Games released by Hewson Consultants Ltd.
Commodore 64 tape preservation project

54683D Lunattack_NA_Single Cassette Case
1836AlleykatTAP iconRAW TAP iconScreenshots icon1986Single Cassette Case
5302Alleykat (Compilation)_NA_Box (155x215 mm)
2831Cyberdyne Warrior (Compilation)1990Box (153x183 mm)
2036Cybernoid II1988Single Cassette Case
2791Cybernoid II (Compilation)1989Box (153x183 mm)
2954Cybernoid II (Compilation)1989Box (153x183 mm)
3471Cybernoid II: The Revenge_NA_Double Cassette Case
2201Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine1988Double Cassette Case
2233Deliverance: Stormlord II1990Box (110x140 mm)
673Eagles1987Double Cassette Case
2147Eliminator1988Single Cassette Case
2790Eliminator (Compilation)1989Box (153x183 mm)
2953Eliminator (Compilation)1989Box (153x183 mm)
4629Eliminator_NA_Double Cassette Case
2466Evening Star1987Double Cassette Case
2892Evening Star (Compilation)1989Box (153x183 mm)
195Exolon (Compilation)TAP iconRAW TAP iconScans iconScreenshots icon_NA_Double Cassette Case
2721ExolonTAP iconRAW TAP iconScans iconScreenshots icon1987Double Cassette Case
2958Exolon (Compilation)1989Box (153x183 mm)
966FirelordTAP iconRAW TAP iconScans iconScreenshots icon_NA_Single Cassette Case
5299Firelord (Compilation)_NA_Box (155x215 mm)
1660Gribbly's Day OutRAW TAP iconScreenshots icon1985Single Cassette Case
2829Head the Ball (Compilation)1990Box (153x183 mm)
2053Heathrow Air Traffic ControlTAP iconRAW TAP iconScans iconScreenshots icon_NA_Small Clam Style Case (soft)
2832Insects in Space (Compilation)1990Box (153x183 mm)
1775Iridis Alpha1986Single Cassette Case
2792Lightforce (Compilation)1989Box (153x183 mm)
2955Lightforce (Compilation)1989Box (153x183 mm)
2711Marauder1988Double Cassette Case
4541Maze Mania1989Double Cassette Case
2830Mission Impossibubble (Compilation)1990Box (153x183 mm)
2250Nebulus1987Double Cassette Case
5297Nebulus (Compilation)_NA_Box (155x215 mm)
4137NetherworldScreenshots icon1988Double Cassette Case
5301Netherworld (Compilation)_NA_Box (155x215 mm)
374Paradroid (Compilation)Scans icon_NA_Double Cassette Case
1588Paradroid1985Single Cassette Case
2413Rana Rama1987Double Cassette Case
196Rana-Rama (Compilation)TAP iconRAW TAP iconScans iconScreenshots icon_NA_Double Cassette Case
5298Ranarama (Compilation)_NA_Box (155x215 mm)
2794Sanxion (Compilation)1989Box (153x183 mm)
2957Sanxion (Compilation)1989Box (153x183 mm)
5253Schiphol Luchtverkeersleider_NA_Small Clam Style Case (soft)
2893Southern Belle (Compilation)Screenshots icon1989Box (153x183 mm)
4485Southern Belle1986Small Clam Style Case (soft)
2190Stormlord1989Double Cassette Case
375Uridium (Compilation)Scans icon_NA_Double Cassette Case
1823UridiumTAP iconRAW TAP iconScans iconScreenshots icon1986Single Cassette Case
2793Uridium (Compilation)1989Box (153x183 mm)
2956Uridium (Compilation)1989Box (153x183 mm)
197Uridium Plus (Compilation)TAP iconRAW TAP iconScans iconScreenshots icon_NA_Double Cassette Case
194Zynaps (Compilation)TAP iconRAW TAP iconScans iconScreenshots icon_NA_Double Cassette Case
494Zynaps1987Double Cassette Case
5300Zynaps (Compilation)_NA_Box (155x215 mm)
Number of games: 55 (of which 29 are part of compilations)
19 are double cassette cases (of which 6 are part of compilations)
9 are single cassette cases (of which 0 are part of compilations)