravid, TheMartech_NA_
4680Questprobe Featuring Spider-ManAdventure International_NA_
5480Questprobe Featuring the HulkAdventure International_NA_
6008Questprobe Featuring the Human Torch and the ThingU.S. Gold (All American Adventures)_NA_
4964Questprobe Featuring the Human Torch and the ThingU.S. Gold (All American Adventures)_NA_
4272Quick Thinking!Mirrorsoft Ltd._NA_
4017Quill, TheGilsoft_NA_
5947QuizzerBubble Bus Software_NA_
340Quo VadisSoftek International Ltd. (The Edge)_NA_
5787R-NestAudiogenic Software Ltd._NA_
839R-TypeOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
4603R.B.I. Two BaseballOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
4385R.B.I. Two BaseballDomark Ltd._NA_
3373R.I.S.K.Softek International Ltd. (The Edge)_NA_
3464Rabbit PieIllusion Software Ltd._NA_
4089Racing Destruction SetAriolasoft Ltd._NA_
4875Racing Game, TheTanglewood Software_NA_
3596Radar LandingCascade Games Ltd._NA_
6644RafflesSoftek International Ltd. (The Edge)_NA_
4146RaidU.S. Gold (Americana)_NA_
4253RaidU.S. Gold_NA_
6786RaidU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
2749Raid on Bungeling BayU.S. Gold_NA_
5264Raid on Bungeling BayAackosoft_NA_
6046Rainbow IslandsErbe Software_NA_
4264Rainbow IslandsOcean Software Ltd._NA_
1494Rally DriverAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
1353Rally DriverAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
6149Rally DriverAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
4416Rally SimulatorPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
1634Rally SimulatorZeppelin Games Ltd._NA_
1159Rallycross SimulatorCodeMasters Ltd._NA_
1368Rambo: First Blood Part IIOcean Software Ltd._NA_
6059Rambo: First Blood Part IIErbe Software_NA_
3804Rambo: First Blood Part IIOcean Software Ltd._NA_
423Rambo: First Blood Part IIOcean Software Ltd._NA_
156Rambo: First Blood Part IIOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
4791Rana RamaGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
196Rana-RamaHewson Consultants Ltd._NA_
5298RanaramaHewson Consultants Ltd._NA_
3898Rapid FireMastertronic Ltd._NA_
69RaskelBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
2279RasputinBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
5229RastanErbe Software_NA_
370RasterscanMastertronic Ltd._NA_
5998Rat, ThePersonal Software Services_NA_
3521Rat, TheWildest Dreams_NA_
3633RatsCascade Games Ltd._NA_
3506Rats, TheHodder and Stoughton Software_NA_
6621RatsplatPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
2078Real Ghostbusters, TheOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
6150Real Stunt Experts, TheAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
3847Real You?, The_NA__NA_
3571Realm of ImpossibilityAriolasoft Ltd._NA_
2269Rebel PlanetU.S. Gold_NA_
4796RebounderGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
2756Red AlertMr. Chip Software_NA_
6146Red ArrowsAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
1354Red ArrowsAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
2088Red ArrowsAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
424Red ArrowsDatabase Software_NA_
1014Red HeatOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
425Red MoonLevel 9 Computing_NA_
4568Red MoonMandarin Software_NA_
6851RedrunnerPsytronik Software_NA_
887RenaissanceAudiogenic Software Ltd._NA_
2080Renaissance OthelloAudiogenic Software Ltd._NA_
6066RenegadeErbe Software_NA_
2077Renegade III: The Final ChapterOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
6056Renegade III: The Final ChapterErbe Software_NA_
5249Repton 3Superior Software Ltd._NA_
5349Rescue 17Radarsoft_NA_
200Rescue on Fractalus!Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
4909Return of the Space WarriorAlpha-Omega Software_NA_
4775Return To EdenLevel 9 Computing_NA_
6709Return to EdenRainbird_NA_
6753Revenge of the Mutant Camels II demo21st Century Entertaiment_NA_
5172Rhythm KingSupersoft_NA_
6522Richard Petty's TalladegaAudiogenic Software Ltd._NA_
5845Rick DangerousFirebird_NA_
3982Rick DangerousU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
4583Rick Dangerous 2Microstyle_NA_
5557Rick Dangerous 2U.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
2282RicochetBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
4048Riddle of the SphinxLongman Software_NA_
1501Rik the RoadieAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
3775Ring of PowerComputer Records_NA_
2328Ring of PowerQuicksilva Ltd._NA_
5216Riot's RevengeMonolith_NA_
3416RISK: The World Conquest GameVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
1077River RaidFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
4320River RescueCreative Sparks (Sparklers)_NA_
5547River RescueAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
1477River RescueAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
4261River RescueCreative Sparks_NA_
1937River RescueAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
3720Road BlastersU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
6084Road BlastersErbe Software_NA_
4685Road BlastersU.S. Gold_NA_
1908Road RollerKnight Software_NA_
5204Road RollerKnight Software_NA_
3962Road RunnerU.S. Gold_NA_
4249Road RunnerU.S. Gold_NA_
5021Road ToadAudiogenic Software Ltd._NA_
4509Road WarriorCRL_NA_
4944Robin of Sherwood: The Touchstones of RhiannonAdventure International_NA_
4113Robin of the WoodOdin Computer Graphics Ltd._NA_
4483Robin Smith's International CricketChallenge Software_NA_
4374Robin to the RescueSolar Software Ltd._NA_
3456RoboboltAlpha-Omega Software_NA_
954RobocopOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
4737RobocopOcean Software Ltd._NA_
6045RobocopErbe Software_NA_
4508RobocopOcean Software Ltd._NA_
5791RobotsLaing Marketing Ltd._NA_
936Rock & WrestleFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
4402Rock & WrestlePrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
1160Rock Star Ate my HamsterCodeMasters Ltd._NA_
6076Rock'n LuchaErbe Software_NA_
687Rock'N WrestleMelbourne House Ltd._NA_
1617Rock'N WrestleFirebird (Silverbird)_NA_
4206Rock-n-WrestleFirebird (Silverbird)_NA_
4888Rocket BallIJK Software Ltd._NA_
3625Rocket LaunchCascade Games Ltd._NA_
22Rocket RogerBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
4826Rocket RogerBudgie_NA_
4406Rocket RogerAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
5370RockyWicked Software Ltd._NA_
1469Rocky Horror Show, TheAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
469Rocky Horror Show, TheAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
6564Rogue TrooperPiranha Software_NA_
1355Rogue TrooperAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
4997Rolf Harris' Picture BuilderCommodore_NA_
5192RollerboardPirate Software_NA_
3806Rolling ThunderU.S. Gold_NA_
