Colossus Chess 4

Cover scanID:654
Same: 120
Cover title: Colossus Chess 4
Label title: Colossus Chess 4.0
Game title:
Create date: 2005-08-10
Update date: 2012-02-18 00:00:00
Compilation:No - Single game
Publisher name:CDS Software
Publisher year:
Filename (TAP): Colossus Chess
Filename (RAW): Colossus Chess
Filename (Docs):
Box: Single Cassette Case
Scanned by: Peepo
Screenshots by: Peepo
Owned by: Peepo, Bokvamme[add]
Barcode: 5 012323 040019
Loader: Wildload
CBM ROM Data CRC32: $C618D67A
Magic CRC32: $CA1D64C2
Cleaner:TapClean v0.22

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Zzap! 64, issue 8, page 132


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