Requirements for the new TAPClean

  • Support for Vic20 and C16 tapes/loaders.
  • ROM loader SEQ support. (already available - Luigi)
  • Pre pilot pattern for CHR loader and others. This requires info gathering about usual patterns.
  • Automatic fix of CBM blocks if 1 of the blocks is ok.
  • Option to split dumps of compilation tapes into separate files for separate cleaning.
  • New faster and improved scanning mechanism.
  • Better way of handling reports when doing batch scans.
  • Unify loader names/id across tapclean, site and docs.
  • Option for detecting and informing the user of mis-alignment of c2n (need to know loader used).
  • Cleaning of side 2 of Cyberload without side 1.
  • Flashload Undetected gaps, probably undetected trailers/pilots.
  • Visiload (T1) pulses spike (e.g. 0×58 instead of 0×48) and needs manually changes to get fully recognised. (done for one case - Luigi)
  • Frontend GUI built in (as opposed to the current separate GUI software).
  • Use the site DB checksums etc for optional faster scanning (a hyperlink to the page for that tap could be listed so the user can check if it is the same game that was dumped previously) - Lot's of nice things could use this type of feature.
  • Use V20-TAPE-RAW instead of C64-TAPE-RAW in header for vic20 tapes.
  • Use C16-TAPE-RAW instead of C64-TAPE-RAW in header for c16 tapes.
  • Also remember to set platform type to 0 = c64, 1 = vic20 and 2 = c16/plus4.
  • Pavloda missing/corruped last pulse of checkbyte can be reliably reconstructed in the clean process.
  • Support for more than one Visiload (any type) program on the same tape.
  • Acknowledgment of Novaload trailers (2021-2023 pulses).
  • Use a mechanism that allows endianness to change within the same file (Tequila Sunrise Tape).

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