474Rolling ThunderU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
6287RollovertureSunrise Software Inc._NA_
3825Romper RoomBeyond_NA_
3066RoomlordParamount Software_NA_
4823Rootin' Tootin'HesWare_NA_
4805Rootin' Tootin'HesWare_NA_
329RoundaboutPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
5401Row BoatWicked Software Ltd._NA_
6038RoxLlamasoft Software_NA_
5786RTC Crewe_NA__NA_
1526Rugby BossAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
6139Rugby BossAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
1619Rugby BossAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
698Rugby SimulatorCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
928Run for GoldAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
1493Run for GoldAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
6148Run for GoldAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
5656Run the GauntletOcean Software Ltd._NA_
5690Running Man, TheDomark Ltd._NA_
4181Running Man, TheUnique_NA_
6338Running Man, TheMCM Software_NA_
1054Rupert and the Toymaker's PartyQuicksilva Ltd._NA_
1232RygarU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
679S*M*A*S*H*E*D: Strangest Mobile Army Surgical Hospital East of DetroitAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
6227S.M.A.S.H.E.DAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
4265S.T.U.N. RunnerDomark Ltd._NA_
3437SabotageZeppelin Games Ltd. (Zeppelin 4x4)_NA_
6470SabotageZeppelin Games Ltd._NA_
267SaboteurCable Software_NA_
4554Saboteur IIElite Systems Ltd. (Encore)_NA_
4487Saboteur IIHit-Pak_NA_
4755Saboteur IIDurell Software_NA_
3993Saboteur!Elite Systems Ltd._NA_
3515Saboteur!Durell Software_NA_
5997Saboteur!Erbe Software_NA_
4575Saboteur!Durell Software_NA_
3708Saboteur!Elite Systems Ltd. (Encore)_NA_
4220Sabre WulfFirebird_NA_
2707Sacred Armour of Antiriad, TheHi TEC Software Ltd._NA_
4514Sacred Armour of Antiriad, ThePalace Software Ltd._NA_
30Sacred Armour of Antiriad, TheHit-Pak_NA_
4191Saga of Erik the Viking, TheMosaic Publishing_NA_
6049SalamanderErbe Software_NA_
952SalamanderOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
2533SalvageLivewire Software Ltd._NA_
4145Sam's JamAbrasco Ltd._NA_
985Samantha Fox Strip PokerAlternative Software Ltd. (React Software)_NA_
429Samantha Fox Strip PokerSoftware Communications (Martech)_NA_
4707Samurai TrilogyU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
6733Samurai WarriorMCM Software_NA_
6562Santa Game, TheLaing Marketing Ltd._NA_
5531Santa's Grotty ChristmasBad Taste Software_NA_
898SanxionBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
4122SanxionHewson Consultants Ltd. (Rack-it)_NA_
3715SaracenU.S. Gold (Americana)_NA_
6054Sargon IIHayden Software_NA_
4920SAS CombatCodeMasters Ltd._NA_
649SAS CombatCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
645SAS Combat SimulatorCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
6107SatanDinamic Software_NA_
4588SatanDinamic Software_NA_
4751Saucer AttackAriolasoft Ltd._NA_
5159Savage Island part 1Tynesoft_NA_
6437Savage Island TwoTynesoft_NA_
5158Savage PondArgus Press Software_NA_
4765Savage PondStarcade_NA_
4020Save Me Brave KnightCommodore_NA_
5383Save Your TeethWicked Software Ltd._NA_
4088ScalextricLeisure Genius_NA_
4723Scaope 64: The Games DesignerISP_NA_
6599ScapeghostLevel 9 Computing_NA_
170ScarabaeusBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
5860Scarper!MC Lothlorien_NA_
6336Schatz SucheEuropa Computer-Club_NA_
5253Schiphol LuchtverkeersleiderHewson Consultants Ltd._NA_
4908SchizofreniaQuicksilva Ltd._NA_
24Scooby DooHit-Pak_NA_
3991Scooby-DooElite Systems Ltd._NA_
4746ScoutMastertronic Ltd._NA_
6295ScrabbleLeisure Genius_NA_
4455ScrabbleLeisure Genius_NA_
2093Scramble 64Interceptor Software_NA_
6649Scramble 64Interceptor Software_NA_
6025Scramble 64Interceptor Software_NA_
4599Scramble SpiritsUnique_NA_
6758ScreenplayMacmillan Ltd._NA_
1948Scrolls of Abadon, TheU.S. Gold (Americana)_NA_
3712SDIOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
3513SDIOcean Software Ltd._NA_
5493Sea DragonAdventure International_NA_
5451Sea SearchWicked Software Ltd._NA_
4552Sea WolfeMogul Communications Ltd._NA_
4404Seabase DeltaPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
1097Seabase DeltaFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
4672Search for King Solomon's Mines, TheSevern Software_NA_
4761Seas of BloodAdventure International_NA_
187Second City, TheNovagen Software Ltd._NA_
431Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4, TheMosaic Publishing_NA_
4230Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, TheAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
432Secret MissionAdventure International_NA_
6692Secret of KandarAlpha-Omega Software_NA_
4841Secret of KandarThe Power House_NA_
5652Secret of St. Brides, TheSt. Bride's_NA_
6053Security AlertFirst Star Software Inc._NA_
4845See-SawQuicksilva Ltd._NA_
5537Seek & Destroy!Stack Computer Services Ltd._NA_
6856SeeschlachtEuropa Computer-Club_NA_
1342SentinelU.S. Gold (Americana)_NA_
4621SentinelU.S. Gold_NA_
6698SentinelSynapse Software_NA_
6004SerpentineBart Smit Software_NA_
6116Sesame Street Crayon, The: Letters for YouMerit Software_NA_
5505Sesame Street Crayon, The: Numbers CountMerit Software_NA_
5591Set TheoryMcGraw-Hill_NA_
5390SevensWicked Software Ltd._NA_
4006ShackledU.S. Gold_NA_
4870ShadesDurell Software_NA_
5867Shadow DancerU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
5487Shadow SkimmerThe Micro Selection_NA_
4294Shadow WarriorsOcean Software Ltd._NA_
4152Shadow WarriorsOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
1537Shadows of MordorBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
4709Shakespeare MacbethPenguin_NA_
1343ShamusU.S. Gold (Americana)_NA_
5714ShamusSynapse Software_NA_
5715Shamus Case IISynapse Software_NA_
1442ShanghaiAlternative Software (Summit)_NA_
3856Shao-Lin's RoadImagine Software Ltd._NA_
4532Shao-Lin's RoadOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
6737Shao-Lin's RoadErbe Software_NA_
5268She VampiresAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
1470She VampiresAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
1400Sheep in SpaceLlamasoft Software_NA_
412Sheep in SpaceElectric Dreams Software_NA_
4046SherlockMelbourne House Ltd._NA_
6304ShinobiVirgin Games Ltd. (Tronix)_NA_
5659ShinobiVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
6100ShinobiDro Soft_NA_
6334Shockway RiderHewson Consultants Ltd. (Rack-it)_NA_
5970Shoot-'Em-Up Construction KitGBH_NA_
5424Shooting GaleryWicked Software Ltd._NA_
6047Short CircuitErbe Software_NA_
615Short CircuitOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
6389ShufflerStack Computer Services Ltd._NA_
6473Side ArmsErbe Software_NA_
