Games list (games with taps)
Commodore 64 tape preservation project

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3591Galactic Attack [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
3598Galactic Dog Fight [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
2030Galax-i-Birds Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [1986]01.mar.2012
6704Galaxian [Zzap! Megatape Thirty Four]Europress Impact Ltd. [1992]20.jun.2012
3771Galaxy [Select 1]Computer Records [unkn]01.jan.2008
944Galdregons Domain Players [unkn]18.feb.2008
960Game Over Alternative Software (Summit) [unkn]02.aug.2010
4890Game Over II Alternative Software (Summit) [unkn]16.jun.2012
6249Games Designer Euro-Byte [1983]22.jan.2011
613Gandalf the Sorcerer TYMAC Ltd. [1984]04.aug.2007
1521Gangster Mindscape (Light Fantastic) [unkn]04.jan.2009
467Gaplus Mastertronic Ltd. [1988]27.may.2012
930Gary Lineker's Super Star Soccer U.S. Gold (Kixx) [unkn]18.feb.2008
89Gary Lineker's Super Star Soccer Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd. [1987]26.sep.2010
4321Gauntlet [Solid Gold]U.S. Gold [unkn]28.oct.2012
4526Gauntlet U.S. Gold (Kixx) [unkn]05.nov.2011
5977Gauntlet Erbe Software [unkn]17.aug.2010
2133Gauntlet [Gauntlet / Xevious]U.S. Gold [unkn]23.nov.2008
2249Gauntlet II U.S. Gold [1986]09.apr.2012
4341Gauntlet: The Deeper Dungeons U.S. Gold [unkn]01.may.2011
2198Gazza II Empire Software [1990]07.jun.2012
5619Gee Bee Air Rally [Big Box]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1988]24.oct.2010
2257Geoff Capes Strongman [Computer Hits 3]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [unkn]14.jun.2012
1086Gerry the Germ Goes Body Poppin' Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [1986]27.nov.2009
1995Ghost Hunters CodeMasters Ltd. [1988]27.may.2012
978Ghost Hunters [QUATTRO Adventure]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]23.aug.2008
238Ghostbusters Activision, Inc. [1984]05.oct.2010
5616Ghostbusters [Big Box]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1988]24.oct.2010
157Ghostbusters [They Sold a Million 3]Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]24.jun.2009
1315Ghostbusters Mastertronic Ltd. (Ricochet) [1988]04.jan.2009
3623Ghosts [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
1519Ghosts 'n Goblins Elite Systems Ltd. [1985]01.mar.2012
1109Ghosts'n Goblins Elite Systems Ltd. (Encore) [1989]03.jun.2012
780Ghouls 'N' Ghosts U.S. Gold [1989]03.jun.2012
129Gilbert Escape from Drill Enigma Variations [1989]02.jun.2012
593Gilligan's Gold [Softaid]Band-Aid Trust [1985]22.nov.2010
1679Gilligan's Gold Ocean Software Ltd. [1984]13.sep.2011
1597Gladiators Alternative Software (Summit) [1993]12.jul.2012
3757Glider Rider Grandslam Entertainments Ltd. (Bug Byte) [unkn]11.may.2008
5643Glug Glug CRL [unkn]06.oct.2009
934Go for the Gold U.S. Gold (Americana) [unkn]26.sep.2010
293Go Racing with Peter O'Sullevan Commodore [unkn]06.oct.2009
1749Goblin Towers Supersoft [1984]05.sep.2011
1530Gogo the Ghost Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [unkn]27.nov.2009
931Gogo the Ghost Firebird [unkn]26.sep.2010
1158Gold or Glory Alternative Software (199 Range) [unkn]06.mar.2011
2371Golden Axe Virgin Games Ltd. [1990]05.jun.2010
5681Golf Abrasco Ltd. [unkn]26.jul.2008
5010Golf Kerian Ltd. [unkn]07.nov.2011
2703Goodness Gracious Beyond [unkn]02.oct.2009
2675Gothik Firebird [1988]23.may.2012
1138Graeme Souness Soccer Manager Zeppelin Games Ltd. [1992]24.feb.2008
394Graham Gooch's Test Cricket Audiogenic Software Ltd. [1985]16.feb.2012
1067Grand Monster Slam Golden Goblins [1989]02.jun.2012
1173Grand Prix Simulator CodeMasters Ltd. [1987]08.may.2012
1204Grand Prix Simulator [QUATTRO Sports]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]21.may.2012
1157Grandmaster Chess [Grandmaster Chess & Renaissan]Audiogenic Software Ltd. [unkn]24.feb.2008
871Graphic Editor Firebird (Silverbird) [unkn]31.jan.2010
6700Graphics Designer Supersoft [1984]30.nov.2013
3542Graphics Editor Rabbit Software [unkn]11.jan.2008
6021Great Adventure Pack Mogul Communications Ltd. [unkn]06.mar.2011
733Great American Cross-Country Road Race, The [Sporting Classics]Activision, Inc. [unkn]15.apr.2009
856Great Escape, The Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]03.jun.2012
6051Great Escape, The Erbe Software [unkn]17.aug.2010
5897Great Giana Sisters, The U.S. Gold (Go!) [1987]24.may.2012
1105Great Gurianos Elite Systems Ltd. (Encore) [unkn]10.jun.2012
4412Great Gurianos [Trio]Hit-Pak [1987]04.jan.2009
5898Great Nordic War, The Romik Software Ltd. [unkn]05.apr.2012
162Green Beret [Konami Coin-op Hits]Imagine Software Ltd. [unkn]13.aug.2008
95Green Beret Imagine Software Ltd. [1986]29.feb.2012
6751Gribbly's Special Day Out [Zzap! Sampler, The]21st Century Entertaiment [unkn]05.nov.2011
621Grid Iron 2 Alternative Software (299 Range) [1989]04.aug.2007
6337Gridrunner Llamasoft Software [unkn]08.jul.2012
2531Gridtrap Livewire Software Ltd. [1983]02.may.2011
1316Growing Pains of Adrian Mole, The Mastertronic Ltd. (Ricochet) [1988]27.may.2012
6186Gryphon Microbyte [unkn]06.oct.2009
96Gryzor Ocean Software Ltd. [1988]23.may.2012
5625Guadalcanal [Big Box]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1988]26.oct.2010
6187Guardian Central Software [unkn]06.may.2010
4407Guardian [Action Pack]Alligata Software Ltd. [unkn]19.aug.2007
652Guardian Angel [QUATTRO Fighters]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]18.jul.2008
1174Guardian Angel CodeMasters Ltd. [unkn]04.jan.2008
3478Guardian II: Revenge of the Mutants Hi TEC Software Ltd. [unkn]08.dec.2007
581Gun Runner Powerhouse Publishing Ltd. [1987]15.mar.2012
811Gunship Microprose Software Ltd. [1986]08.mar.2012
1074Gunstar Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [unkn]27.nov.2009
2747Gusher Visions (Software Factory) Ltd. [unkn]02.oct.2009
2092Guzzler Interceptor Software [unkn]16.sep.2010
2529Gyropod Taskset Ltd. [1984]29.aug.2009
946Gyroscope Melbourne House Ltd. [unkn]24.feb.2012