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  • 6510 Dasm - disassemble a binary file to C64 asm language
  • C64 Basic Lister - generate an easily readable and printable BASIC listing of any CBM BASIC program
  • Final TAP - a Commodore tape reservation / restoration tool (Old, use TAPClean)
  • InitialTAP - Program for manipulating C64 TAP files
  • Ptap - DOS tool for playing back TAP files to real tapes for use with an actual Commodore 64 machine
  • TAPClean - a Commodore tape preservation / restoration tool
  • TAPClean Front End - a frontend / GUI for TAPClean
  • TAPMoni Console version - a TAP file monitor
  • TAPStudio 2 - a TAP/DMP file viewer and editor
  • TAPWav - converts TAP files into audio files
  • Mtap - DOS tool for creating TAP files from original C64 tapes using the Commodore Datasette


  • DC2N - a Digital Datasette replacement for Commodore homecomputers
  • C64S - a device for connecting the Commodore Datasette to a PC

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