1444Side ArmsU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
4488Sigma 7Hit-Pak_NA_
5991Sigma 7Elite Systems Ltd. (Encore)_NA_
3410Sigma 7Durell Software_NA_
4758Sigma 7Durell Software_NA_
149Silent ServiceU.S. Gold_NA_
2431Silicon WarriorEurogold_NA_
6307SilkwormVirgin Games Ltd. (Tronix)_NA_
6387SimonStack Computer Services Ltd._NA_
5869Simpsons, The: Bart Vs. The Space MutantsOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
2736Siren CityInterceptor Software_NA_
3616Sitting TargetCascade Games Ltd._NA_
1997Skate CrazyU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
2757Skate RockBubble Bus Software_NA_
4283Skate WarsUbi Soft_NA_
1004Skate WarsOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
6633Skate WarsUbi Soft_NA_
695Skateboard SimulatorCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
5863Skegpool Rock: Operation AnnihilationMaynard International Ltd. (Top Ten)_NA_
3604Ski JumpCascade Games Ltd._NA_
6817Ski RunBoom Software_NA_
5885Ski WriterMastertronic Ltd._NA_
4876Ski-er 64Abacus Software_NA_
5587Skill TesterMcGraw-Hill_NA_
1484Skool DazeAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
532Skool DazeAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
3787Skool DazeElite Systems Ltd. (299 Classics)_NA_
4360SkooldazeBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
4950Skooldaze 64Microsphere Computer Services Ltd._NA_
6516SkrambleAnirog Software_NA_
3776SkrambleComputer Records_NA_
2332SkrambleAnirog Software_NA_
3091SkullGames Machine Ltd._NA_
560Skull & CrossbonesOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
4051Skull IslandStep One Software_NA_
1197Sky High StuntmanCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
4915Sky High StuntmanCodeMasters Ltd._NA_
627Sky RunnerSoftek International Ltd. (199 Selection)_NA_
6642Sky TerrorQuelleSoft_NA_
433Skyline AttackCentury Software_NA_
6422Skyline AttackCentury Software_NA_
5437SlalomWicked Software Ltd._NA_
316SlalomPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
1733Slam BallU.S. Gold (Americana)_NA_
6490Slap FightErbe Software_NA_
4153Slap FightOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
3535Slicker Puzzle, TheDk'Tronics Ltd._NA_
2315Slimey's MineFirebird (Silverbird)_NA_
4678SlinkyU.S. Gold_NA_
5018SlinkyAudiogenic Software Ltd._NA_
1500SlugAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
3785SlurpyMaynard International Ltd. (Top Ten)_NA_
1044SlurpyCreative Sparks_NA_
6340SlurpyCompulogical S.A._NA_
2344SlurpyCreative Sparks (Sparklers)_NA_
4289SlurpyCreative Sparks_NA_
4317SlurpyCreative Sparks (Sparklers)_NA_
5702Sly Spy Secret AgentOcean Software Ltd._NA_
1022Smash T.V.Ocean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
3617Smash the WindowsCascade Games Ltd._NA_
4538SnaffleLongman Software_NA_
5177Snake PitPostern_NA_
6250Snake PitPostern_NA_
330SnakesPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
904SnareBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
1457SnodgitsAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
1503SnodgitsAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
5332SnodgitsCreative Sparks (Sparklers)_NA_
4371SnokieU.S. Gold_NA_
6615SnookerCorgi Software_NA_
4037SnookerOcean Software Ltd._NA_
6419SnookerVisions (Software Factory) Ltd._NA_
67SnookerBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
4280SnookerOcean Software Ltd._NA_
1669Snooker ManagementCult_NA_
5402Snow CarWicked Software Ltd._NA_
504Snow Queen, TheMosaic Publishing_NA_
4957SnowballLevel 9 Computing_NA_
5185Snowball: The AdventureLevel 9 Computing_NA_
5984Snowman, TheQuicksilva Ltd._NA_
6132Soccer BossAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
1492Soccer BossAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
1621Soccer ChallengeAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
6133Soccer ChallengeAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
5478Software HouseCult_NA_
5651Software StarAddictive Games Ltd._NA_
16Soldier of FortuneEnglish Software Company_NA_
3520Soldier of LightSoftek International Ltd. (RAD)_NA_
1118Soldier OneAmerican Action AB_NA_
816Solo FlightMicroprose Software Ltd._NA_
1360Solo FlightU.S. Gold_NA_
6769Solomon's KeyU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
6125Son of BlaggerBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
7Son of BlaggerAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
4589Sonic BoomActivision UK Ltd._NA_
4654Sooty & SweepAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
4291Sorcerer LordPersonal Software Services_NA_
3872Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle, TheAdventure International_NA_
4557Sorcerer's Apprentice, ThePhoenix Software Ltd._NA_
5220SorceryVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
5255Souls of DarkonTaskset Ltd._NA_
4158Souls of DarkonBug-Byte_NA_
5109Sound Studio Synthesizer & Home Recording StudioCommodore_NA_
4807Space AcePlayers (Players Premier)_NA_
5161Space Ace 2101Ozi Soft_NA_
5430Space CrazeWicked Software Ltd._NA_
315Space GalleryPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
6011Space GunOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
6097Space HarrierZafiro Software Division (Zafi Chip)_NA_
6548Space HarrierECP_NA_
3790Space HarrierElite Systems Ltd._NA_
4620Space Harrier IIUnique_NA_
4643Space Harrier IIGrandslam Entertainments Ltd._NA_
5453Space HitWicked Software Ltd._NA_
6515Space InvasionElite Systems Ltd._NA_
3592Space MissionCascade Games Ltd._NA_
3668Space PilotAnirog Software_NA_
5812Space PilotKingsoft_NA_
5579Space PilotAnirog Software_NA_
1055Space Pilot 2Anirog Software_NA_
6360Space Pilot 2Anirog Software_NA_
416Space Pilot 2Electric Dreams Software_NA_
4969Space PirateOmega_NA_
286Space RaceTerminal Software_NA_
2763Space ReliefMaynard International Ltd. (Top Ten)_NA_
3631Space SearchCascade Games Ltd._NA_
3618Space ShipCascade Games Ltd._NA_
6526Space Shuttle SimulatorU.S. Gold (Americana)_NA_
3961Space Shuttle: A Journey into SpaceActivision, Inc._NA_
1467Space TrooperAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
1576Space TunnelCreative Sparks (Sparklers)_NA_
808Space WarriorThe Power House_NA_
3745Spaghetti WesternZeppelin Games Ltd. (Zeppelin 4x4)_NA_
5092Spanish Tutor, TheKosmos Software_NA_
4022Spatial BilliardsCommodore_NA_
3481Special AgentFive Ways Software Ltd._NA_
292Special DeliveryCreative Sparks_NA_
6845Spectrum SimulatorWhitby Computers Ltd._NA_
6030Speech!Superior Software Ltd._NA_
6344Speedboat RaceEurogold_NA_
4994SpelloonAudiogenic Software Ltd._NA_
2750SpelunkerU.S. Gold_NA_
3725SpelunkerAriolasoft Ltd._NA_
4176Spider and the FlyInterceptor Software_NA_
3978SpidermanU.S. Gold (Americana)_NA_
3874Spike's PeakHesWare_NA_
1089Spiky HaroldFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
