Games list (games with taps)
Commodore 64 tape preservation project

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1117A Question of Sport Elite Systems Ltd. (Encore) [1990]05.jun.2010
511A View to a Kill: The Computer Game Domark Ltd. [1985]14.feb.2012
1385A View to a Kill: The Computer Game [Thriller Pack, The]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]07.feb.2010
325A-Team [Golden Oldies]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]26.jul.2012
2616Aaargh! Virgin Games Ltd. [1989]03.jun.2012
4237Ace 2 Gamebusters [unkn]27.may.2012
1409ACE 2088 Alternative Software (Summit) [1989]03.oct.2008
1480Ace 2088 [4 Most Air Power]Alternative Software Ltd. [unkn]07.aug.2009
5618Ace 2088 [Big Box]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1988]24.oct.2010
1256Ace of Aces U.S. Gold (Kixx) [1988]14.jul.2008
5Ace of Aces U.S. Gold [1986]08.jul.2012
4322Ace of Aces [Solid Gold]U.S. Gold [unkn]27.oct.2012
1124AcroJet U.S. Gold [1986]28.feb.2012
579Action Biker Mastertronic Ltd. [1985]14.feb.2012
922Action Force: International Heroes Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Added Dimension) [1989]31.oct.2009
3337Activision Decathlon, The Activision, Inc. [1984]05.oct.2010
2640Addams Family, The Ocean Software Ltd. [1992]24.jun.2012
473Advanced Basketball Simulator Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Plus) [1989]12.apr.2010
630Advanced Pinball Simulator [QUATTRO Coin-Ops]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [1992]17.jul.2008
5025Africa Gardens Gilsoft [unkn]08.jul.2012
3175Afterburner Activision UK Ltd. [1988]27.may.2012
4059Agent USA Longman Software [1984]07.nov.2011
842Agent X II: The Mad Prof's Back! Mastertronic Ltd. [1987]29.feb.2008
326Air Raid [Golden Oldies]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]26.jul.2012
3718Airborne Ranger U.S. Gold (Kixx) [unkn]21.jun.2012
810Airborne Ranger Microprose Software Ltd. [1987]09.apr.2012
958Airwolf Elite Systems Ltd. [1985]11.feb.2012
3740Airwolf [NOW Games 2]Virgin Games Ltd. [unkn]04.oct.2010
4411Airwolf 2 [Trio]Hit-Pak [1987]04.jan.2009
1919Alcazar Mastertronic Ltd. [1989]06.sep.2011
575Alice in Videoland Maynard International Ltd. (Top Ten) [unkn]24.aug.2008
3764Alice in Videoland Audiogenic Software Ltd. [1984]07.nov.2011
320Alien Attack [Golden Oldies]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]26.jul.2012
4889Alien Rescue Dk'Tronics Ltd. [1983]25.nov.2009
5606Aliens: The Computer Game [Big Box]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1988]23.oct.2010
2489Aliens: The Computer Game Electric Dreams Software [1987]09.mar.2012
1035Aliens: The Computer Game (US Version) Alternative Software (299 Range) [unkn]08.jul.2008
1723All-American Basketball Zeppelin Games Ltd. [1992]12.sep.2011
1836Alleykat Hewson Consultants Ltd. [1986]03.mar.2012
2557Alleykat [Computer Hits 4]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [1987]21.jun.2011
11America's Cup Challenge U.S. Gold [1986]16.jun.2007
3950American Football Mind Games [1984]04.oct.2010
4170American Football Bug-Byte [unkn]25.mar.2011
2013American Road Race Firebird (Silverbird) [unkn]24.apr.2010
2007American Tag-Team Wrestling Zeppelin Games Ltd. [1992]21.feb.2010
5016An Introduction to basic: Part 1 Commodore [1983]28.aug.2007
1875Anarchy Hewson Consultants Ltd. (Rack-it) [1987]18.mar.2012
1888Android 2 Ocean Software Ltd. [1983]11.oct.2008
