For years tapes have been stacked in corners, dumped in wet basements and hidden away in hot attics to get them out of the way. Mostly unintentionally, tapes have been exposed to some of the most destructive conditions possible.

But times change. Enter The Commoore 64 Tape Preservation Project. Its goal is to preserve Commodore 64 cassette tapes. Besides the tape images this also includes inlays, manuals, leaflets and other data. From this we can create a pristine master tape image and extract information about the software like publisher, developers, screenshots and loader information + more. This will make it possible to preserve an important part of our history for present and future generations.

What you can do

Preservation of Commodore 64 tapes is a big task. We welcome any help. If you own any Commodore 64 tapes and want to contribute, please get in touch by registering for the forum and leave a message. We also welcome help analyzing loaders and with the web pages. Check out the list of tapes.

How we do it

Please understand that all the preservation we're doing requires original tapes/packaging. We do most of our preservation using these tools.

See also the tape transfer FAQ.

Downloading games

If you came to this site for leeching ROMs/TAPs, please visit the excellent site at tapes.c64.no. We do not offer that service.

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