1474Spin DizzyAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
167SpindizzyBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
872SpitfireElite Systems Ltd. (Encore)_NA_
1417Spitfire '40'Alternative Software (299 Range)_NA_
6313Spitfire '40'Alternative Software Ltd. (Again Again)_NA_
4044Spitfire 40Mirrorsoft Ltd._NA_
436Spitfire AceU.S. Gold_NA_
971Spitting Image: The Computer GameOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
1812SplatAlternative Software (Summit)_NA_
6235SplatAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
5871SplatAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
27Split PersonalitiesHit-Pak_NA_
4126Split PersonalitiesGrandslam Entertainments Ltd. (Bug Byte)_NA_
901Split PersonalitiesBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
3860Split PersonalitiesBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
4867Split PersonalitiesDomark Ltd._NA_
471Spooky CastleAtlantis Software Ltd._NA_
6326Sporting TrianglesCDS Software_NA_
4257Sprite MachineAnirog Software_NA_
6640Sprite Maker 64English Software Company_NA_
2094Sprite ManInterceptor Software_NA_
6345Sprite ManInterceptor Software_NA_
4161Spritemaker 64English Software Company_NA_
5372Spy AttackWicked Software Ltd._NA_
31Spy HunterU.S. Gold_NA_
1443Spy HunterU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
4686Spy HunterU.S. Gold_NA_
4248Spy HunterU.S. Gold_NA_
4225Spy SchoolK'soft Ltd._NA_
2456Spy Strikes Back, TheElectric Dreams Software_NA_
1668Spy vs SpyHi TEC Software Ltd._NA_
3826Spy vs SpyBeyond_NA_
6555Spy vs SpyOzi Soft_NA_
2316Spy vs Spy II: The Island CaperHi TEC Software Ltd._NA_
963Spy vs Spy III: Arctic AnticsHi TEC Software Ltd._NA_
6602Spy vs Spy: Arctic AnticsDatabyte_NA_
5683Spy vs Spy: Arctic AnticsFirst Star Software Inc._NA_
4906Spy vs Spy: Arctic AnticsWorld Wide Software_NA_
3827Spy vs Spy: The Island CaperBeyond_NA_
6364Spy vs Spy: The Island CaperDatabyte_NA_
6013Spy Who Loved Me, TheOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
5954Spy Who Loved Me, TheDomark Ltd._NA_
2455Spy's DemiseElectric Dreams Software_NA_
4159Spy-Trek AdventureU.S. Gold (Americana)_NA_
184SpyhunterU.S. Gold_NA_
803Sqij!The Power House_NA_
5394SquashWicked Software Ltd._NA_
318SquashPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
6114Squash a FrogAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
5445SS PanzerWicked Software Ltd._NA_
6103ST DragonDro Soft_NA_
760Staff of KarnathU.S. Gold (Master Games)_NA_
203Staff of Karnath, TheOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
3689Stainless Steel Rat Saves the World, TheAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
3453StairwaysThor Software_NA_
4934Stalag 1Rabbit Software_NA_
3781Star Base DefenceComputer Records_NA_
6594Star BattleTimeworks Inc._NA_
5495Star CommandSupersoft_NA_
6589Star CommandoTerminal Software_NA_
2726Star CommandoTerminal Software_NA_
5577Star CrashSupersoft_NA_
5416Star DragonWicked Software Ltd._NA_
6787Star EggsMirrorsoft Ltd._NA_
5178Star ForceInterdisc_NA_
734Star League BaseballActivision, Inc._NA_
861Star PawsAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
4626Star PawsAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
784Star PawsSoftware Projects Ltd._NA_
1518Star Raider IIAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
1361Star Raiders II: The Great Galactic Adventure ContinuesElectric Dreams Software_NA_
4269Star SeekerMirrorsoft Ltd._NA_
6402Star SoldierBug-Byte_NA_
3881Star TraderBug-Byte_NA_
1802Star TreckAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
5509Star TrekInterceptor Software_NA_
4459Star TrekInterceptor Software_NA_
5257Star TrekCommodore_NA_
1016Star WarsOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
5691Star WarsDomark Ltd._NA_
1023Star Wars: The Empire Strikes BackOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
6229Star WreckAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
2089Star WreckAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
6442StarballThe Micro Selection_NA_
4427StarfireEPYX Inc._NA_
4268StarionGuild Publishing London_NA_
5360Starlight ZoneWicked Software Ltd._NA_
161StarquakeGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
6200StarRayPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
5026Start Programming with Gortek and the MicrochipsCommodore_NA_
5844Starter Word SplitsSulis Software_NA_
6632StartrashRainbow Arts_NA_
3595StartrekCascade Games Ltd._NA_
3648StealthAriolasoft Ltd._NA_
2751StealthU.S. Gold_NA_
5828Steel ThunderAccolade_NA_
3925SteigarAlternative Software (Summit)_NA_
5464Stellar TriumphRomik Software Ltd._NA_
3699Stellar WarsCommodore_NA_
4180Steve Davis SnookerCDS Software_NA_
6694Steve Davis SnookerZafiro Software Division (Z Cobra)_NA_
5963Steve Davis SnookerCDS Software_NA_
4016Steve Davis SnookerOcean Software Ltd._NA_
567Steve Davis SnookerBlue Ribbon Software Ltd._NA_
6331Stifflip & Co.U.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
4355Stir Crazy Featuring BoboInfogrames_NA_
2333Stock CarMicro Power Ltd._NA_
5731Stock ControlGemini Marketing Ltd._NA_
5645StockadeWordlight Ltd._NA_
4884StockmarketASP Software_NA_
5352Stomp GroundK-Tel Software Inc._NA_
3691Stop the ExpressCommodore_NA_
2003Storm WarriorElite Systems Ltd. (Encore)_NA_
5789Story HouseCreative Sparks_NA_
5485StrandedEnglish Software Company_NA_
728Strange OdysseyU.S. Gold (Master Games)_NA_
600StrangeloopVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
3899Street BeatMastertronic Ltd._NA_
927Street Cred BoxingPlayers (Players Premier)_NA_
6420Street FighterU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
6086Street FighterErbe Software_NA_
1240Street FighterU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
6041Street FighterU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
6373Street FighterErbe Software_NA_
1235Street Fighter IIU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
6598Street Sports American FootballU.S. Gold_NA_
3797Street Sports BasketballU.S. Gold_NA_
6472Street Sports BasketballErbe Software_NA_
4563Street Sports SoccerU.S. Gold_NA_
5469Streets of LondonSupersoft_NA_
6552Strider 2Erbe Software_NA_
3979Strider IIU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
5686Strider IIDomark Ltd._NA_
1628Strike ForceAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
1133Strike ForceBubble Bus Software_NA_
6140Strike Force CobraAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
717Strike Force CobraBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
550Strike Force CobraAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
837Strike Force HarrierAlternative Software (299 Range)_NA_
3448Strike Force HarrierBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
6314Strike Force HarrierAlternative Software Ltd. (Again Again)_NA_
