Commodore Format Power Pack 15

Cover scanID:5078
Cover title: Commodore Format Power Pack 15
Label title: CF Power Pack Tape 15
Game title: CF Power Pack 15
Create date: 2007-09-17
Update date: 2010-11-02 17:26:50
Compilation:No - Single game
Publisher name:Future Publishing
Publisher year: 1991
Filename (TAP): CF Power Pack
Filename (RAW): CF Power Pack
Filename (Docs):
Box: Single Cassette Case
Scanned by: BASICDave
Screenshots by: BASICDave
Owned by: Bokvamme, BASICDave[add]
Barcode: None
Loader: Rasterload
CBM ROM Data CRC32: $04F2443B
Magic CRC32: $3BCE5726 $1E762984
Cleaner:TapClean v0.24c


The printed track order on the inlay and cassette is wrong, this is the correct order. Contents: Side 1: (DEMO GAME) Elvira - The Arcade Game (FULL GAME) Equinox Side 2: (FULL GAME) Dandy (DEMO GAME) World Class Rugby Using WinVice 64 you may have issues loading beyond the 1st title on each side, but there were no issues with Hoxs64. Screenshot is from Equinox full game.


Loader screenshotStart screenshotGame screenshot

Inlay scans

Thumbnail of front of inlayThumbnail of back of inlay