3539Andy Capp Alternative Software (299 Range) [unkn]21.nov.2009
1292Angle Ball Mastertronic Ltd. (Mastertronic Added Dimension) [1987]14.aug.2008
2319Annihilator Rabbit Software [1982]26.jan.2013
655Anter-Planter Romik Software Ltd. [unkn]14.jul.2008
4591Antiriad Firebird (Silverbird) [unkn]07.nov.2009
1656Apache Raid Omega [unkn]07.aug.2009
12APB Domark Ltd. [1989]03.jun.2012
5846Ape Craze Comm*Data [unkn]11.oct.2008
2464Apex Select System 2 [Zzap! Megatape 7]Zzap! [unkn]15.jun.2012
2592Apollo 18 Accolade [1987]09.apr.2012
70Aqua Racer [Computer Hits 2]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [unkn]09.nov.2011
1573Aquanaut Interceptor Software [1984]12.jul.2012
1152Arcade Classics Firebird (Silver 199 Range) [unkn]15.mar.2012
1694Arcade Flight Simulator CodeMasters Ltd. [1989]02.jun.2012
647Arcade Flight Simulator [QUATTRO Combat]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]18.jul.2008
472Arcade Fruit Machine Zeppelin Games Ltd. [1990]20.mar.2009
1843Arcadia 64 Imagine Software Ltd. [1983]04.jan.2008
4972Archon Ariolasoft Ltd. [1984]17.feb.2010
4511Archon II: Adept Ariolasoft Ltd. [unkn]27.feb.2012
5847Arkanoid Erbe Software [unkn]27.sep.2009
464Arkanoid Ocean (The Hit Squad) [unkn]03.jun.2012
947Arkanoid: Revenge of Doh Ocean (The Hit Squad) [1990]10.jun.2012
773Armageddon Ocean Software Ltd. [1983]29.feb.2008
2744Armageddon Visions (Software Factory) Ltd. [unkn]27.sep.2009
6224Armageddon Man, The Martech [unkn]06.apr.2012
1178Armourdillo CodeMasters Ltd. [1987]09.mar.2012
1993Army Days Mindscape (Light Fantastic) [1989]07.may.2012
1422Army Moves Alternative Software (Summit) [1989]27.sep.2010
666Arnie Zeppelin Games Ltd. [1992]24.jun.2012
1962Arnie 2 Zeppelin Games Ltd. [1993]27.sep.2009
4522Assembler 64 Anger Productions [unkn]10.apr.2012
1122Asterix and the Magic Cauldron Melbourne House Ltd. [1986]03.mar.2012
6690Astral Zone Channel 8 Software Ltd. [unkn]14.jun.2012
297Astro Chase First Star Software Inc. [1984]05.oct.2010
324Astronaut Battle [Golden Oldies]Prism Leisure Corporation [unkn]26.jul.2012
4171ATF: Advanced Tactical Fighter Byte Back [1991]31.oct.2009
1135Atom Ant Hi TEC Software Ltd. [1990]23.feb.2008
2265Attack of the Mutant Camels [Computer Hits 3]Beau-Jolly Ltd. [unkn]14.jun.2012
255Attack of the Mutant Camels Llamasoft Software [unkn]05.sep.2011
6394Attack of the Mutant Camels Llamasoft Software [unkn]08.jul.2012
3597Attacker [Cassette 50]Cascade Games Ltd. [unkn]22.jun.2008
693ATV Simulator [QUATTRO Racers]CodeMasters Ltd. (Quattro) [unkn]18.jul.2008
1585ATV Simulator CodeMasters Ltd. [1987]13.apr.2011
3284Auf Wiedersehen Monty [10 Great Games II]Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd. [1988]18.jun.2011
526Auf Wiedersehen Monty Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd. [1987]10.mar.2012
1700Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy Hi TEC Software Ltd. [1991]08.dec.2008
1423Australian Rules Football Alternative Software Ltd. [unkn]09.sep.2007
556Autotest Simulator Byte Back [1991]09.sep.2007
502Avenger (The Way of the Tiger II) Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd. [unkn]05.mar.2012
5322Aztec Challenge Cosmi Inc. [unkn]08.may.2011
35Aztec Challenge [Arcade Hall of Fame]U.S. Gold [unkn]15.jun.2012
488Aztec Challenge U.S. Gold [unkn]25.aug.2008
3814Aztec Challenge Maynard International Ltd. (Top Ten) [unkn]15.mar.2012