4768StringerAddictive Games Ltd._NA_
4592Strip PokerBlue Ribbon Software Ltd._NA_
1563Strip PokerU.S. Gold_NA_
677Strip Poker IIByte Back_NA_
4801Strip Poker II PlusAnco Software Ltd._NA_
6624Strontium Dog and the Death GauntletQuicksilva Ltd._NA_
4075Stunt Bike SimulatorPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
768Stunt Car RacerU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
1497Stunt ExpertsAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
5441SubmarineWicked Software Ltd._NA_
3624SubmarinesCascade Games Ltd._NA_
6695SubterraneaPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
6593Success with MathCBS Electronics Software_NA_
5017Successful SlimmingLongman Software_NA_
4911Suicide ExpressGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
3411Suicide StrikeSystem 3 Software Ltd._NA_
6648Summer GamesRush Ware_NA_
1236Summer GamesU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
4546Summer GamesU.S. Gold_NA_
232Summer GamesU.S. Gold_NA_
4203Summer GamesQuicksilva Ltd._NA_
6299Summer GamesECP_NA_
210Summer GamesU.S. Gold_NA_
5971Summer Gamesd3m_NA_
211Summer Games IIU.S. Gold_NA_
6272Summer Games IIRush Ware_NA_
4547Summer Games IIU.S. Gold_NA_
212Summer Games IIU.S. Gold_NA_
3724Summer OlympiadMicro Value_NA_
5719Summer OlympiadTynesoft_NA_
4843Supa Catcha TroopaAbrasco Ltd._NA_
6078SupabasicInterceptor Software_NA_
4828Super BasicCentury Software_NA_
3115Super BlitzCommodore_NA_
4007Super BowlOcean Software Ltd._NA_
5862Super BreakerClark Kent Software_NA_
5864Super Can, TheMaxx Productions_NA_
5291Super CarsGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
2761Super CarsGBH_NA_
5100Super Cassette 'A'Melbourne House Ltd._NA_
4764Super CoptorMondatta Ltd._NA_
3833Super CycleU.S. Gold_NA_
6240Super cycleU.S. Gold_NA_
6183Super CycleErbe Software_NA_
4243Super CycleU.S. Gold_NA_
6794Super CycleRush Ware_NA_
1233Super CycleU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
2055Super DogfightTerminal Software_NA_
6173Super Dragon SlayerCodeMasters Ltd._NA_
6347Super Draughts_NA__NA_
4928Super G-ManCodeMasters Ltd._NA_
1201Super G-ManCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
4187Super GranTynesoft_NA_
6447Super Gran the AdventureTynesoft_NA_
6502Super GridderTerminal Software_NA_
3944Super Hang-OnElectric Dreams Software_NA_
4011Super Hang-OnOcean Software Ltd._NA_
1210Super HeroCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
4921Super HeroCodeMasters Ltd._NA_
4345Super HueyAudiogenic Software Ltd._NA_
3837Super Huey IIU.S. Gold_NA_
2164Super Huey IIU.S. Gold_NA_
6670Super LeagueTopshots_NA_
4808Super League SoccerEnergize_NA_
5393Super PinballWicked Software Ltd._NA_
6126Super pipelineBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
63Super Pipeline 2Beau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
1072Super RiderFirebird_NA_
4924Super Robin HoodCodeMasters Ltd._NA_
979Super Robin HoodCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
3451Super ScoopMicro Mart Software_NA_
1239Super Scramble SimulatorU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
6675Super SkiEDOS_NA_
4102Super SkiInfogrames_NA_
1623Super Snake SimulatorAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
4040Super SoccerOcean Software Ltd._NA_
4967Super SoccerOcean Software Ltd._NA_
4482Super Space InvadersOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
4822Super Space InvadersDomark Ltd._NA_
3942Super SprintElectric Dreams Software_NA_
2724Super SpyRichard Shepherd Software_NA_
4652Super Star SoccerU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
1208Super StuntmanCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
1209Super TankCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
4658Super TedAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
5507Super TrekMogul Communications Ltd._NA_
6034Super ZaxxonU.S. Gold (Master Games)_NA_
6855Super-GartnerEuropa Computer-Club_NA_
2318SupercudaRabbit Software_NA_
6120Superfile 64Tynesoft_NA_
5314Superfont 4.0English Software Company_NA_
6707Superleague SoccerImpressions_NA_
6804Superman: The GameU.S. Gold_NA_
4700Superman: The GamePrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
5263Superman: The GameAackosoft_NA_
5452SupermazeWicked Software Ltd._NA_
4384Superski ChallengePlayers (Players Premier)_NA_
4716SupersportsGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
4534SupersportsU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
4585SupremacyVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
6280SurfchampNew Concepts Ltd._NA_
2432Sword of FargoalEurogold_NA_
2905Sydney Affair, TheInfogrames_NA_
3734SyntaxPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
5966SyntaxCDS Software_NA_
1383System 15000AVS_NA_
4725System 15000 (2nd Edition)AVS_NA_
4671System 8Blue Ribbon Software Ltd._NA_
5513System 8: Pools ForecasterHome Entertainment Ltd._NA_
6530T.G.I.F.Avalon Hill Game Company_NA_
2741Table FootballBudgie_NA_
5883TablesumsGriffin Software_NA_
6395Tales of Arabian NightsInterceptor Software_NA_
6121Tales of the Arabian NightsBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
5206Tales of the Arabian NightsInterceptor Software_NA_
3730Tales of the CatBudgie_NA_
5838Tales of the CatAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
1938TalladegaTop Ten Games_NA_
6792TalladegaAudiogenic Software Ltd._NA_
3716TalladegaU.S. Gold (Americana)_NA_
409TalladegaElectric Dreams Software_NA_
180TalladegaU.S. Gold_NA_
1605TangentMicro Selection Plus_NA_
5258TankOcean Software Ltd._NA_
3634TankerCascade Games Ltd._NA_
32TapperU.S. Gold_NA_
183TapperU.S. Gold_NA_
1382Target RenegadeOcean Software Ltd._NA_
6734Target RenegadeErbe Software_NA_
1472TarzanAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
5492TarzanAlternative Software Ltd. (React Software)_NA_
1689TaskmasterCreative Sparks (Sparklers)_NA_
5130Tasword 64Tasman Software Ltd._NA_
3446Tau CetiBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
2291Tau-CetiBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
5181Tax ManMondatta Ltd._NA_
501TazzBubble Bus Software_NA_
1454TazzAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
5901TazzBubble Bus Software_NA_
1243Techno CopU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
4645Teenage Mutant Hero TurtlesElite Systems Ltd._NA_
4343Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles The Coin-Op!Imageworks Ltd._NA_
6423TelengardEclipse Software_NA_
6164Temple of ApshaiEPYX Inc._NA_
5354Temple of ApshaiEPYX Inc._NA_
3749Temple of TerrorU.S. Gold_NA_
5662Ten Little IndiansChannel 8 Software Ltd._NA_
6558Ten Little IndiansTynesoft_NA_
5449Ten PinWicked Software Ltd._NA_
328Ten Pin BowlingPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
5387TennisWicked Software Ltd._NA_
697Tennis SimulatorCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
804TerminatorThe Power House_NA_
5008Terminator 2: Judgment DayOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
4916Terra CognitaCodeMasters Ltd._NA_
853Terra CognitaCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
190Terra CrestaOcean Software Ltd._NA_
6048Terra CrestaErbe Software_NA_
2341TerramexGrandslam Entertainments Ltd. (Bug Byte Premier)_NA_
5521TerroristVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
3505Test MasterChallenge Software_NA_
6815Test MatchPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
1389Test MatchPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
6044TetrisMCM Software_NA_
4379Textpro Word ProcessorU.S. Gold_NA_
3500Thai BoxingThe Micro Selection_NA_
6094Thai BoxingZafiro Software Division (Z Cobra)_NA_
4756ThanatosDurell Software_NA_
4905ThanatosDurell Software_NA_
5992ThanatosElite Systems Ltd. (Encore)_NA_
1622The DoubleAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
1403Theatre EuropePersonal Software Services_NA_
3586Theatre EuropeAlternative Software (Summit)_NA_
6080ThermonuclearwargamesComputer Classics_NA_
3736They Stole a MillionAriolasoft Ltd._NA_
3607Thin IceCascade Games Ltd._NA_
522Thing on a SpringGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
4910Thing on a SpringGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
2706Thinker, TheAtlantis Software Ltd._NA_
4033Through the Trap DoorAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
1438Through the Trap DoorAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
2296ThrustBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
4405ThrustPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
6073Thrust IIPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
4559Thrust IIFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
6691ThrustaSoftware Projects Ltd._NA_
6493Thunder BladeErbe Software_NA_
4684Thunder BladeU.S. Gold_NA_
4087ThunderbirdsGrandslam Entertainments Ltd._NA_
5400ThunderbirdsWicked Software Ltd._NA_
6067ThunderbirdsMCM Software_NA_
644ThunderboltCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
5723ThundercatsElite Systems Ltd._NA_
6221ThundercatsMCM Software_NA_
907ThunderforceBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
3752Tiger MissionKele Line_NA_
4141Tiger RoadU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
5747Tim Love's CricketPeaksoft_NA_
368Time FighterElectronic Arts Ltd._NA_
6198Time FighterPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
4607Time Machine, TheChannel 8 Software Ltd._NA_
6398Time Machine, TheTynesoft_NA_
4893Time TravellerAudiogenic Software Ltd._NA_
6162Time Traveller: An Adventure in TimeSulis Software_NA_
3840Time TunnelU.S. Gold_NA_
6757Time TunnelU.S. Gold_NA_
4829Times Book of Computer Puzzles & Games, TheNewtech Publishing Ltd._NA_
609Tintin on the MoonByte Back_NA_
4520Tiny Touch 'N' GoGoldstar_NA_
3742Tir Na NogVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
4468Tir Na NogGargoyle Games_NA_
5164TitanTitus Ltd._NA_
4674Titanic: The Adventure BeginsPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
6407Titanic: The Adventure Begins...Yes! Software_NA_
555TitansRomik Software Ltd._NA_
6284TKKGEuropa Computer-Club_NA_
4933To be on TopRainbow Arts_NA_
3132Tobruk: The Clash of ArmourPersonal Software Services_NA_
1367Toddler TutorChannel 8 Software Ltd._NA_
6434Token of GhallInterceptor Software_NA_
2422Token of GhallInterceptor Software_NA_
5996ToltekaAriolasoft Ltd._NA_
5921Tom ThumbAnirog Software_NA_
1618TomahawkByte Back_NA_
4622Tombs of XeiopsRomik Software Ltd._NA_
4601Tony Hart's Art MasterCommodore_NA_
1184ToobinDomark Ltd._NA_
1032Toobin'Ocean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
5334Tool Box: Image System, TheDomark Ltd._NA_
3576Tool Box: Music System, TheDomark Ltd._NA_
1149Tool Box: Shoot 'Em-Up Construction KitDomark Ltd._NA_
5356Tool Box: Typing TutorDomark Ltd._NA_
178Top DuckTynesoft (Micro Value)_NA_
1024Top GunOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
1372Top GunOcean Software Ltd._NA_
3802Top GunOcean Software Ltd._NA_
5283Topografie EuropaRadarsoft_NA_
5277Topografie NederlandRadarsoft_NA_
5282Topografie WereldRadarsoft_NA_
5894Topographie EuropaRadarsoft_NA_
2070Tornado Low LevelOcean Software Ltd._NA_
5427TorpedoWicked Software Ltd._NA_
5006Total RecallOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
6265TouchEuropa Computer-Club_NA_
5886Touch Type 64Commodore_NA_
6738Touch Typing Tutor_NA__NA_
5378Tower BlockWicked Software Ltd._NA_
4553Tower of DespairAlternative Software (Summit)_NA_
5309Tower of DespairAackosoft_NA_
5556Track & FieldKonami_NA_
4015Track & FieldOcean Software Ltd._NA_
4277Track & FieldOcean Software Ltd._NA_
223Track Suit ManagerGoliath Games_NA_
4467Trading Game, TheReelax Games_NA_
5563TrafficQuicksilva Ltd._NA_
6118TransactDialog Software_NA_
5902TransformersMastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Plus)_NA_
440Transformers, TheOcean Software Ltd._NA_
3998TrantorU.S. Gold_NA_
4363TrapBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
4032Trap Door, TheAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
3443Trap Door, TheBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
1358Trap Door, TheAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
3661TrashmanNew Generation Software_NA_
6019Trax!Soft Joe's Software_NA_
4846Trax!Concept Software_NA_
6431Tread BearScorpio Gamesworld_NA_
3739Treasure IslandMr. Micro_NA_
536Treasure of the PhoenixHitech (Hitech Games Plus)_NA_
5150Treble ChampionsE&J Software_NA_
1391Trevor Brooking's World Cup GloryChallenge Software_NA_
3430Trevor Brooking's World Cup GloryChallenge Software_NA_
4299TriaxosGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
5572Tribble TroubleMr. Micro_NA_
5195Tripods, TheWatermill Productions Ltd._NA_
6412Tristan and IsoldeCRL_NA_
4027Trivia U.K.Anirog Software_NA_
1711Trivial FruitPirate Software_NA_
4866Trivial PursuitDomark Ltd._NA_
3412Trivial Pursuit: The Computer Game: Baby Boomer EditionDomark Ltd._NA_
4096Trivial Pursuit: The Computer Game: Genius EditionDomark Ltd._NA_
4194Trivial Pursuit: The Computer Game: Genius EditionOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
4734Trivial Pursuit: The Computer Game: Genius EditionDomark Ltd._NA_
3413Trivial Pursuit: The Computer Game: Young Players EditionDomark Ltd._NA_
4097Trivial Pursuit: The Computer Game: Young Players EditionDomark Ltd._NA_
6741TrollU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
5972Trollie WallieInterceptor Software_NA_
6127Trollie WallieBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
441Trollie WallieInterceptor Software_NA_
6355TrullEuropa Computer-Club_NA_
6858TrullEuropa Computer-Club_NA_
1000Tube, TheBug-Byte_NA_
442Tubular BellsCRL_NA_
5411Tug-a-WarWicked Software Ltd._NA_
3612Tunnel EscapeCascade Games Ltd._NA_
916Tunnel VisionBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
878Turbo 64Limbic Systems UK Ltd._NA_
6810Turbo 64Prism Leisure Corporation_NA_
1418Turbo BikeAlternative Software (299 Range)_NA_
1498Turbo BikeAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
6134Turbo BikeAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
738Turbo Boat SimulatorPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
4425Turbo Boat SimulatorPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
2211Turbo EspritElite Systems Ltd. (Encore)_NA_
4493Turbo EspritHit-Pak_NA_
4574Turbo EspritDurell Software_NA_
4827Turbo Extended BasicAztec Software_NA_
1002Turbo TapeSupersoft_NA_
1244TurbochargeU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
4983Turrican II: The Final FightU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
4632Turrican II: The Final FightRainbow Arts_NA_
4682Turtle JumpRomik Software Ltd._NA_
1246TuskerU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
6658Twin Kingdom WalleyCollins Software_NA_
6583Twin WorldUbi Soft_NA_
1076Twinky Goes HikingFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
6494TyphoonErbe Software_NA_
5541Typing WizardSevern Software_NA_
1405U.F.O.Firebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
4851U.K. GeographySuperior Software Ltd._NA_
6495U.N. SquadronErbe Software_NA_
4448Ubik's MusikFirebird_NA_
4378Ultisynth 64Quicksilva Ltd._NA_
5785UltrakitThe Power House_NA_
6870UltrakitAlpha-Omega Software_NA_
4066UnitraxDomark (Streetwise)_NA_
3632UniverseCascade Games Ltd._NA_
4438Unorthodox Engineers, The: The Pen and the DarkMosaic Publishing_NA_
4058Unorthodox Engineers, The: The Pen and the DarkMosaic Publishing_NA_
829Untouchables, TheOcean Software Ltd._NA_
6233Untouchables, TheOcean Software Ltd._NA_
33Up 'N' DownU.S. Gold_NA_
4117Upper GumtreeRichard Shepherd Software_NA_
5859Urban UpstartRichard Shepherd Software_NA_
375UridiumHewson Consultants Ltd._NA_
3445UridiumBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
5870UridiumHewson Consultants Ltd. (Rack-it)_NA_
197Uridium PlusHewson Consultants Ltd._NA_
1419US Basket MasterAlternative Software (299 Range)_NA_
4860VOcean Software Ltd._NA_
3122Vagan AttackAtlantis Software Ltd._NA_
6362ValhallaElite Systems Ltd. (299 Classics)_NA_
5169Valkyrie 17Ariolasoft Ltd._NA_
4880Valley, TheASP Software_NA_
977VampireCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
6153Vampire's EmpireMagic Bytes_NA_
6026Vampyre, TheAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
4767Velnor's LairAtlantis Software Ltd. (Gold)_NA_
6290VendettaSystem 3 Software Ltd._NA_
875VendettaU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
443Very Big Cave Adventure, TheCRL_NA_
3577Very First, TheCommodore_NA_
5784VidcomThe Power House_NA_
5766Vidcom 64Alpha-Omega Software_NA_
3907Video Card ArcadeCDS Software_NA_
5874Video Card ArcadeBlue Ribbon Software Ltd._NA_
5223View to a KillVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
3489VigilanteU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
2762Vikings, TheMaynard International Ltd. (Top Ten)_NA_
3512Vindicator!, TheOcean Software Ltd._NA_
1025VindicatorsOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
6496Vindicators, TheErbe Software_NA_
6237VixenAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
3466VixenAlternative Software Ltd. (React Software)_NA_
509Vixplode-64Abrasco Ltd._NA_
5347Voetbal 64Greens Software_NA_
5351VoetbalmanagerAddictive Games Ltd._NA_
5818VolfiedEmpire Software_NA_
6534Volleyball SimulatorRainbow Arts_NA_
284Voodoo CastleAdventure International_NA_
727Voodoo CastleU.S. Gold (Master Games)_NA_
6380Vortex RaiderInterceptor Software_NA_
508VulturesJ. Morrison Micros Ltd._NA_
1195Wacky DartsCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
6367Wallie Goes to RhymelandInterceptor Software_NA_
4136Wallie Goes to RhymelandInterceptor Software_NA_
3473Wanderer 3DElite Systems Ltd. (Encore)_NA_
1476WarAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
2298War CarsBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
1099War HawkFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
5463War MachinePocket Money Software_NA_
6497Warlock's QuestErbe Software_NA_
6551Warlock's QuestEre International_NA_
6780Warrior IIPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
5580Warriors of RasU.S. Gold (All American Adventures)_NA_
5601Water Cycle, TheMcGraw-Hill_NA_
4073Water PoloPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
5692WaterlooAddison-Wesley Software_NA_
6591Waterski 3DAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
4408Waterski 3DAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
5881WaxworksChannel 8 Software Ltd._NA_
2285Way of the Exploding FistBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
6015Way of the Exploding FistMastertronic Ltd. (Ricochet)_NA_
3444Way of the Exploding Fist, TheBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
1363Way of the Tiger, TheGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
198Way of the Tiger, TheGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
4602Way of the Tiger, TheU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
5180WebPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
1018Wec Le MansOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
2813Wec Le MansOcean Software Ltd._NA_
4853Weetabix Versus the TitchiesRomik Software Ltd._NA_
6864Werewolf SimulatorMaynard International Ltd. (Top Ten)_NA_
6382WestTalent Computer Systems_NA_
285West WorldTerminal Software_NA_
6154Western GamesMagic Bytes_NA_
6672Western GamesTopshots_NA_
4770WestminsterMr. Chip Software_NA_
4556WestworldAdvanced Computer Entertainment_NA_
3974What's the Time?Collins Software_NA_
6002Wheeler DealerRamtop Software_NA_
5973Wheelin' WallieInterceptor Software_NA_
4819Where's My BonesInterceptor Software_NA_
6627Wheres my BonesInterceptor Software_NA_
3662WhirlinurdU.S. Gold_NA_
6727White Barrows, TheASP Software_NA_
5729White LightningOasis Software_NA_
4799White ViperCreative Sparks (Sparklers)_NA_
718Who Dares Wins IIBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
519Who Dares Wins IIGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
4400Who Dares Wins IIPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
1489Who Dares Wins IIAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
4452Who Dares Wins IIPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
1359Who Dares Wins IIAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
310Who Dares Wins IIPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
970Who Dares Wins IIAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
1456Widows RevengeAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
1569Wild FireSupersoft_NA_
6408Wild RideInterceptor Software_NA_
4463Wild StreetsTitus Ltd._NA_
6356Wilder WestenEuropa Computer-Club_NA_
5648William WobblerMelbourne House Ltd._NA_
3581Willow PatternFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
6517Wing CommanderCreative Sparks_NA_
4548Winter GamesU.S. Gold_NA_
6653Winter GamesRush Ware_NA_
4324Winter GamesU.S. Gold_NA_
6069Winter GamesErbe Software_NA_
3519Winter OlympiadMicro Value_NA_
2103Winter OlympiadMicro Value_NA_
3887Winter Olympiad 88Tynesoft_NA_
4008Winter Olympiad 88Ocean Software Ltd._NA_
4769Winter Supersports 92Flair Software_NA_
6117Winter Supersports 92Flair Software_NA_
5422Wintry ScreenWicked Software Ltd._NA_
15Witch SwitchEnglish Software Company_NA_
2766Witch SwitchEnglish Software Company_NA_
2499Witch's Cauldron, TheMikro-Gen_NA_
4216Witch's Cauldron, TheMikro-Gen_NA_
6228Wiz bizAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
4582Wizard of Akyrz, TheChannel 8 Software Ltd._NA_
639Wizard WillyCodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro)_NA_
4763Wizard's LairBubble Bus Software_NA_
4314Wizard's LairBlue Ribbon Software Ltd._NA_
520Wizard's LairGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
6087WizardryABC Soft_NA_
341WizardrySoftek International Ltd. (The Edge)_NA_
5960Wizards LairCDS Software_NA_
4359Wizards LairBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
860WizballOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
189WizballOcean Software Ltd._NA_
6643WolfmanZafiro Software Division_NA_
4657Wombles, TheAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
5020Word FeudAudiogenic Software Ltd._NA_
6166Word PerfectSupersoft_NA_
5600Word PowerMcGraw-Hill_NA_
5900Word StyleSupersoft_NA_
4047Word WizardLongman Software_NA_
5259Word WizardBubble Bus Software_NA_
4701Word WobblerLongman Software_NA_
6352Word WobblerLongman Software_NA_
4523WordpowerSulis Software_NA_
4729Words Words WordsCommodore_NA_
3908WordsearchCDS Software_NA_
3495World ChampionsChallenge Software_NA_
6829World ChampionsE&J Software_NA_
6306World Championship Boxing ManagerGBH_NA_
1251World Class Leader BoardU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
2310World Class Leader Board: Famous Courses of the World Volume 1U.S. Gold_NA_
4754World Class Leader Board: Famous Courses of the World Volume 2U.S. Gold_NA_
3721World Class Leader Board: The Ultimate Golf ChallengeU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
6483World CupArtic Computing Ltd._NA_
6814World CupPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
6665World CupTynesoft_NA_
539World Cup FootballPaxman Promotions_NA_
1729World Cup FootballArtic Computing Ltd._NA_
5873World Cup IIMicro Value_NA_
3744World Cup IIVirgin Games Ltd._NA_
175World Cup IITynesoft (Micro Value)_NA_
2425World Cup IIArtic Computing Ltd._NA_
5732World Cup SoccerMacmillan Ltd._NA_
5657World Cup Soccer: Italia '90Ocean Software Ltd._NA_
5489World Cup Soccer: Italia '90Virgin Games Ltd._NA_
6673World Cup Soccer: Italia '90EDOS_NA_
865World Cup Soccer: Italia '90Virgin Games Ltd. (Tronix)_NA_
6729World GamesQuick Soft_NA_
4252World GamesU.S. Gold_NA_
6720World GamesRush Ware_NA_
4849World GeographySuperior Software Ltd._NA_
4856World Series BaseballOcean Software Ltd._NA_
4274World Series BaseballOcean Software Ltd._NA_
4034World Series BaseballOcean Software Ltd._NA_
3435World SoccerZeppelin Games Ltd. (Zeppelin 4x4)_NA_
3496World Soccer LeagueChallenge Software_NA_
5149World Soccer LeagueE&J Software_NA_
6710Worm in Paradise, TheRainbird_NA_
6292Worm in Paradise, TheLevel 9 Computing_NA_
5408WormsWicked Software Ltd._NA_
5035Wrestle ManiaOcean Software Ltd._NA_
1019Wrestle ManiaOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
1596WulfpackBlue Ribbon Software Ltd._NA_
5968WulfpackCDS Software_NA_
6865WWF European Rampage TourOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
4106X-15: Alpha MissionActivision UK Ltd._NA_
1364X-29 Fighter MissionMidas Marketing_NA_
5544X-29 Fighter MissionMidas Marketing_NA_
4525X-OutU.S. Gold (Kixx)_NA_
4351XenoA&F Software Ltd._NA_
3488XenoGrandslam Entertainments Ltd. (Bug Byte)_NA_
3997XenoU.S. Gold_NA_
4285XenonVirgin Games Ltd. (Tronix)_NA_
3821XenonMelbourne House Ltd._NA_
807Xenon RangerThe Power House_NA_
6448Xenon RangerPowerhouse Publishing Ltd._NA_
4479Xenon RangerAlpha-Omega Software_NA_
2134XeviousU.S. Gold_NA_
752XeviousU.S. Gold_NA_
6055XeviousErbe Software_NA_
4065XorLogotron Ltd._NA_
5868XybotsOcean (The Hit Squad)_NA_
4344XybotsDomark Ltd._NA_
1187XybotsDomark Ltd._NA_
3127Yabba Dabba Doo!Quicksilva Ltd._NA_
3472Yabba Dabba Doo!Grandslam Entertainments Ltd. (Bug Byte)_NA_
331YahtzeePrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
5562YantzeeAnger Productions_NA_
1485YetiAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
3850Yie Ar Kung FuImagine Software Ltd._NA_
3852Yie Ar Kung Fu IIImagine Software Ltd._NA_
6620Yie Ar Kung-FuErbe Software_NA_
165Yie Ar Kung-FuImagine Software Ltd._NA_
1040Yogi BearAlternative Software (199 Range)_NA_
6275Yogi BearPiranha Software_NA_
5328Young Ones, TheOrpheus Ltd._NA_
6533Yuppi's RevengeAriolasoft Ltd._NA_
5836ZAlligata Software Ltd._NA_
158ZGremlin Graphics Software Ltd._NA_
4673Zaga MissionThe Micro Selection_NA_
6619ZamzaraPrism Leisure Corporation_NA_
5431ZappWicked Software Ltd._NA_
4162Zappy ZooksRomik Software Ltd._NA_
4991ZaxxonU.S. Gold_NA_
974ZenithCreative Sparks (Super Sparklers)_NA_
1079ZenjiFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
4165ZenosMaynard International Ltd. (Top Ten)_NA_
5232Zeppelin RescueComputer Software Associates_NA_
3452Zeta 7Mogul Communications Ltd._NA_
5316ZeusMogul Communications Ltd._NA_
5031Zeus 64 AssemblerCrystal Computing_NA_
4885ZodiaAtlantis Software Ltd._NA_
6824ZodiacAnirog Software_NA_
5129Zodiac MasterLongman Software_NA_
169ZoidsBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
3867ZoidsBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
990ZoidsAlternative Software Ltd._NA_
5060ZoidsSoftek International Ltd._NA_
911Zoids: The Battle BeginsBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
2283ZolyxBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
5182Zonal PatrolK'soft Ltd._NA_
5561Zone 49Dynamic Software_NA_
5284Zone 7Radarsoft_NA_
1528Zone RangerFirebird (Silver 199 Range)_NA_
3728Zone TrooperGamebusters_NA_
3717ZorroU.S. Gold (Americana)_NA_
4386ZorroU.S. Gold (Master Games)_NA_
3116ZorroU.S. Gold_NA_
372ZubMastertronic Ltd._NA_
4433ZylogonBig G_NA_
5300ZynapsHewson Consultants Ltd._NA_
660ZynapsBeau-Jolly Ltd._NA_
194ZynapsHewson Consultants Ltd._NA_
3552Zyrons EscapeCreative Sparks (Sparklers)_NA_
5056Zzap! Mega-Tape 5, TheZzap!_NA_